"Clinton-care", "Clinton-lite"

Some GATS and US history from the early 1990s to now. Things are not what they appear to be.

The Selling of "Clinton Lite"

It should be noted here that the (WTO) GATS negotiations - part of the Uruguay Round, which "made services tradable", and *took them off the table as something domestic regulations are supposed to be able to change*, (in order to give international investors 'certainty'), had been going on for several years, since before the Punta Del Este, Uruguay meeting in  September 1986.
-and were wrapped up by 1994.
That's a very important, easy to verify, fact that most Americans (and Britons it seems as well) have trouble digesting.
See the "GATS history" and Uruguay Round" keywords
Basically, the Bush I+2, Clinton, Blair+subsequent (in the UK) and Obama+Trump Administrations were trading away our rights to regulate healthcare/health insurance/health management (to varying degrees) since that time.
How come so many jobs are involved?  Governments directly control the public sector and many other areas where tax money is spent. Corporations increasingly control the economic world, the world of money. Which includes laws involving wages and technical standards. Licensing is supposed to be pushed towards harmonization by professional organizations. See Track 2 of the GATS- by the ABA. Also Arnold's "Disciplining Domestic Regulation" paper.
"Human Capital" ?
the US they only has Congress now controls only immigration (permanent immigration) and WTO is on the verge of controlling non-immigration.
(Other work including global intra-corporate work travel. The new indentured servitude.) Should WTO control all work related travel, a sphere which is expected to expand to fill most of the world of work? (Really!)
That is GATS' plan.
Well, now you know. Almost nobody else has a clue. Our society is not what we think it is any more.
Also note:
There is a companion article to this one, "A Cautionary Tale for David Brooks and Others: What, really, was Jim Cooper’s ‘Clinton Lite?’" URL:https://archives.cjr.org/campaign_desk/a_cautionary_tale_for_david_br.php -
Also interesting is an article from around the same time
What's The Matter With NAFTA by Elaine Bernard Harvard School of Law. , especially the portion (also entitled "A Cautionary Tale") starting at the bottom of page 8 Also use Archive.org URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20150611163515/http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/lwp/nafta.pdf

See my many notes here about how our public healthcare positions are almost totally fake now. Just as they were then, except 25 yrs later worth of worse.
This is fact and its not secret, (just in case somebody from the Deep State tries to tell you otherwise).
They are doing their best to burden the country and its future, HEAVILY with these FTAs. Lots of people are dying because of it.
Just to make it clear, that's a desperate act by desperate, amoral people.
And they know it, or they wouldn't lie so much.
This entire primary election is basically a big lie to prevent the country from getting its freedom so that THEN we could BUY OUR FREEDOM TO DECIDE THESE THINGS BACK, and THEN decide those things.
Right now they are taken away by FTAs like GATS.
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