Clinton claimed NAFTA would create a million jobs in 1993, it actually *destroyed* around the same number.

One of the worst mistakes ever. GATS and TISA are coming next.

“I believe that NAFTA will create a million jobs in the first five years of its impact.”

— President Bill Clinton, remarks at the signing ceremony for the supplemental agreements to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Sept. 14, 1993

Read Article in Washington Post.

This shows how spectacularly wrong the hype on trade agreements often is in hindsight when we are being pressured by amoral and self-interested business lobbies and there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY in either Congress or the Executive Branch for acting in the country's best interest. We're seeing a similar lack of foresight developing in  the cashless cabal's takeover of policy, creating a real danger of digital totalitarianism - see the many connections which have been laid out by German economist Norbert Haring on his web site.

Not even when they know they are making a big mistake, one that will never be possible to reverse, do they consider the possible consequences. Suppose the global power grid which could be wiped out by a solar storm for years. In a cashless world people could not buy or sell anything if the power goes out. Billions could be cut off from all their assets, unable to buy essentials like food or water (which the GATS has already made privatizable around the world, and things could get very ugly very quickly. .

I believe he knew it was a scam, and would turn out a disaster for US workers.

NAFTA's sister treaty, is GATS. Which is being cited as justification to globalize the rest of the jobs, the service jobs. We the people never gave politicians these rights they claim to trade away coming generations bread and butter, in perpetuity. They should not have the right to trade away our young peoples jobs. The young have suffered enough. The jobs of young people in the worlds least equal countries are their problem. We don't ask them for those jobs. They are theirs. If their employment situation blows up in their face, they need to deal with it themselves. Make their society more equal. Not look to us.

A fraudulent deal between Indian and US-EU oligarchs are their our own business and not ours. We are not their property. Nor are jobs.

Fight it out with them. You can have our oligarchs. Take them with you .