Britons, GATS was the missing piece Jeremy Corbyn likely couldn't tell you about two months ago, Similarly with Bernie Sanders, it seems he won't tell us this missing piece either I really would rather not think that he'd rather let Biden win the Dem nomination and then lose to Trump. BTW, without leaving GATS, Biden cannot fix healthcare, his hands will be tied by GATS..

It explains the all important dirty 1990s deal that both leaders can't seem to get the heart to tell you both about,. Way back in the 1990s, both the Labour and Democratic Parties were run by neoliberals - and they and their oppositions joined together to sell both countries out.

Both the UK's Blair administration and the US under the "Third Way" were both selling both countries out via the GATS. Basically the same people are still in charge.

GATS traded away the future world.

Its being looted by putting huge debts on our tab, those debts are paid in jobs, good jobs.

If you want to understand what you need to know, read or at least skim the links on this page, which will give you a very good start.

governmental authority exclusion

You should have a Eureka moment. If you don't, send me site feedback and I'll explain it.

Especially, to save your NHS, UK, you have to stop selling commercial health insurance, and pursue the GATS Article XXI procedure

Something similar applies here. Bernie's proposals are consistent with it.

I suspect that by reading those links on that web page, as well as Skala's paper, a lot will suddenly make sense that otherwise would not.

Also read up on GATS Mode 4 and "movement of natural persons" (or basically modern day slavery)

Its a capture of migration and immigration for huge corporations to have cheap - dirt cheap labor.

Don't be lazy, read the papers at the links.

If you have extra time, you'll find a lot of other links on this site.