Britons and (we) Americans need to know something. We have frustrated "expectancies" but increasingly, thanks to GATS, the proposed UK-US FTA, TISA and others, not any kind of real property interest in our nation's futures.

These agreements push our rights out of our future. They attempt to irreversibly gut public services like the UK's NHS and will most certainly totally block the proposed "Medicare For All" as well as procurement proposals that employ our nations workers if international temping firms bid on those jobs and win. So they will outsource millions of now stable jobs, turning them into entitlements of foreign firms to do, if they are cheaper. They replace legal immigration with temporary subcontracting and its likely that because our countries will be overwhelmed by corporate temporary migration, (GATS Mode 4) developed nations may turn against the one part of it we can control, permanent migration. So this corporate capture of migration will push out refugees and likely also temp workers possibility of permanent migration. It will also displace millions of workers in dozens of high skill service sectors, starting with professionals and fields like IT, nursing, teaching, engineering, etc, and then working its way downward, and undercut the wages of the remaining workers across the board.

This has been the goal of (what was to become) GATS since the late 1980s.

As Martin Luther King said, the check will come back marked "Insufficient Funds" this is because the long-existing GATS is a binding deal - one where they already traded that POLICY SPACE away. GATS contains a ratchet, which means that any changes can only go in one way, towards global privatization and globalization of jobs, "services liberalization".

A game that neither the people of developed or developing countries can win, as their workers will be pitted against one another, alienating the nations of the world and undermining all kinds of safety and working conditions legislation, in a race to the bottom.

These agreements don't help the poor in any way.

They channel increasingly scarce jobs to relatively wealthy people,  the children of the richest families, even though their firms may come from poor countries, their owners are decidedly not poor.

They are the isiders, the ruling groups - so GATS and its ilk are helping the people who oppress the LDCs poor continue to oppress them indefinitely, preventing the advancement of society all around the world.. Turning what was in the previous century a race to the top, into a race to the bottom.

That is actually the plan.

But I am getting off point. Maybe people don't get it. We're being misled by a very big scam, both here in the US, and in the UK, and in a great many other countries, in order to take away democracy (globally) and shred the safety nets and all responsibilities of government. We here think its all about voting for the right politicians, but actually, they have been busy taking themselves out of the loop, moving the actual decision making power to unaccountable internationally rigged "global economic governance" organizations that in many cases are accountable to nobody.

This is making oligarchy permanent and unstoppable. No matter what we vote for, the future we'll get if this continues is one where most people will be totally shut out.

Ironically, in a scam which pretends to help end discrimination against wealthy corporations from poor countries, all real laws against discrimination that still exists in every possible way are being gutted systematically, in order to enable this huge theft of everything our nations people have fought for.

Ever growing poverty will become the new normal. Most people will become marginalized in a way similar to discrimination has been for minorities in the US historically.

Poor is the new Black.

Under these circumstances of state capture, the people can't win.

Don't expect the media, any media to discuss it, they cant as they are captured. The same is largely true of US politicians, (except in the US Senate, with a substantial number of notable exceptions, who have spoken up although in a way which is quite inadequate under the circumstances).

Don't expect social media to allow discussion of it either. Its too truthful. And too real.

A good example of the consequences of this information blockade is Brexit. Which will destroy the NHS and likely many other social services in the UK.

Brexit (in the UK) is a very big mistake because it makes changes (leaving the EU) that trigger a loss of protection from the current state of affairs in the WTO, rules under which their NHS would not be legal unless it had never been a public option, (public cant be optional, it has to be the only way a service is provided, period)

Because of GATS they would have to not only give it away for free they also could not sell health insurance or health care commercially, at all in the entire country, also whatever situation is preserved it has to have be continuous and uninterrupted since January 1, 1995.

This is a situation Americans are familiar with, the loss of pre- existing conditions coverage.Except on a global scale.

Look it up, it will be just like that. Countries will demand you conform with the WTO rules, before joining it. They will demand you outsource jobs and patients.

The solution for every possible thing will be more and more outsourcing and offshoring for lower and lower wages.

"We're very sorry, the entire world has to end all public services like healthcare, higher education, housing and water, now".

"GATS commands it!"

"Now, return to your work".

You people and your unrealistic expectations. </sarcasm> Especially you young people, how dare you think things will get better.

Americans, likewise, should be preparing for the future differently.

Frankly, all the politicians are lying to us because its a cult like thing, the market is deemed perfect so there is no need for reform. In this cult, Greed is not just good, its God. 

So, when you only have one direction you can go, politicians have to be actors, in a theatrical production, because there are rules that subsume all else one of them being everything they do has to be not more burdensome than necessary for corporations. Period. That means the end of the give and take between parties What corporations want always wins. They can not engage in negotiation except with that outcome in mind. That means all progressive parties and politicians have been lying about their intent, or profoundly deeply misled. .

Even the good ones, because the truth is quite ugly. It tells us something about our country that we need to know but don't want to face. People will do anything not to face these kinds of truths.

What were once human rights are being quietly transferred to money.

Rich people's money must be treated equally.

So in both cases it would be a huge mistake under those current conditions to behave as if this has not been going on and allow some huge change, enabled under false pretenses.. because the outcomes are guaranteed to be bad, so wont be what you expect and unfortunately, they are irreversible because of these ratchets, the cost becomes insanely high to ever get those rights back again, because my friends, now, you see CORPORATIONS NOW, NOT PEOPLE, ARE NOW LEGALLY ENTITLED TO CERTAINTY.

That's what its all about.

Not people, people don't exist in this new world, except as markets the rights to whom are valuable and cannot be devalued by things they "naturally" cannot afford.

The policy space that we need for change was given away- or rather traded away, during the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations, largely.

The same applies in the UK.

That is what I have been trying to explain with this blog.

All the things we need to do have been or are being taken off the table.

The powers that be are extracting the value from these properties the only way they know how. No you cant just blink and it will go away, they are lying to us.  That's why a lot of things are happening as they are. We're being lied to by the best liars in the history of the planet.

They have been for decades, in preparation for the current situation. The parts/aspects  of the planet that the people think they own  are now encumbered with debts which turn them into others property. A global propertization.  Or precariatization. 

Or, call it a war against the weak.

They knew the job crunch was coming, and they have planned for several decades for the windfalls it would bring them as wages fell, eventually approaching zero. Democracy couldn't be allowed to interrupt this change. So they have "deprecated" it.

In the GATS, which should be looked at as the biggest con job ever (and not of the people they want us to see it as, no we are the victims of their conjob because its the oh so very well connected and dare I say it, sleazy rich INSIDERS, the experts at manipulating the system, by all accounts, that are so skillfully manipulating the whole planet, with their extremely complex LIES and stealing DEMOCRACY. They have traded important policy space and future jobs as well to their partners elsewhere, they are both one anothers ENABLERS in a partnership that goes back centuries between colonizers and colonialist exploiters. The people who enabled imperialism, which never really went away, in the Global South.

I don't know how else to put it. We the People should have been smarter but we weren't. Now we're up the creek without a paddle.

Frankly, its all been and is a big big big lie that we're being fed, in a great many ways.

A "Simulacrum" if you want the best word for it. A "control fraud" An  "extrinsic fraud", the biggest one ever.

The arguments I am making are very well supported by fact and easily provable. They have been made before in most cases by many others, both by organizations and by people. You'll find that these things that are happening are happening for reasons and they are not the ones most Americans think.

I'm trying to fight back against the infant-ilization and theft of the commons and our planet's inheritance and the bankrupting by deceit of our nations and of humanity with this site.