Britain is literally being TRICKED out of their NHS and other social services by UK government and business interests, recent events, public documents prove. (Part One of a series)

Events that are unfolding now were predicted by other, credible entities, including articles in well known international media and by the Director-General of the WTO itself. This must mean they are deliberately creating this unfortunate situation.

(which has been called "state capture" in Eastern Europe and South Africa).

Which is not surprising because the UK was one of the core countries that created the WTO and set this appalling treatment of public services up.

Why? So they and we could use it to strip countries of their essential health services as a fee for joining the allegedly exclusive club. Which is now happening to the UK, after all, it has to obey the rules it itself wrote- to do exactly this?

Some context by the editor.:

When the UK joined the WTO in 1995 as part of the EU, after many years of negotiations (the Uruguay Round) it and many other countries also committed to meet every two years with the goal of eventually privatizing basically almost everything except for a very few "public utilities".

Because its founders rightfully saw that this would be seen by many as a return to the barbaric ways of the recent past, they fashioned an entirely new spin on it, and as part of that they named the one way privatization process "progressive liberalization".

Under the WTO rules, something like health insurance cannot be a "public utility" if it is both publicly subsidized and exchanged for money (unless its literally part of a "statutory system of Social Security" Existing such systems must be gradually phased out unless they are carved out.)..

Also, WTO Member countries are additionally expected to "open up" their "committed" services markets via public procurement tenders to cheaper foreign providers (this also means jobs for low wage high skill workers like doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, accountants, IT workers, etc, from the lowest wage countries of the globe-an important part of preserving the stability of friendly authoritarian countries by providing a path to employment for their more privileged (i.e. educated) youth.A "New Deal" for the economically underrepresented Global South.

Providing these opportunities is one of the obligations - committed to as a precondition of joining the WTO.

Other trade agreements, especially those with the US, may demand other concessions, broadly, including everything (negative listing) unless its specifically excluded in advance in the trade agreements (NOT IN DOMESTIC LAWS WHICH HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POWER IN THIS SETTING.)

By doing this countries are able to get the things they want, such as freedom to sell drugs at their 'rich country' price, unless a county is much poorer than the UK (and only for a limited period of time, as is the case with the TRIPS agreement, part of the WTO)

India (especially) and other big developing countries likely will demand concessions that lead to employment for large numbers of their workers in ways that wont allow them to emigrate permanently elsewhere. (brain drain) while continuing to work for their own temping firms for very little. (very very profitable, when its done the way they prefer to do it.) This impacts entire service sectors making them suddenly much less viable as careers for developed countries own young people. (WTO also threatens funding for public higher education, making it much less likely that rich countries young people will be able to afford college (Justified with a shrug my members of the oligarchy with statements like - "all for the best since there won't be jobs for them anyway".

(This is why forgiveness of student loans in the US is extremely important, and not just shambolism, it will be absolutely unbearable for young people to be buried in debt and have their jobs traded out from underneath them. Unfortunately, that outcome is very likely.)

(Yes, this is very much like a global class war by the rich against the rest of us, which is indeed how it was framed to me when it was first described to me by Chinese students, the children of Chinese elites, in San Francisco in June, 1989, however unfortunately, I didn't understand what they were saying at the time)

Don't drink the Kool Aid of those who claim antidemocratic "trade deals" can become good by the adding of conditions that low paid workers be able to organize. They are still guaranteed to lead to massive job loss, as that is the entire point. Better to keep jobs here by automating them. Otherwise we will be tied to certain levels even as jobs dry up, the one important fact they are not telling us.  There is nothing about these deals that isn't a lie.

Given how long and how shamelessly they have all been lying, neither the media nor any established political party or pundit has the cajones to suddenly start telling us the truth.

Which is that the world has had democracy stolen by a new cabal of shadowy, very undemocratic organizations who have been given the real power, leaving national governments main job now being to explain away dishonestly the things that people see and NOT tell the truth.

The WTO is totally human rights agnostic and is opposed to anything like healthcare as a human right, because its viewed as "distorting trade".

That means that nothing like the NHS or other government funded entities that provide quality healthcare for FREE are allowed.

They are framed as "Non-Trade Barriers" because they effect the supply of commercial, for profit services by existing. 

But they want exist long because they were the product of compromises acieved in ages past WHEN WORKERS HAD FAR MORE POWER THAN TODAY. But now, in those meetings every two years especially,  they are required to be as minimal as is possible to achieve some policy goal, such as serving the poor and destitute with the most minimal of services. (Or as in the case of the US, and other countries with similar arrangements, those who are retired from the job market, if there is exclusivity)

Were the US Medicare system to try to expand as is being proposed it would likely be challenged in WTO court, as the NHS likely soon will be- in the same position as the NHS may soon be, and would be privatized and turned into just another commercial entity, perhaps with vouchers being given to the poorest sick after they had exhausted their funds and spent down all their fungible assets.)

To do anything else may help millions of people, and save millions of lives which otherwise would be lost for no reason other than serving as an example to others not to be poor like them.

-but it greatly limits the profitability/marketability of a full range of services to all, including those who can only afford government provided healthcare. (Who would likely be forced to travel long distances for care)

The powers that be want the best healthcare to only be available to them and those they choose.

If the poor are unemployed, they are seen as good candidates for international trade in healthcare services to places they can afford healthcare with only minimal government help.

Unfortunately this kind of inequality is very much a part of the UK's national character, more so than the NHS is, which was a creature of the postwar economic environment where labor was scarce and wages relatively high in the countries that had escaped the worst of it.

The UK is an exporter of health insurance services, and other financial services, a role which ominously overshadows the existence of the NHS.

The two roles are very much in conflict with one another, because of the GATS' problematic governmental authority exclusion.

if healthcare, hospital services, health IT, health insurance, etc,,  are fully committed services they likely can't remain free much longer unless the sector has either been totally carved out (in exchange for their other concessions, (some other kind of jobs), or the problematic and ambiguous definition (GATS Article I:3(c) has been re-defined for all countries allowing public healthcare, higher education, water, to remain..

That is what should happen, but until the discussion which needs to happen begins, its impossible. Such a discussion would also reveal what a sham the current situation is.

Still, Britons would be wise to consider that by selling health insurance and other kinds of insurance they are basically dooming their NHS at a time when their workers will also be being displaced for cheaper others in large numbers.

So Britons - (and we Americans too, in the form of a single payer system which we keep being teased with which never comes, resulting in guaranteed votes for the "Democratic" party.) will really need that national health service because those newly entrant foreign firms will not be hiring us because we all, having to eat, pay off huge healthcare bills, and college loans, and housing costs, and similar,  are way more expensive! Also, nobody signed BINDING INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS requiring they do so.

Yes, the rights to our policy space and our jobs in the future have already been traded away. And that is what is really at stake, the conversion of our naive expectations of responsible politicians fulfilling their duties into CASH in others pockets. As they laugh all the way to the bank.

Is there any way out of this trap?


We're so pathetic that even the allegedly good ones are doing it!

But, this is a collossal mistake. Because the situation doesn't make sense without this ultra-important - global - contextual factual information.

So the media and the politicians have no choice, failure to break this news NOW and have this long delayed discussion NOW is utterly guaranteed to result in horrible outcomes in both the UK and US, preserving a most dishonest and pointless futility long into the future.

Choose life!

More in Part 2