Biden says he will veto Medicare-for-All bill if it lands on his desk. This is proof that he knows that its banned by 'GATS', an obscure WTO trade agreement we really should repudiate and dump.

Thanks to 25 years of GATS being hidden. It renders our healthcare mess unfixable unless people know the truth, how to GET OUT OF IT. That is contrary to any democratic process. We are also hiding a major crime against humanity. A very real hidden holocaust.

The USTR needs to pursue this procedure to get out of it.

GATS Article XXI procedure.

Please read Lori Wallach's testimony to the EU where she explains how MOST legislators are deliberately kept in the dark on the fact that trade agreements block their entire regulatory freedom. The actual laws passed are kept in line by a cabal of secretive insiders, likely in the Senate, and the President. The so called "global economic governance organizations"  constitutes a separate arguably redundant structure immune to democracy that has taken over large amounts of policy space, that likely violates our Constitution.

The subset of insiders,  neoliberals around the world who largely control the global economic governance organizations now,  and whom are exerting often coercive means to try to take over the planet's policy and its future for corporations by these secretive "trade" contracts that give one another rights to dismantle democracy, amount to a cult, and as such they are quite dangerous. (Their 'agreements' are not about "trade" that is just a pretext, they are about control.)

They want to tear down the existing order through shock treatment, and build a new one in its place where corporations control everything and people , voters are reduced to being passive and commodified (as in - the rights to us are property, valuable, in a naive state, so cannot be devalued by providing us better value because that is exclusively the function of business-  and can be bought and sold.)

Also, this would seem to also require that politicians, to honor their responsibility to business, cound not do anything - like telling us the truth- that would devalue those rights. See this pamphlet on WTO dispute settlement from the UN trade and development organization, which is a good short course in WTO Dispute Settlement

How has Neoliberalism commodified the people of countries, turning them into passive consumers? ie."Markets"?

Thats a good question. And it is an article that needs to be done.

I think that Biden is a fairly good illustration of the commodification of politicians also.

is a good example, of the chilling effect of trade agreements and the totally amoral government they sat up.

Biden "would veto" "Medicare for All" if it landed on his desk, means that Biden cares not one bit for the democratic process nor does he care about the people of this country, as much as he cares about the corporate scheme to take over the world, which depends on assiduous obedience to the WTO GATS so we can use it as a crowbar to gut the human rights of humanity. .

even though we're looking at a potential major epidemic, and jobs are drying up.

I don't know what motivated this but I can guess. It shows us that GATS is really the final word, of a disembodied corporate state, and that necessity of human beings, common sense, or anything normal people would find compelling is not even on his radar screen.

Healthcare is particularly important because SO MANY PEOPLE DIE every year all around the world, because they cant afford drugs for curable health conditions. They are deemed throwaway people even though it turns out that these drugs are not that expensive to make.

They must be sacrificed, not because healthcare is looked at as the brightest cloud in what they see as a dismal economic sky (corporations have already sucked so many people dry)

No, they actually lose money if the price is too high because nobody could buy it, despite the market being huge.

No, its totally mean spirited "collective punishment", of the poor, for being poor.

What is wrong with this outlook?

Coronavirus is seen as a boon to investors, (even as its destroying millions of real peoples businesses) - buy or die situations are framed as good, the wealthy have always made tons of money in wars, and other catastrophes, (even as the rest of countries entire lives are destroyed.)

neoliberalism is wrong, seriously wrong, to be this way.

Years ago, I remember reading statements to the effect that European kings and queens actually would contrive to have wars against one another (which were often intra family conflicts, except with real people being killed, as they were all related) every generation of so.

So things like coronavirus - if nobody does anything even the slightest bit altruistic are seen as profit opportunities.

That would be much much much more difficult if we have a single payer tierless system that avoided all the WTO problems inherent to the things Biden claims he wants. I honestly think that he knows enough about the GATS restrictions (he must, having been VP while Obamacare was being drawn up, which I know for a fact had people talking about all this stuff because you could occasionally her it on hot mikes at the hearings, which I watched and recorded to DVDs which I still have somewhere)

Here is the most applicable standstill clause in the form it appears on the WTO web site..


this one is in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services. Notice that it says all existing non conforming measures (everything thats subsidized, all of any 'public options') is supposed to be eliminated or reduced in scope, if it falls under GATS jurisdiction, meaning, if it isnt "supplied as an exercise of governmental authority, meaning the definitions in either GATS Article 1:3(c) or it's Annex on Financial Services.
Read Patricia Arnold's piece or some of Bart De Meester's or Markus Krajewski's explanations of Financial Services and also Public Services under the GATS, respectively. You can find some of them here.


Remember the Enron disaster, when an energy trading company managed to rig the energy trading system in order to create a huge amount of tax evasion and fake profit by extorting states for money creating all sorts of financial instruments for investors that spectacularly collapsed on them all. 

The GATS which is supposed to enhance competition, by turning the whole world into one big marketplace where corporations can even buy the cheapest people. actually creates a system that destroys everything other than the biggest corporations.

Those huge corporations make the tiny state of Delaware extremely important. Its the US's tax haven.

BUT, as most of their leadership are also human beings, just like us, I doubt if even many corporate CEOs would want what we're being led into. In fact I know for a fact that many wouldn't.

This is shown by how many of them are buying getaways in New Zealand, etc (considered the part of the world most likely to withstand a nuclear war and the subsequent fallout and nuclear winter)

That shows that many of them have doubts as to the wisdom of the path we are on. Just like the rest of us. But Biden? No, he's a reliable true believer.

Bidens threat to veto Medicare For All (because it violates GATS unless we remove ourselves from the agreement first) shows he is an insider and knows about the 25 year long healthcare hijack which has killed more than 1 million Democrats and Republicans.It shows that he knows where the real power is. Geneva.

He would not remove us from GATS even if our lives depended on it. Especially not. 

We can be certain of that now.

More than 160 other countries must agree to the removal of an entire sector whose jobs were promised - committed to be globalized.

They might demand compensation if they had invested here. See this report from the state of Maine on what they found out.

Pre-existing (before Jan 1, 1995 single payer) Such as Canada's is WTO legal, however after we joined the WTO, making big changes in anything like that was blocked by standstill implicit in the agreement.

All trade deals make an implicit assumption that all regulations involving the situation existing at the onset is locked in. That likely also includes minimum wages, making it impossible for countries to change all sorts of laws (except by abolishing them or reducing their scope) once they start the process by signing a trade deal it goes on autopilot by means of these kinds f clauses, which have colorful names like standstill, ratchet, rollback, etc. All standstills have dates associated with them. That is the rollback date the date to which the regulation must be rolled back to.

Its not so clear to me what the effective standstill date sfor healthcare are because I have read several different opinions all arguing for different dates. Some NGOS dominated by Indian and South Asian folk, insist that the effective standstill dates for GATS go way back into the early 1980s.  (Long before the Punta Del Este, Uruguay Declaration of 15-20 September 1986 mentioned in this UN document.

) They likely argue this because of the debt we supposedly owe developing countries in jobs.  Here is Lori Wallach talking about standstill (its at the end) Note that health insurance is a fincial service. Its unambiguous-

Notice that this was in a Democracy now segment on TISA, a US trade agreement that extends GATS  Its meant to eventually be part of GATS.

(and possibly much earlier, such as when we signed the Standstill containing Punta Del Este Declaration , September 20, 1986, this would increase the number of deaths caused by a rigged healthcare system by more than eight years and would cast a shadow similar to that today over all "healthcare debates" after that date, unless they included the information that the US had signed a letter of intent to lock down the world's entire healthcare system and it would short circuit the democratic process eventually in all services, especially all services we committed.

Although it would NOT be pre-existing in the US we could make our escape and Medicare For All risk free and legal by pursuing the GATS Article XXI procedure, which is a bit like a divorce or a probate. We'd have to pay off the claimants (Countries) with other things the WTO controls like services, jobs or IP concessions.

Getting the US OUT of GATS would avoid the "progressive liberalization" The one-way trap which is also forcing the irreversible repeal of the ACA, Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes-Oxley. (all the FS regulations added since 1998)


If we nominate Biden he is highly unlikely to even want to win because GATS - which he, being a card-carrying neoliberal, would never pull us out of, limits what he could do so much that it can only get worse, not better for consumers. (but better for corporations)  That outcome is natural for Republicans and would not surprise anybody, but for Democats it would blow their cover and expose GATS behind the scenes running the entire show,

Maybe it allows the rearrangement of some deck chairs, but its clear the main thing it is pushing for is more globalization, in various ways, which is what they want. to fix what the industry describes as a profitability problem, blaming it all on workers. Moving lots of healthcare overseas for US firms to mark up as much as 20 times, is the insurance industry's wet dream because they would get to act as the middlemen in transactions where Americans would receive their health care services overseas or here in hospitals run by overseas firms with overseas doctors (or for the most subsidized patients, the totally destitute, those with a negative credit balance and no assets, and no income, they would likely simply be sent overseas for the duration of their care. This is currently only prevented by a reservation which we can remove at any time which an expert from the WTO as described as inconsistent with our trade commitments. (Special rules apply to subsidized everything, as well as employer provided healthcare-that's an entirely different story) 

The old 1998 regulatory structure with all its problems (people with pre- existing conditions being uninstallable, rescission and everything) would be restored and the answer to the third of Americans without access to US healthcare for somebody in their family with a pre- existing condition would be "move overseas" or buy health insurance that sent people overseas for care. (via some Priceline like auction system that would determine prices based on a huge amount of healthcare data which would become a major industry in itself. New cellphones are accurate and fast enough to derive your heart rate - in realtime continuously (using RTK, a form of DGPS that uses the GPS receiver in a simpler mode and just receives and offloads the position/velocity/time calculation as well as correcting it with another PVT data stream from a nearby stationary cell phone base station whose exact location has been calculated to a very high level of precision. Less than 2 cm and often better than a millimeter  when you are near a cell site that acts as the base station.)  That kind of accuracy can show you your tall building moving in the beeze, and acts as a very sensitive indicator of movement of all kinds. Including your heartbest.

By offloading these calculations to more powerful computers elsewhere they get not only your physical activity level. They also get data so accurate that it can be used to derive your hearts rate and even strength) 

This data would be used to determine peoples level of physical exercise and would enable very accurate determination of peoples level of health, enabling the pricing of health insurance with far more granularity. Also determining where you are would enable pricing health insurance based on your exposure to known risks, such as major roads /automobile exhaust, and other pollution and illness risks. Currently only zip codes are used to price health insurance which leads to lots of risk factors to be overlooked. China is using that kind of approach to identify people who might have coronavirus but the potential for extreme underwriting of insurance has barely been scratched because people still have it relatively easy, many people therefore engage in risky behavior and that money comes straight out of the corporations mouths due to regulations that limit what kinds of underwriting can be performed, despite the official WTO requirement being our maintaining the level of regulation that existed in Feb 26, 1998.

Imagine when all the genetic information companies collect again can be used to underwrite the prices for health insurance accordingly.

This will open a whole new avenue for post claim underwriting, rescission, concealing additional material facts, actual health conditions of ancestors, not only ones self.A rescission is basically a clawback of money paid on a patients behalf going back to the beginning of a policy.

It reminds me terribly of the North Korean "songbun" system, and a story I once read written by Kim Yong, a North Korean defector, who had been "given" a decent life by the North Korean government based on their faulty attributing him to  being a relative of a high ranking party member when he was actually the son of somebody who had been executed as a spy. This basically is the North Korean songbun changed him from a relative of heroes  (The core class) into "class enemy" who had to be torn out by the roots and exterminated out to three generations. , He was immediately stripped of his life home and everything he owned, and was tortured for months, and then he was sent to the infamous (Kaechon Camp 14. A camp for the immediate families of executed political prisoners where he would have died a miserable death, had not a former MSS (secret police) officer taken pity on him, sending him to the much less severe Camp 18, Bukchang mine - from which he managed to escape.) Similarly, genetics, health status, etc,all thes e biomarkers and histories will be combined to evealuate everybody by all sorts of criteria, under the excuse of healthcare and preventing the sickies from getting healthcare to which they are not entitled.

Certainly, creating a songbun system for genetic and toxic exposed and the potentially sick and aged, as well as setting up a global auction for this kind of care, paired with a hugely intrusive system for collecting every relevant piece of information on them, would present huge opportunities for totalitarian states all around the globe and indeed, this is what a number of people are saying.

So, for the US to turn 180 degrees and embrace a public healthcare system after more than 25-32 or even more years of laying the groundwork for ts exact opposite is truly improbable.

It would be easy to just assume our goal is only to preserve the current system a bit longer moving and indeed thats clearly what they want people to think, their just pushing its collapse perhaps as much as a decade farther into the future,

but its clear that they are far further along in a much deeper and darker agenda. to ever do that.  For one thing, its not just the US, its the oligarchs of the entire world, and they see themselves as fighting for their entire way of life, a way of life that has conquered the entire world, drawing both the former democracies like the US and the formerly Communist countries like China all into their movie.

skimming off all the wealth for generations. Basically leaving less and less for everybody else.  Indeed for them there is a no middle ground situation. And for them that means no middle class.

Look at it this way..

The system is gearing up to make itself far more profitable, but it wants to do it by triggering what should be a red flag for genocide. Its proposing to the poor countries that they would get the rich countries poor people as subsidized patients. By doing this they make it possible for the dictatorships to remain dictatorships much longer.

They also skim off lots of additional profits.

No, that wont make healthcare much less expensive (It might reduce the rate of cost increases by an average of 2% over 10 years for an average family,.

Remember that? Did that happen? We forget so soon what an disappointment Obamacare was for very large numbers of people who were excuded from it by high costs or outstanding unpayable medical debt. 9Medical debt must be paid off before people can access the healthcare system)

This would lower health insurance rates for people who maintained an active physical fitness regimen while pricing health insurance high enough to push poor people with health issues into the self-sustaining public option high risk pool. Prohibitive copays and deductibles at lower metal levels  would not deter the rich from purchasing silver or gold plans (when they actually are the ones who can afford the high deductible lans if they are young and healthy) The poor and sick are the ones who must buy the better plans, but they would now be priced out of their reach - forcing them to either leave the country, go without, or lie about income while trying to continue to work. Exposing themselves to a Young Kim like disaster- a hospital to prison pipeline.

The system would be preserved, but at a huge cost to society.

would successfully force the poor and sick into agreeing to receive healthcare overseas, under abbreviated medico legal standards of care consistent with the lowest common denominator of care in all the countries participating (ideologically compatible countries where healthcare was not a human right) This would incentivize poor countries to dump their public healthcare and adopt the US for profit system permanently by signing on to GATS as we did in the 1990s.

Its important to bring up here that the reason the above happens is the GATS. As all of the services provided within GATS by government have to be so severely limited - in an ever increasing manner- such that they would not be available to the vast majority of Americans who still have enough assets to purchase them somewhere, else- not here.  Americans cannot afford US healthcare and have not in a long time but they could afford healthcare in the less developed countries and indeed the current plan is to marshall their help in rebuilding medical infrastructure in developing countries, by shifting healthcare to subsidized patients overseas.

See the following chart to see which countries healthcare systems are subject to these restrictive GATS rules intended to limit government costs and encourage/require more globalization. Some countries, like Canada are exempt from these rules, while others, like the US's and UK's and South Africa's (a country that voted overwhelmingly at least a decade ago for national health insurance, but still has not gotten it because GATS stands in the way) to name three, are. And it has caused us all huge problems.


that do not apply to services paid for directly by the patient in cash or checks, or completely via private insurance)  A great deal of those rules are not applicable to public services but the official definition ofpublic services does not apply to practically any healthcare or education any more since we joined the WTO.

Biden wont be able to restore the pieces of regulation that Trump has deregulated because of GATS rules. No US president would be able to unless we modify or leave the GATS via Article XXI or an emergency - which would be smart because the GATS and TRIPS 'agreements' make it impossible to respond appropriately to corona virus. GATS should be suspended globally.

The reason why neither Trump or Biden responded in a sane manner to healthcare mess is this horrible deal which President Clinton signed us into 25 years ago, which put most of the things we need to do off the table.

Americans with health conditions who cannot afford US healthcare should make other plans if Biden wins the primary because neither he nor Trump could fix even if they wanted to, without leaving GATS.

Bernie may be willing to pull us out of the GATS, because its been there making healthcare dysfunctional while a million Americans died. Similarly, TRIPS has been responsible for the deaths of approximately 10 million African and Asian poor HIV victims. 

I sincerely doubt that if Bernie needed to do this (and he really does) that he would not.

After all, he could make a good case for it being a global emergency.  No doubt, thats what Biden & Trump are both afraid of too.  Poof, there goes the killing on the stock market. bernie would likely pay the drug firms a global average price, not the infalated US price which is likely insanely high, so high Trumps "affordable" insurance plans that dumped all the essential coverages,  would never cover it. Or, even insanely expensive, it would still fit into the high deductibles of catastrophic plans. So they would not pay for it.

Testing is different. Its unlikely to cost more than a few thousand dollars at the most in the US. Barely a sneeze's worth of time for Jeff Bezos. .

So, it turned out the two HIV drug cocktail that saved so many Africans lives, when somebody had the cajones to break the rules, cost pennies to make.

 But the waiver for the poor countries is only temporary, and has to be renewed every 10 years. How can the world have allowed this to happen?

A cult (fascism) . I.e. neoliberalism that actually already has control of the global economic governance organizations like the WTO now..

(We had been selling it for $15,000/year) in a story that was made into a film A must watch film.

Hmm, just found this excerpt from Arendt's "Origins of Totalitarianism" its about the "movement" of true believers in any totalitarian movement.

It clearly does apply to the neoliberal movement. Read her book. Its time I re-read it. Its a very strong indictment of Totalistic cults

Another good book about true believers is Arthur Koestler's "Darkness at Noon"