Biden, like Trump is not even remotely progressive

Both represent an attempt to legitimize a global capture scheme that is being forced upon us to legitimate itself. Be aware that neither could fulfill promises to their constituents that they are making, because all that policy space was taken off the table in the case of policy on services, 80% of a modern economy, by GATS, in the 90s.

Especially No GATS, No TRIPS, No TISA for me. 

And I am sure I am not the only one.

Unless I have candidates who are worth voting for, I would rather do anything else than give my vote to criminals and those who enable them.

The only reason both are pretending to care about various economically marginalized groups is to keep a closer eye on them as they get the machinery into place ready to permanently throw them under the bus.

The ultimate winner is being put there to implement that particular 32 year old plan which was proposed and laid out in the declaration that emerged from the meeting in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, September 15-20 1986.

  It will particularly hurt the people, marginalized groups, the unemployed and working people of America, and elsewhere (most  other countries, and basically everybody who has a job or is contemplating getting one in the entire planet. )

Generally, resources such as public and quasi public sector employment are being turned into international corporate policy entitlements to outsource and offshore work at will.

Wages and working hours, days and conditions, for workers in other countries represent a target for corporations they are trying to establish as new global norms here. In the last 100 years, wages and working conditions have risen more in some countries than they have in others. GATS is a global project to restore the least common denominator conditions, and employ the cheapest workers available in each service sector.

Turning jobs into interchangeable international cogs in a huge global machine and put our people and our rights "back in their proper place".

Natural people (as opposed to corporations) have no standing in this new global economic governance.

Poor becomes the new "black".

All national set asides and SME preferences are subsumed by the so called rules based trading system. Discrimination now refers to money and is framed as discrimination against corporations.

All rights flow from money. Corporations cannot be discriminated against by country, making all services subject to universal service guarantees subject to death by a thousand cuts - subject to accusations that subsidies (which enable those guarantees) discriminate against foreign firms and their workforces.

Globally, due to GATS, public services are limited to only "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority"

(c) 'a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority' means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers."

The creation of these international laws to regulate governments and put corporations in charge of policy and undercut workers everywhere, has been an attack on all the natural people of the world.

Young people in developed countries will particularly lose out because they cannot be compensated for losing jobs they never get.

Our problem now is that we the people totally lack both representation and the knowledge of what is being done and why.

Politicians are pretending it still is the 1980s and 1990s before the planet was captured by these global economic governance organizations.

This thefts of our democracies are being done so we can be made the victims of a huge extrinsic fraud against our nations to steal our world.


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