Bernie Sanders should not drop out for a very simple reason. Doing so would be abandoning us to the "mercy" of a merciless and evil 32 year old scheme to turn our democracy and our world's present and future over to corporations and the oligarchs that run them, that most Americans would consider to be an unspeakable crime, literally, if they knew about it. But we don't.

Decades ago we were consigned to an unspeakable fate by the signing of certain "agreements" which nobody would have agreed with. Under a pretext of trade, they and their chilling effects on our regulatory freedom have been intentionally hidden from us.

The long-existing GATS and the pending TISA are a theft of democracy.

And of our ability to govern. They attempt to hijack them forever.

They turned our government into something undemocratic,  that cannot fix any of the things we need to fix.

And this has been hidden from us in every possible way. Most people would see this as a heinous crime.

Everybody I have described it to in real life agrees on that.  This is why the corporate controlled US media and the corporate controlled Democratic Party leadership who are in deep on this, desperately want Sanders to drop out.

Biden is a candidate who represents the corporate state of Delaware. The closest it gets in the US to a tax haven.

For example, Google's official address now seems to be in Delaware, not Mountain View, CA.

This is why the corporate undemocratic party coalesced around Biden.

If Biden wins, the US's middle class, once the envy of the world. is toast.

It's now deemed too expensive for corporatism.

The corporate state wants to replace well paid workers, from all around the world with badly paid workers from all around the world.

They want to replace  a largely harmonious melange of Americans and foreign workers, many with very high skill levels, with cookie cutter guest workers who are on a very short leash. Destroying the middle class. They have been planning to do this for 32 years.

GATS Mode 4 as it is called (or "movement of natural persons" which you can read about on this site, is not more efficient, as it totally wastes the investments made over decades by workers in their skill development, and instead tries to turn jobs into bargaining chips that can be traded for WTO concessions.

In theory we are trading them for markets, but the markets are unlikely to ever materialize in this groupthink fueled, extremely ill adviced, race to the bottom. This is what they are hiding an a lot of people must be either incredibly lacking in global knowledge, or in on it, having been convinced that any discussion of it will cost them their jobs.

Don't be fooled into thinking the so called multilateral trading system has legitimacy when it comes to services. ( GATS ) It doesn't.

There is a reason the services part has been kept out of the public eye, its truly evil.

The poor countries that are supposed to open their markets up to US companies are too poor to buy anything of any real value from us.

GATS is there to lower wages and working conditions of all kinds, to the lowest common denominator, in the case of the US that means giving up the gains of the last century or so.

Lowering everything in a global race to the bottom.

It doesn't make sense unless you're an oligarch. Then you will see that basically they are pursuing what amounts to a preemptive strike on all of us.

Are these the people we want running our country?

Everything they say or do is misleading.  We need to dump GATS and TRIPS now.

Otherwise their traps will make it impossible to get out and we will literally die in large numbers while unaffordable drugs will only allow allow the rich to escape this nightmare. It is because of TRIPS that we lost the reasonable pricing rule.

Trade agreements don't promote competition except when it benefits the corporate state. They promote the wishes of the biggest and worst actors among the multinational corporations.

We will be treated exactly as we allowed the Africans to be treated in the 1990s and early 2000s, for the very same reasons.

Jobs exported to the lowest bidders. Its right around the corner.

In exchange we will get special statuses like national treatment[missing page],  allowing US companies to buy the foreign companies that make generic drugs. To take them off the market.

People will be told to train their replacements, and then laid off.

GATS Mode 4 is basically modern day slavery.