Bernie Sanders is the only candidate whose platform is consistent with what needs to be done so is a good faith effort. Biden's platform ignores GATS existence, and barring his getting out of GATS which in his case simply would never happen, cannot work because he ignores GATS rules which invariably would apply to partially subsidized programs of the type he is proposing. Biden is ignoring many GATS rules that apply such as standstill, ratchet, progressive liberalization and limits on subsidies, minimal trade restrictiveness, and more. So I don't think he actually intends to win, he just hopes to push out Bernie Sanders.

"Where are the jobs the Clinton Administration promised us?" some developing countries are asking.

It is simply unacceptable for the two leading candidates to omit all discussion about trade agreements that block so many of their proposals and literally pull the rug out from underneath millions of Americans.

Bernie Sanders clearly wants us to leave GATS at least in part, which is guaranteed to involve a fight. But it has to be done or we'll be trapped in a scheme that goes way beyond almost anybody's wildest imagination. It goes back 32 years, to 1986,  and is literally a deal between oligarchs to trade away policy space and jobs, lots of jobs, not just a few, in large chunks of the economy, basically most of the decent jobs in the country?

How could this happen? Its a long story but basically, the oligarchs base everything on profit and GATS changes the defaults of everything to for profit. GATS also exports jobs to whomever can do them the cheapest, starting with high skill jobs.

It does this for the simple reason that that would be a lot cheaper, and more profitable, while pretending to care about least developed countries, but it actually props up the corrupt governments of poor countries by giving them patronage jobs to fill.

This comes at the expense of the people who are now doing those jobs, many of whom are also immigrants, but many of whom are not. Basically the US's current "middle class".

It will hurt almost all Americans rich and poor (It hurts the poor by preventing increases in minimum wages and pushing them out of jobs which will invariably be given to the displaced workers so they wont starve, as happened to many women workers after the World War II soldiers began coming home.) GATS also guts safety net programs replacing them with privatized services involving international trade, for example, negotiations are currently underway to set up auction like systems for hospital beds, and track the health status of millions of people so that health insurance rates can be set based on factors like various exposures, locations, level of activity and income and spending. It may often work out that the poor may end up paying more than the wealthy.

Under GATS, todays laws against discrimination will be dismantled its most likely, and new rules prohibiting discrimination against foreign corporations will replace the ones protecting natural persons. Those new rules subsume the older ones that protect workers.  Its argued that countries like the US should be allowed to protect preferences for historically disadvantaged groups like women and black people, but those arguments are on shaky legal ground, because those newly entitled to contracts argue that they did not hurt these groups so they owe no obligations to them. (this may not be true, however as in some cases, as in the case of Africas wealthy, often they are descended from people who profited on the slave trade, for example, former tribal royalty who sold people from other tribes captured in raids into slavery, several hundred years ago.)

Right now well paid workers who are originally from foreign countries often send their families back home remittances. GATS Mode Four - a guest scheme that is quietly being put into place, captures international migration for huge corporations, and is likely to pay its workers much less. Because they cant negotiate anything, they are basically tied to that job.

Guest workers will be struggling and rather than sending remittances back home, will in many cases rely on parents back home for support. The employment situation today is much changed from in the past, with many of the young grads from a wide belt of countries so desperate for entry level jobs they will work for almost nothing.

Their companies also charge them for room and board. One young "trainee" I recently met was being paid $12.00 USD an hour after he subtracted the costs his company, a huge muti-national software and IT firm took out.His parents were paying his costs of living and it was a lot of money for them, even though they were fairly well off there. But they felt like they had to do it so he could take advantage of his degree.

His specialty normally would have paid a starting wage of around $65,000 a year in the US.

GATS intends to become a new global default in many service sectors. Its been advanced totally under the radar.

In order to do this it attempts to mobilize the service sectors and jobs that employ the most people at the better wages, turning them into bargaining chips in a global game.

Neoliberalism and its trade deals are a classic Trojan Horse Clause situation.

Both Biden and Trump are most certainly true believers as far as GATS is concerned. Biden is taking advantage of the public's lack of knowledge of the GATS commitments. The promises he has made attempt to expand the ACA which already violated the standstill, because it was far more generous to workers than regulations were on the Feb 26, 1998 standstill date.

so anything that cut profits could not possibly be implemented without leaving GATS. The way he contrasted himself to Bernie claiming he would get his changes through faster ignores multiple GATS rules.

It also ignores the fact that a sector being committed in GATS (note: Unbound means not committed, "None" means committed- here are the four modes of supply ) means (eventually, possibly soon) potentially very large scale loss of jobs in that sector.

As many as the natural amount of jobs traded away due to much lower costs. Because even medium skill US workers may be among the more expensive workers in a potential pool of 7 billion workers, because of our high costs of living.

Instead of only competing with 350 million others and guest workers currently limited by quotas (that are being challenged because they may be GATS-illegal to around one million).

Read the publications of the AFSC, also read about GATS Mode 4, movement of natural persons, labor mobility, etc. in the keywords to the left.

A similar situation exists with many sectors, a great many others, unless they pass a very narrow exclusion that almost never applies.

The only dispute between the US and the group of developing countries pushing for its immediate implementation is when those job entitlements "vest", whether they vest now or whether they vest upon completion of the "Single Undertaking" in WTO terms. (the US position) Either way GATS could result in the loss of a huge number of US jobs, an absolutely inconceivable number. But this in fact was GATS intent all the way going back to the beginning, and that is easy to show with pre WTO documents of a bunch of different organizations such as GATT and the UN.

Bernie wont allow this scheme which is totally illegitimate from happening as it would yank the future out from underneath his young supporters.  It also repealed most of the New Deal programs making things that we still think we could do in a Depression FTA-illegal. It even endangers Social Security and Medicare if we try to change them without leaving GATS first.

The country needs to face the facts that we're being lied to, and have been for a long long time, by very shady people.

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If they are determined to trade away the US's poor and middle class jobs, without even telling people, and had rigged the fixing of the healthcare system for 25 yrs while a real lot of poor people died, while we wasted time barking up the wrong tree trying to get things fixed, both the two parties leaderships and everybody involved in this scheme, should be tried for serious crimes.

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