Be aware coronavirus may be used to attempt "post-hoc" "justification" of a huge plan to outsource/offshore jobs (GATS Mode 4) to lower wages, that been planned, literally for 32 yrs!

Really! See keywords on the left (scroll down) for ...

"GATS Mode 4", "labor mobility", "movement of natural persons",  "Uruguay Round" and others. 

What is needed is mentorship for the giant global pool of unemployed young people, additional knowledge and work connections for young people around the world, NOT a global race to the bottom on wages, laws, discrimination, work-life standards. and irreversible loss of good jobs and POLICY SPACE for Democracy, which is inherently incompatible with these pretexual "trade in services agreements" which are schemes to covertly undermine democracy, the voters, labor, public health, higher education, and the very existence of the middle class globally, they are also a mother lode of dishonesty corrupting politicians.

GATS Mode 4 jobs which basically capture work, create new entitlements to service sectors via  transnational jobs + visas (people often report they are pay to play)

This pushes out our ability to regulate those sectors and pushes out our professional and semiprofessional workers, including nurses, doctors, teachers, IT workers, engineers, sustainable energy, civil works, utilities, and dozens of other kinds of workers.

These "temporary" precarious jobs push out good jobs and displace exemplary workers simply because the new workers, managed by firms in low regulation countries and often paid very low wages relative to those they replaced, cost less.

The people doing them are often not high skill, such that there is any shortage of them here. Instead they are just more profitable.

Such jobs do not pay peoples rent. They don't pay enough to allow the new guest workers to send remittances home, like the jobs they replaced, often did. So they result in a net loss to poor countries, not an "efficiency gains" as they have claimed.

The goal is globally capturing worldwide migration to become totally a tool of corporations and their profits, gradually pushing out non-corporate immigration, pursuing a strategy to sell services below their cost with a goal of pushing out a very large number of both native workers and genuinely talented people from all around the world.

GATS Mode Four is based on a Middle Eastern form of employment "kafala" that is often compared to slavery.

Its oppressive and soul-stealing work for individuals but very profitable for the "body shop" and IT consulting companies who broker their services.

Quotas which are under attack in the WTO limit the rate of increase in job outsourcing.

The high paid think tanks and PR consultants going on about the billions or trillions of dollars we are "throwing on the sidewalk" neglect the fact that wages represent the social contract, stealing the wages that go to the entire world's middle class are not a "efficiency gain".

organizing the pushes for expansions of these programs always neglect to tell us that GATS renders them irreversible, potentially destroying millions of jobs and undermining an entire planet's future. GATS Mode 4 is not a good model for work.

Americans did not vote to let politicians trade away our jobs, nor do we let them trade away our right to regulate innumerable problems like health insurance, financial services, healthcare, higher education, and many others, back in the 1990s.

But they did.