Australia recently made changes to their healthcare, likely to become more TISA or GATS compliant. Also, two good sources of info on trade deals and drugs, and drug IP issues, especially involving the ongoing COVID-19 and global AIDS heath crises..

This seems likely to be an example of tiering, as promoted by the US in FTAs. They represent our real policy. Yes, the US is not so quietly trying to make everything healthcare related, particularly drugs and health insurance, but also medical devices, etc. as expensive as possible, not the other way around. This has been consistent behavior of both parties. is a good source of information on this ongoing situation. especially involving IP, look under US.  Also, especially its ip-health mailing list,  is a good source of info on the IP and drugs situation.

TISA and GATS compliance/Tiers? Some services may ultimately involve international care, offshoring and outsourcing healthcare in countries that have already signed on to commitments in these areas.

Australia's new (TISA+GATS compliant?) healthcare tiers.