An entire nation's minds are a horrible thing to waste.

The Global Value Chains ideology of neoliberalism, via GATS, TISA promotes changes which will destroy public higher and its likely eventually even public primary education, its logic is, "If the young people in a country are too expensive to hire, why educate them" saving (oligarchy) greatly on taxes. What is wrong with this picture?

Almost nobody seems to realize this, leaving progressives horribly unable to understand the core elements of what is being done. At this rate, we'll never be able to prevent it. 

With most jobs going away within the next two decades or so, the oligarchy wants to use those remaining jobs short term to prop up the regimes that make them the most money (which is to say the regimes that pimp out their nation's resources the most efficiently, giving the least to people, and the most to them.) Even in other countries, which they see as having workforces that are just getting in the way. Thats how they see people like us. Its basically a rehash of fascism.

They plan to help their favorite oligarchs with JOBS, jobs that currently are held by  for example, the US's and EU's (allegedly - by them, overpaid) middle class. I've been following this train crash in slow motion for decades. It's acolytes act as if they are dictating laws of God, but upon inspection ,  their arguments not only don't make economic sense, people in growing numbers are really, really sick of them. Frankly, its delusional of them to think that destroying the middle class would help anybody. They want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Having grown up in an unusual environment with economically diverse experiences I now realize few people have, I can see this clearly. I am trying to provide links to proof. As credibility of things you read on the Internet is justifiably often not credible and there are lots of sites who in fact are providing disinformation, why trust me?

Because I am providing you with truth, dammit!

(Waves hands wildly)  :)

and although in a volumetric sense, its nothing compared to the endless pablum delivered by the US mainstream media, this particular truth has substance to it that would be impossible to make up - even with an echo chamber the likes of the ones they have. I have NO echo chambers whatsoever, and in fact, am literally a voice in the wilderness with few others who are also telling this truth. However, they are knowledgeable. And I have a set of experiences which dovetails well with theirs.

Unfortunately its so personal and frankly, depressing that I dont want to go into it here. 

But through it I realized whats being done. One way to describe it is the legal term, "extrinsic fraud" Try to find a good explanation of that (I haven't, yet, but it must be out there)

If you know what an extrinsic fraud, you'll know it when you see it. Everything is backwards to what you are told. Also, bone up on adverse possession. A way the rich and powerful can steal stuff they want by just taking it. In this case the something is an entire planet.

With those two definitions, you would get a good start on understanding whats being done. Also, look at the many keywords to the left about things like 'democracy deficit' and wto legitimacy.. Look at the club model and the history  of the GATS, particularly the Uruguay negotiations at the beginning and the Uruguay Round - that established the WTO which made services tradable.

Also bone up on the concept of Odious Debt and learn what the Third World Debt is and who created it.

Then you'll at least get a good idea of what I am arguing is happening.

you can actually go (all around the world) and see it does hold together. You'll also see the propaganda of the other side, just as I have described it here. Its very slick, they are just too slick, but in this world we shouldnt get rewarded for slickness.  But if you know what the weak points in the arguments are, you will join an elite group of people who have a much better idea of whats happening in the real world than more than 99% of the rest of us. Those people in France have gotten it. They realize the entire situation is totally rigged, against them. There is no honesty left in that system, so by playing the game at all, its rigged so the people lose.

So its not good whats going on, you'll rapidly realize. Two out if three of the US political candidates not only are not doing what it takes to fix it - they are actually part of the other side.

The best choice candidate, is frankly being way way too nice and polite when the appropriate response is exposing the lies we're being presented - which take it to an entirely different level. His way of presenting issues is pretending its 1992 before GATS existed, he's acting as if we're having a debate about things that were taken off the table by GATS. Thats why he's saying they will take time to fix, they will because we have to pursue this procedure.

Yes, health care is totally based on lies now. Read the late Nick Skala's paper. he got it.

Now I am just praying some influential people can read this and tell millions of people, because thats what it will take. Our country, our future, our democracy is  LITERALLY being stolen.

This isn't figurative speech here, our entire country has been lied to in the biggest lie ever in the history of the US. (that I know of) and without some real miracles occurring.  Your futures all of our futures WILL be stolen and nothing of value will be left.

All the things you have associated with the US as good, will all be cashed in and turned into a debt which is left sitting in your lap, like a piece of steaming dog poop by the aristocracy.

a debt that takes everything you have and then some.  So much so that you and your family may have to become nomadic.

You see, Americans have been so unfair, we've been getting rich for 25 years, we have all these billionaires, and the least developed countries just have millionaires, except for a few billionaires now.

You've gotten rich, so you don't need jobs any more, stop hoarding them!

You and your unrealistic expectations which the ologarchs actually hate, even though they are being nice to you to help them keep an eye on you.

we're all such idiots!

maybe we have to have things get really bad to learn our lessons. But I persist in saying that even if a warning came as late as 5:30 in the morning on the morning of December 7, 1941, it would have been possible to substantially change the outcome of Pearl Harbor (at least substantially reduce the numbers of deaths) simply by warning the US Fleet.

Its even possible that the Japanese realizing that the enemy had been warned, would have aborted their attack hoping to recoup and try again later.

That actually happened with the MAI, a number of years ago.

Even just a half hour warning would have been helpful in 1941.

Now its 15 minutes.

Also its easily verifiable as fact by following my links, building up your own model and testing it against what you see around you.

First consider the possibility that what I am saying "might be true" and weight whether, if it was true, would the things you see around you make more or less sense? Continue weighing both for a while, sooner or later you may find yourself realizing that it is true. The sooner you realize that the better because our world is being stolen very quickly by people who take advantage of their having been put in positions of trust all around the world, and who get extremely angry when you question the basis for that trust.  That should tell you something right there.

For example, at some point both parties became in essence hijacked by neoliberals who pursued, and now pursue a really shameless theft of the country's future policy space, but never told us, so badly that now we are completely unaware whats going on, literally the last in the world to know.

the same bunch, have remained in power there since.


It must be a big joke to them.

This means that they are going to behave completely differently than many of us expect until we get rid of both GATS and the neoliberal situation.

Both US parties and both of their presumptives, are clearly controlled by neoliberals and its easy to verify as outside of the US the two fake parties are framed as being in remarkable state of agreement, the Washington consensus.  The US is framed as having been remarkably successful (which it isnt, except for a very few)

because of this extremist ideology of the rich, which most people outside the US who follow US news are fooled by - only the most politically aware foreigners are aware of the problems here. the US is waging war against the people of the world, especially us and our "unrealistic expectations".

Under this system we're promoting, we all - except for them, lose!

As they cant just come out and announce this here, the rich, global oligarchy have a global strategy - they set up new global economic governance organizations which have taken all real control over economically based policy, leaving the former governments control mostly over the political.

Since many/most of the changes people want are economically based, we're barking up the wrong trees - in Washington, while the changes we need need to be made in Geneva and elsewhere and people - us- have no standing .

THEY are all experts at hijacking the world's resources and policy space, (taking them for themselves with FTAs. , (the GATS, TISA etc, facilitate this theft)  WE the people are being kept in a deliberately infantile state.

FTAs are forcing countries into privatizing more and more,

the nations where people still expect to be treated well are being "progressively liberalized" into poverty and irrelevance, including/especially the US, UK and MANY other once great nations now controlled by a global neoliberal cult. As education is now necessary to people having and being given a voice, the long term goal is to prevent all but the wealthy from getting enough education to not only get jobs (while channeling jobs to those with means enough to work for free for years) also another goal is eliminating public higher and eventually even primary education, based on a false scarcity they create.

Trade rules also channel employment to people who not only have gotten credentials, who are also cheap, (automatically excluding us all) even those who posses credentials of questionable validity (This might be changeable if we could get 163 countries to agree on it, but right now they likely mostly prefer it this way because they all know the real goal is to make themselves rich and nobody gets rich by paying people decent wages)

Poor countries have a fairly decent number of smart, Oxford educated elite, but their main concern is getting jobs for the not spectacularly rich and well connected middle level elites, who often have advanced degrees from decent but developing country colleges, but also often have sham degrees that arent so easy to detect because they were actually issued by schools, that have problems with their administrations, inside jobs, so the degrees check out unless its done by professionals, which takes time. So pressures by developing countries are attempting to give them final say over work visas, a situation which will favor speed so much there will essentially be no limits to the number of fake and genuine workers who gain admission to the jobs of the future, often they are turned out in large number by 6 week cram schools.

These countries have a shortage of genuinely skilled people as well as want to get the income, several of them make a good chunk of their GDP from services, so view it as a matter of national security and likely even are helping people falsify credentials if they have the right connections, all of this is so they can catch up with the US which is an understandable obsession in the developing world, some are doing it, some are screwing up badly, in an inverse relationship to their ruling class's greed. 

Neoliberalism's aim is clearly to destroy lots of poor families while enriching rich ones. A good example is the stock market crashes always coming roughly a decade apart, which almost exclusively wipe out smaller investors.

Also, public service is being dismantled in favor of globalized services, with preferences such as the LDC Services Waiver given to firms in often very corrupt "least developed countries" instead of to nation's historically mistreated groups and businesses.

Global governance is real, and its not for people, its for corporations. In economic areas its locked down changes, for example, in health insurance, 20+ years ago.

Even though explanations - of WTO GATS rules are available on sites like the WTO site and in publications from groups like the UN, they use a particular viewpoint that is basically the viewpoint of the rich in their disputes with one another over the markets, (basically people appear only as property, as parts of markets)

most Americans are brainwashed to go to the two tragicomic US parties for help. Not realizing that any "help" from either of them is guaranteed to come at a price greater than its benefits UNTIL WE HAVE DEMOCRACY BACK. Under progressive liberalization, Every motion is a tightening of the noose.

Note on the new meaning of "discrimination" under FTA-ideologies.

The last century's worth of national laws (domestic regulation) are under attack, particularly laws that prevent/prevented discrimination and improved workers conditions, all are under attack globally, especially here in the US which is the front lines of this war, because people still want to be like us, so to rid them of this hope, we have to be sacrificed.

just like the situation with US health care, we have to get the very worst deal of them all.

if they attempt to improve conditions above an imaginary least common denominator shared by all nations, particularly the bad ones who represent the targets of much of GATS largesse. 

Laws such as those in the US that attempt to give workers more rights, particularly rights to organize are rendered irrelevant by replacing high skill domestic workers, such as civil servants, en masse (entire departments) with low bidding foreign firms and their workforces from countries with very low levels of domestic regulation, completely.

Our laws against discrimination, intended to propote and prevent discrimination are themselves framed as discriminatory against foreign corporations, who are "simply seeking what they were owed in trade agreements".

who may often be the low bidders on services contracts, because their people are victims of bad government. However the firms and workforces of those firms are not the poor in those countries, they are the rich. .

See keywords on the left that link to resources on women's rights (these changes will particularly disadvantage groups like women and nonwhite professionals who are well represented in the kinds of jobs that are targeted for liberalization via privatization and global outsourcing of procurement (via GPA and other FTAs) GATS and education. 

Note that procurement rules would also block things like Green New Deal that propose to spend tax money creating jobs restricted to unemployed US workers, they would clearly violate GATS rules, thanks to a WTO case the US brought against India and won a few years ago. So, the situation for all US workers is much worse than people think, due to the creation of a simulacrum of false and misleading policies and misrepresentation that has led 99.9999% of Americans into a false optimism that positive changes are right around the corner.

Maybe changes are but they are not the changes people want. They are their Doppelganger or evil twin. 

Seriously. Don't fall for a very large disinformation campaign by the political class to deceive all of us while these changes, which are global in scope and which will pull the rug out from underneath billions of people all around the world, are being set up. 

Think World War III with all the horrible other aspects but no bombs, in other words, oppression, an occupying army, totalitarianism, occurring without a shot having been fired, simply being due to the people having been tricked, the naive people of the world's gullibility.

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