A look at the "affordable" "health insurance" the global corporate state has in store for the poorer of us.

Surprised? The US health care system is literally on a very "fast track" to total and mandatory crapification, in the form of shedding by the government of all "moral hazard" by the pretext of irreversible services liberalization (total one way, binding privatization and globalization). Weve already been sold down the river - starting decades ago with GATS. Negotiations to pile it higher and deeper - until our hands look just like the sculpture on the beach in Punta Del Este where it all began, back in September 1986, are ongoing. And have been for all that time. This is not a little thing, its a global war on the very idea of a middle class. Far more thefts in the form of more "trade and investment agreements" are ongoing. Its an urgent race by the world's oligarchies to steal as much as possible before people wise up, and in the US, both Fast Track expires, and the November election. We could see announcements within the next couple of weeks. True to form, we and many other countries are being fed an endless pile of bullshit. This ad - from Hindu Business Line was actually more informative than many US ads for similar "crapsurance" -if you read between its lines. Read it.

As many Americans realize, its been a very very very very long time since more than half of American wage earners could afford an adequate non-group (non-employer) healthcare plan that didn't leave them bankrupt when they got a serious illness, if the criteria also required that it remain helping people for more than a very few years.   Why is it that they never last very long?  When you ask questions like that online, suddenly, the sock puppets are out in force, the echo chamber ramps up, and whatever comment you made that got a bit too close to the truth vanishes underneath a literal hail of painful meaningless  ululation.

Or alternatively, instead, every issue is diverted by a perpetual exaggerated "partisan disagreement".

In short, meaningful questions never get answered, instead they are diverted to one of several strategies.

Either the failure to deliver is (the other sides) fault. Or its buried in gibberish. And more recently a disturbing new kind of diversion, diversion that simply promises to fix anything in such a way that one cannot argue with it but, it never engages on one key issue.

When its pointed out that a trade deal blocks these changes, and has for over 20 years, so we cannot possibly be deciding it now without eliminating this trade deal first, a fact that is easy to show, nothing. Silence. Or your account gets blocked. A very effective form of censorship.


When will we wise up and realize, we've fallen for a huge trick? (I have the answer for you, the way we are going now it will likely never happen, barring some absolute miracle.

although you may not like it, we wont realize anything sufficient enough to actually get us OUT of this mess, (UNTIL until we FULLY know about this.)

Even though we are literally stumbling right into an EMERGENCY that demands our undivided attention at solving this crisis, immediately.

We need to realize we've been sold a bill of goods that's very seriously deceptive.  In the form of the GATS

To hide what amounts to a  huge global theft, a classic con game. Against the people of the world. All of us.

If we wait, putting all our eggs in a basket that has been taken out of the loop in the system that we agree is in charge, we're going to be SOL. Just like South Africa has been, despite having voted for a healthcare plan more than a  decade ago, they still do not have it.

We need a change not just in Washington, we also need one in Geneva.

Otherwise, we'll lose and never be told the real reason why, again and again and again.

Its telling that according to the industry and our government as well as the cabal of "global economic governance orgs that rule our planet, the problem the world is facing today, in their eyes is those damn people and their expectations of a better future. Especially Americans. Whats with "those people".

Don't we know our place?

Ha! Yes, we're terrified, but still have no clue as to whats actually going on.

So, before we figure it out, they have a solution, since its wages that are alleged by them to be too high, not their ever increasing GREED, they set up a plan to make that far worse and teach us all a lesson by means of a preemptive strike, to transfer potentially millions of good jobs to the control of the already rich people who own the biggest companies in the countries where the most people make the least money, as long as they keep them poor, predictably, starting with the best paying jobs and working downward.

Instead of wages going to workers under this system, most of the wages will go straight to the top, which turns out to be the middlemen. Potentially very high profits. Because when they can get away with it, which is a lot of the time, they pay their workers the least wages imaginable. Under these setups its often very difficult for us to even know what their wages are, because workers are paid overseas. There.

Obviously, each of those targeted by this agenda will be living in their own private hell, as everything they depend on to get by falls apart and they cant figure out why. The big picture will never be explained to them, even by the "good guys" - even the so called progressive press.

Even when they are told the truth, they refuse to report it, because its too true.

because of course then "we would lose our corporate funding". .

You would think that within a few more years of getting this run around, we would somehow have managed to finagle by some democratic means, a national health care system that somehow managed to give at least the poorest people some kind of healthcare that prevented them from dying for totally curable reasons. WRONG! Unless politicians LEAVE THEIR COMFORT ZONES and do something radical, stop sugar coating and hiding and legitimizing a massive cover up. And tell the truth.

The state of Maine had the guts to. Why not them?

They absolutely would have nothing of it, as that would violate everything they have worked so hard for.  The way its likely to be set up, money spent to help the poorest will mostly subsidize rich peoples health insurance, even though they wont be officially getting any subsidies. because the poor people would be nuts to attempt to use any health insurance like this, as they would be guaranteed to end up massively in debt, wages garnished car repossessed, and living on the streets. Unable to go to doctors even in a emergency, because of UNPAID MEDICAL DEBT.

This is totally intentional. As the system is designed to pad the pockets of rich people. Up until just a few years ago, only our own oligarchs could get in on this action, butnow, the oligarchs elsewhere's prayes have been answered, soon, they will be able to feed with the big sharks. 

all around the world.

Here is a glimpse at the REAL future of US health care, or part of it.  This is what we're formally committed to now, what we already signed up for - carving it in stone, more than two decades ago. They just have not finished working out the details yet.


These kinds of health care plans are what we are scheduled to get.

(not this specific one, I am not talking about any specific company, or country)

The oligarchs are trying to train the planet to survive on bullshit instead of food, but there is a problem, people just suddenly die just before the training has succeeded.



Like we are.


here is the ad. Somehow, I get the feeling, the people who made this ad were not true beleivers, because they point out something American corporations never do. Can you see it?

You may even be covered for "novel corona virus"  <<<<<< why?

This ad was in Hindu Business Line last week. This is a good example of how "consumer driven healthcare" is very likely to be a very very bad value, even if it seems to the mathematically illiterate to be cheaper.

But the presence of foreign provider will end the remote possibility of the country somehow managing to get out of GATS and get real public health care - by creating huge entitlements in other countries for compensation for the "expected lost profits" almost exactly like ISDS, except the entitlements must be paid to countries within the spectrum of things the WTO regulates, (all non manufacturing- services that countries have committed, basically everything you cannot drop on your foot, particularly cross border jobs a country has committed, which is increasingly everything having to do with health insurance and health care and healthcare management, IP , plus IP goods like Rx drugs. If we wanted to raise the price of our drugs, we might want more influence over India - so we could jack up the price on some out of patent cheap existing drug by evergreening it and renaming it and selling it for a huge markup as a new coronavirus drug, for example.)

"If your health policy is not disease-specific, it can provide cover for hospitalisation and out-patient department (OPD) expenses, irrespective of the disease you are diagnosed for. Bhaskar Nerurkar, Head of Claims, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, says, “A health policy covers for all infections and Corona is one such infection. Coverage will be available from day one of infection in all health insurance policies including ours... Besides, since new diseases such as Corona do not fall in the category of pre-existing illnesses, these will be covered by your health policy."

The above picture tells a thousand words, doesn't it?

Why is the entire planet being screwed? Because these coming years are the test of democracy. Where the rubber meets the road.

Will we have a bright future, one where people live longer and everybody has more time to spend with their families, or a genocide, in the grand tradition of genocides everywhere.

Implemented by rigid ideology and its bureacratic rules.

In this case, the allege justification is phony "fairness" in a parody of the US vil rights movement. Ironically, the "discrimination" its railing against is literally the body of laws we built up in many cases to fight discrimination!

Its to help the rich, that oppress poor countries. Remain rich. And their children, giving them precious entry level jobs, eventually, all of them.

Its to give mega corporations certainty.

They are pushing a free market ideology, that leads to slavery, seriously.

Not something like slavery, the real deal.

Which to them means the freedom to transact, is above everything else. 

Even the human race, and democracy.

they have figured out a way to disenfranchise the entire planet.

Can you guess what it is?

Transact business in any way you want. Without governments standing between corporations and THEIR profits in any way.

Subsidies, when they exist, are supposed to be brief and the smallest possible, and means tested. And soon, phased out.

When something is perfect, like the free market, who needs anything besides perfection?

Just like pushing for reform in North Korea is a fast track to a sentence to a concentration camp or worse, a bullet in your head, pushing for reform here is at the end of the day, forbidden by the elites because they have rigged the system to lock in the corporate system that has practically no fexibility, although the powers that be go to incredible lengths to cover this situation up, with one elaborate theatrical performance after another to convince us that the process that denies up any positive change and just keeps getting worse is the result of incompetence, or never ending distractions calculated to waste as much time as possible, histrionics of every possible kind, everything one could possibly imagine to explain the failure to do their jobs. Even as people die in large numbers. All to keep the public from realizing their rights to regulate has been signed away.

That's the strategy that is the Washington Consensus and it has been for >30 yrs.


What will be next? We can be certain that whatever it is won't be the truth.

Meanwhile people will continue to die. More and more, other countries are following in ur footsteps and implementing similar kinds of phomy dysfunction to conceal never ending corruption and theft of the planet a bit longer, so it can be locked in with more entanglements, more bullshit.

Public services of all kinds replaced with un affordable or insanely tiered non-options, commercial thefts of democracy. And jobs, jobs are on the trading table. Virtually everything is, its a dire, ugly situation.

The fact is, they have no intention of investing in this country anymore, unless we are slaves, its not worth their time.

So, to keep jobs in our country, we're only going to have one choice, we're supposed to turn them into slaves?

Yes, those people will be duly convicted of crimes.

Just lay the events out, you'll see how this works.

Right now, they are just telling voters what they think we want to hear, but all the proposals are pre broken. Even though one is markedly less pre-broken, it still is prevented by the failure to inform the country that the implementation of it will face such huge obstacles - not the least of which is an urgent mead for the political class to admit its committed a grievous crime with this deception.

trade agreements make all of the candidates proposals obviously pre-broken, and in all but one of their cases, thats just their way of sucking up to the oligarchy, telling the oligarchs that they can be trusted to screw up.

Its a form of signalling behavior.

they have made the things that they should be doing impossible or close enough to it to make it in all practical terms extremely unlikely to happen, especially if we remain fooled so deeply and continue barking up the wrong trees.

Any process that gets up out of this mess has to begin with a national disclosure. And because any candidate who planned to make such a disclosure a wanted person, it has to come suddenly and in a way that cannot be immediately suppressed.

We have to do better, we have to hold them to a higher standard. That standard being truth.  Not just vague cover your ass behavior.

Pray as if your life depends on it, because thanks to the recent events, its clear to me that it does.

We need to make an evolutionary jump.

Love is the answer. Even of the stupid.