A Country in Denial, and not just about COVID-19

With our for-profit system being too expensive for the vast majority of Americans to afford without being bankrupted, due to very very high rates of uninsurance and underinsurance, a very great fear is that this COVID-19 epidemic will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

For the last three decades, basically, having a major illness hit a family has progressed from merely being not affordable for most of us, to becoming a guaranteed disaster for most of the people in this country, even many of those who allegedly "have insurance".

Because of trade agreements like the GATS which are driven in no small part by a global expansionist agenda for US corporations selling insurance, drugs, medical devices, etc, for a long time, the US has been waging a little known global war on public healthcare. (A similar agenda also adversely impacts many other once public services, such as higher education, water and many other essentials.) Despite the fact that this crusade against compassion and for corporate takeover of most of the responsibilities held by governments, seems to be a quite substantial part of the US's presence abroad, most Americans remain largely unaware of it.

As optimal profit-making is deemed by them to absolutely require a global shift to an internationalized corporate delivery of privatized healthcare systems, we basically have to get the same treatment here, holding Americans hostage to this agenda.

This means that global capital's agenda is deemed so important its alleged to demand a subversion of actual democracy in nation states, a "Trilemma" as economists have for decades repeatedly explained it.

The assumption that the highest profits would occur under a coercive "market spiral" pricing model (what the market will bear)  is likely wrong, for many reasons. Under private systems, a very great many customers cannot afford modern drugs they likely could afford under public systems, so its clear, sales would increase, and although prices would be lower, for most drugs as the cost to manufacture them is actually quite low, lower prices clearly would in the long run bring higher profits. A win win situation, that would support robust price controls and bargaining by nations for better prices, a model that was successful in delivering high quality, low cost healthcare to many European nations before the WTO, but one that for ideological reasons the US and WTO it helped create and now supports rejects. Now the WTO is working hard to deregulate basically everything. The US endorses this ideology and that makes it impossible for Americans wishes to ever be implemented as long as this agenda remains at the core of US trade policy. Its easy to see why the US corporate state wont allow an honest discussion of these issues, and demonizes candidates like Bernie Sanders (whose healthcare plan could actually navigate the WTO minefield, see image below)


who don't seem to be in its pocket.

But the costs of this policy are potentially astronomical for the nation.

For example, in the AIDS crisis at least 10 million Africans died horrible deaths because they were unable to afford drugs, priced at totally unaffordable prices, ($15000/year) which turned out to only cost pennies a day to make. (This story is told in the documentary film "Fire in the Blood" 2013). Now, due to very high, ridiculously unsustainable insulin prices, many Americans are dying. This situation is unlikely to get better until the US no longer is fighting to keep drug prices high internationally.  This also should bring our attention to a very serious problem, our government has been replaced by a simulacrum, that presents different faces one to the world in its international agenda, and the other to citizens in sort of a parody of government of by and for the people, that is now fairly dangerously of by and for corporations, but not completely, yet. However, it certainly is not democracy.

To impose its will, the US government has been maintaining two separate faces, one the real face, is shown by trade agreements, the other face seems to be geared for television and social media consumption and seems increasingly fake. 

Even as we trying to use trade agreements as a weapon to force other countries to dump their public healthcare systems and emulate us, we're pretending to be trying to lower unaffordable prices here at home. But,  alas, it is NEVER successful, and so the logical conclusion to come to when learning about the other, real agenda is to conclude that a duplicative situation exists like the one described by Hannah Arendt in her Origins of Totalitarianism, the chapter about totalitarianism in power, at approximately page 413, with the international organizations having been set up  wielding the real power, and the nation states basically heading towards an endpoint of total impotence, functioning more and more dysfunctionally to divert the attentions of the public and waste precious time, creating local laws that only implement its instructions, a theatrical drama that acts as a simulacrum.

Its telling that the only candidate who put forward a healthcare plan that might successfully navigate through the GATS minefield we set up, is being demonized.

A number of countries that depend on the US for a large portion of trade have been influenced by us, or are in the process of being influenced by us,  to privatize public healthcare systems. This will lock in the for profit system by a stealthy GATS mechanism, however people have not been told this. These are all such important material facts that they must be discussed to preserve democracy.

Because the country was never told about these agreements (like GATS, especially) and they are at the cause of many of the worst policies,  we are being prevented from dealing or even discussing a great many things sensibly by this situation.

Discussion about especially the WTO's GATS (services), TRIPS (IP and especially, drug prices, such as antiviral and vaccine pricing)etc. that needs to be happening about whether these agreements necessary or desirable has been prevented, even though they are causing major disruptions.

We're stuck with a government that has kept discussion of these agreements out of the public eye, and a media that has colluded with them in doing that, for decades.

Now we stand on the edge of a major emergency and this failure to engage on such an important set of issues is totally inconsistent with democracy.

We are a country in serious denial, who has backed itself into an ideological corner where it won't admit its made big mistakes and so cannot bring itself to fix these very serious problem. Its also rendered infantile our elections, reducing everything to a farce where the actual things people want to decide are officially off the table (and have been so for decades) because of trade agreements.

We are locked in and our democracy has effectively been almost completely stolen by these horrible trade agreements which as often as not, are largely of our own making, however, having created them and used them to push others to do things, as part of what may be an organized con game with other nations to help one another dismantle democracy, a very urgent need exists to drop the pretenses and come to grips with their implications.

Does international economic governance carry the legitimacy of having been elected by people, when people dont even have standing to speak before them?

Without disclosure to countries people of what is intended by it, and what has been done in the past, and why, what is being done now and why, and a currently nonexistent ability for people to control it, and discard things that don't work as needed, it is totally illegitimate.