11 National Associations of Healthcare Workers Issue Letter demanding More protections for Health Workers.

To raise the "standard of care" (of how we treat) all professionals we need to stop the agenda that is embedding a trade agreement agenda of forcing all domestic regulations to the global least common denominator as a precursor to globalizing them. It aims to increase profits greatly by replacing our domestically grown professionals with ones from the developing world (taking them from countries that desperately need them) - One of the reasons they want to do this is is precisely to prevent them from having input on all sorts of things- including things like this.

They want to lower the medicolegal standard of care globally to the lowest common denominator in order to turn healthcare workers into interchangeable parts that can be exchanged at will, they want to do this in all professions, not just health related ones.

Its a huge project ( GATS ) that they have planned. Which should be a major issue but the corporate media's control is so total that few of them even realize this is planned and in negotiations now. It's one of the subjects covered by this site.

Health Workers’ Voices and Safety Must Be Protected

Leading Health Professional Associations Call for Safeguards Amidst COVID-19 Crisis