Large Scale job shifts due to services liberalization will displace tens of millions of US workers or more,

in ways never seen before, over the coming years. No political candidates proposals are likely able to even remotely avoid the impact of these changes, if the framing and legitimacy of this huge global theft from all of us is not challenged and voided.

Americans should be aware of a very important difference between the US Presidential candidates

Trade agreements (treaties) allege to block a great deal of what many candidates are promising, and have since the mid 1990s, and the body of changes they have made make it highly unlikely most of them could happen without an potentially costly international fight. We should prepare for that and understand, we're being fed a bill of goods by virtually all of them. The only one who seems a cut above the rest is still leaving this super important fact out. As his platform's proposals basically violate so many restrictive treaty rules, it seems highly unlikely his party would nominate him because that would result in exposure of this huge body of really shameless lying. So he will have to win by a really huge margin in a way that cannot be hidden by cheating. Which is inevitable-Both parties are clearly cooperating to hide their decades long deception. (Its important to them for this theft of democracy to remain hidden because its something the entire country would agree is totally evil. Also, a great many poor Americans have died unnecessarily of treatable diseases in the more than 25 years our healthcare system has been rigged in a way that is impossible to fix without this knowledge they have all been hiding from us, that's murder.)

Britons and (we) Americans need to know something. We have frustrated "expectancies" but increasingly, thanks to GATS, the proposed UK-US FTA, TISA and others, not any kind of real property interest in our nation's futures.

These agreements push our rights out of our future. They attempt to irreversibly gut public services like the UK's NHS and will most certainly totally block the proposed "Medicare For All" as well as procurement proposals that employ our nations workers if international temping firms bid on those jobs and win. So they will outsource millions of now stable jobs, turning them into entitlements of foreign firms to do, if they are cheaper. They replace legal immigration with temporary subcontracting and its likely that because our countries will be overwhelmed by corporate temporary migration, (GATS Mode 4) developed nations may turn against the one part of it we can control, permanent migration. So this corporate capture of migration will push out refugees and likely also temp workers possibility of permanent migration. It will also displace millions of workers in dozens of high skill service sectors, starting with professionals and fields like IT, nursing, teaching, engineering, etc, and then working its way downward, and undercut the wages of the remaining workers across the board.

Neither Americans nor Britons seem to be able to admit that both our governments are lying to us across a broad spectrum to hide GATS.

Neither country seems willing to put two and two together, for example, about the healthcare held hostage, and obligations on procurement, (and potential large scale job outsourcing) due to committments in GPA/GATS (This also applies to Brexit's potential monetization of the NHS and likely giveaways of vanishing jobs in the UK). Why? Ask the dishonest insiders who promote these deals! You'll get an earful. They have dozens of sketchy, often conflicting reasons. But those reasons are based on junk trickle-down economics and don't add up. They don't stand up to scrutiny. And they know it. A growing number of economists have pointed out that the assumptions they make (such as assuming that workers displaced by large scale services liberalization would or could change fields and find new jobs) don't add up. For decades smart economists have been saying this.

WTO Dispute DS503 is still a wild card that could turn the lives of millions of workers upside down.

A few days ago I was reading British news where they were reporting on the expectations of Leave voters for what would be done with Brexit.

Large scale privatizations of once-public (services) are the first steps in a global scheme to outsource and/or offshore them internationally at low wages.

turning many professions into precarious low paid labor- The inclusion in the WTO of billions of jobs in the category of potentially "tradable" services, is turning them into bargaining chips in a vast international trade - while lowering quality and professionalism to least common denominator levels. Turning people and their lives, hopes and dreams, into "inputs" - and "markets" basically commodities.

Britain is literally being TRICKED out of their NHS and other social services by UK government and business interests, recent events, public documents prove. (Part One of a series)

Events that are unfolding now were predicted by other, credible entities, including articles in well known international media and by the Director-General of the WTO itself. This must mean they are deliberately creating this unfortunate situation.

Problems Britons blame on their EU membership are largely rooted in their WTO membership, not their EU membership. So Brexit won't fix them, in fact it will almost certainly make them all much worse.

Something struck me yesterday while looking for videos to explain Dani Rodrik's "Trilemma of globalization" adequately.

Cost of having a baby in the US if you are uninsured could be as high as $287,453 (2009)

This figure is from the KFF publication Maternity Care and Consumer-Driven Health Plans

"You no longer had to kill yourself” to avoid being “a burden on your children”

:The Great NHS Heist is a topical and riveting film about the neoliberal attack on the British National Health Service - A documentary from the UK about an unspeakably wrong situation, the intentional gutting of the NHS by neoliberal politicians and the corporate state in the UK.

The UK's health is threatened by the push to privatize it's National Health Service. Here is what must be done to preserve it.

The reason why the UK's NHS is vulnerable is the fact that they signed onto the WTO GATS agreement, and also SELL commercial health insurance in the UK, which opens up a Pandora's box of problems. These commitments will end when the UK leaves the EU. That change will trigger demands for compensation for any perceived loss in "future expected earnings". Additionally, re-joining the WTO may trigger similar demands from other WTO Members. This should be obvious to anybody who is familiar with the GATS and WTO negotiations. So its quite strange that there has been nothing about it in the media.

The mystery of WTO dispute DS503, Senate bill S386, and others and their possible effects on skilled work globally.

Could this be the Pearl Harbor attack for the world's middle class? Rather than wade into the arguments regarding (US) Senate bill 386 (s386) - a subject I am worried about, I am just going to attempt to lay out as many links to resources that pertain to the relevant WTO case that I am almost certain it has some connection to, as I can find.

Sanya Reid Smith explains TISA - very good explanation.

Nobody seems to grasp just how big and brutal these deals are. For example, they block practically everything progressives want our government to do. Medicare For All is one of them.