[Ip-health] Unreasonable pricing and The ‘Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 6 2020

Whoa, just when I thought the news on our legislators selling out the country while an epidemic is ravaging our country, could not get any worse.

Our right to regulate drug prices was signed away when we joined the WTO.

The TRIPS agreement is part of the WTO. It was meant to jack up the prices of drugs all around the world. GATS (another WTO agreement) gave countries another bargaining chip they could use, jobs. . A logical approach would be for us to dump both GATS and TRIPS at the same time. That would give the poor countries (And US) back our right to regulate prices and get affordable drugs, we could keep the potentially millions of jobs that could end up being traded away in GATS. We would also get back our right to have affordable healthcare, and prevent Medicare and Social Security from being privatized.

The reason the Corporate Dems "coalesced" so quickly around Joe Biden is the desire to hide the GATS from voters.

The GATS stole our democracy, so it should be a national scandal. Joe Biden and the other politicians who hide the GATS, whomever they are do not deserve our support. Because GATS takes away the right to vote for all but trivialities.

Salon article on Republicans and healthcare leaves out the actions of the other neoliberals

They hide their tracks by means of trade agreements.

Ireland nationalizes its hospitals for the duration of the pandemic.

This comes as the US, a country whose public healthcare system is extremely fragmented, has become the center of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the testing of and number of diagnosed coronavirus patients being delayed in order so that more drug companies and products can be sold with long periods of patent exclusivity at higher prices, to literally make a killing?

As a law allowing companies to request orphan drug designations for drugs such as remdesivir (application now withdrawn due to public outcry) The law apparently bases them on the number of cases AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION - but that date is secret.

Trump wants to force the country to end COVID-19 measures by Easter. Would he ignore experts advice?

WHO: "The United States is becoming the next epicenter of COVID-19" UPDATES: "Economic resurrection day" = Easter for Trump Admin staffers. Does it matter what the scientists say, if he's determined to do this? He seems to think he's on a mission from God. It will backfire because of our horribly inadequate corporate healthcare and health insurance system.

MIT test of "Secure" Voting App finds multiple vulnerabilities.

The touch screen "unauditable" voting machines are very bad, as far as security. We all know that, I hope! What about Internet voting? *Any closed source "voting app" has a strong possibility of being even worse. MIT found multiple security vulnerabilities in "Voatz" which was recently used in Virginia.

Seems to me that Trump wants to turn the US into an international pariah state by prematurely "opening the US for business"

I had a long anaysis here but it was too depressing to leave as it was.

Famous last words? “our country wasn’t built to be shut down.”

Trump is rejecting expert advice and trying to figure out an excuse, any excuse, to throw caution to the winds.

Britons, GATS was the missing piece Jeremy Corbyn likely couldn't tell you about two months ago, Similarly with Bernie Sanders, it seems he cant tell us this missing piece either perhaps because of some law.

It explains the all important dirty 1990s deal that both leaders can't seem to get the heart to tell you both about,. Way back in the 1990s, both the Labour and Democratic Parties were run by neoliberals - and they and their oppositions joined together to sell both countries out.

WTO looks at the ACA as a "Post 2008" temporary financial services re-regulation.

The G-20 countries swore to eliminate protectionist measures adopted after the 2008 financial crisis at Hangzhou, I am pretty sure.