US Senate reconvenes tomorrow under new Biden administration - country hoping for relief from divisive and extractive policies.

Democracy is the system we've developed that steers the ship of state. We need real democracy that can change policies when it's needed, not the trade-deal nullified governmental policies we have (but don't realize we have) today.

Joe Biden's nomination of Katherine Tai to be USTR.

Make no mistake about it, given the situation we are in, this USTR appointment is likely to be a very important one.

Phytonutrients' importance in COVID-19 epidemiology and resistance.

The victims of COVID-19 are heavily skewed towards groups that have little access to healthy food, such as the poor, incarcerated, the aged warehoused in assisted living facilities, and low income people trapped in inner cities and isolated by poverty.

One year into the COVID19 epidemic many useful strategies are still being overlooked. Why?

I've been writing about this for some time. It appears quite possible that a common stilbene, a phytoalexin polyphenol, available in large chain drugstores, and known to be safe, might be a potential intervention for COVID-19 with potential to prevent or make some COVID illness far less severe.

Australia recently made changes to their healthcare, likely to become more TISA or GATS compliant. Also, two good sources of info on trade deals and drugs, and drug IP issues, especially involving the ongoing COVID-19 and global AIDS heath crises..

This seems likely to be an example of tiering, as promoted by the US in FTAs. They represent our real policy. Yes, the US is not so quietly trying to make everything healthcare related, particularly drugs and health insurance, but also medical devices, etc. as expensive as possible, not the other way around. This has been consistent behavior of both parties.

Is the massive campaign against disinformation in the MSM, itself disinformative, in fact acting to hide the theft of democracy by secret deals such as the GATS?

The term "coup" would definitely apply if both US "parties" weren't already in cahoots to hide GATS and similar agreements.

"Biden Cuts Social Security" (The Intercept) Actually, its the GATS agreement we signed more than two decades ago, and the TISA that they probably will revive soon that do it. Medicare is likely to get the same treatment too. See elsewhere on this site.

The Intercept (the destination of the link) doesn't mention this but GATS (and TISA, which is likely to be revived) makes all deregulation in committed services (like financial services) permanent (Yes, both are considered to be in competition with the banking and insurance industries - financial services) Making cuts so costly and difficult to reverse they will become permanent. This has been planned for a long time as shown by the trade literature. here is lots on this site. Voters should refuse to swallow this rigged Kool Aid. Oh, but everything that happens in the WTO is not subject to voting.

Graphic illustrates why the oligarchy wants to capture migration for corporations..

Globally. Thats a hidden gotcha they embedded in the WTO when it was set up. Which could easily turn out to be one of the epic mistakes of all time. This graphic which is repeated in a great many of the dozens of papers hyping TMNP is also fairly misleading, given that the ratio between wages in expensive countries like the US and poor countries like India can be 20 times or more, not the small amount pictured here. Also, they consistently try to confuse temporary movement of natural persons with actual immigration for the purpose of permanent migration (traditional immigration) which most Americans have a favorable opinion of. But the two are totally different. One is freedom, the other is often compared to modern slavery.

New York Times appears to be trying to cover up GATS' effect on healthcare

Despite a desperate need, the GATS forbids government subsidies, except the most minimal ones possible, in emergencies,, as far as I can tell. We've been lied to for decades about this. . The NYT should be more honest about GATS.

New York Times totally covering up the real cause of Education Privatization.

This is a good example, of how the Global Grab is working. GATS is the well known global cause of the privatization of public education everywhere. According to the EUA (linked at the bottom) and thousands of other educational institutions in Europe, the US and Canada.

Question to my readers on Article II MFN exemption expiration dates (re Affordable Care Act expiration)

The survival of the Affordable Care Act is dependent on what it is in the WTO's eyes. Its not at all clear to me.

Resveratrol, a widely available nutritional supplement, inhibits COVID-19 in cell cultures.

This is not surprising as the roots of japanese knotweed, which are a potent source of resveratrol, is one of the traditional medicines most used to treat COVID-19 in China. This blog has been suggesting it as a possible therapy for quite some time. Its profile of activity makes it a natural match for COVID-19. What this means is that its likely safe to use to prevent COVID-19 associated brain injury and coagulopathy.

Evolution will not be televised

Our country and planet are being taken over by a corporate controlled cult's coup, so it stands to reason that it would use typical cult tactics of "ghosting" and "shunning" people and organizations who dared to discuss it openly. And that's what's happening to this site and its developer.


Expression of ACE2 and a viral virulence-regulating factor CCN family member 1 in human iPSC-derived neural cells: implications for COVID-19-related CNS disorders

It has been reported that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) causes not only pneumonia but also systemic inflammations including central nervous system (CNS) disorders. However, little is known about the mechanism that triggers the COVID-19-associated CNS disorders, due to the lack of appropriate experimental systems. Our present study showed that angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2), a cellular receptor for SARS-CoV-2, is expressed in human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived neural stem/progenitor cells (hiPSC-NS/PCs) and young neurons. Furthermore, together with database analysis, we found that a viral virulent factor CCN family member 1 (CCN1), which is known to be induced by SARS-CoV-2 infection, is expressed in these cells at basal levels. Considering the role of CCN1 which is known to be involved in viral toxicity and inflammation, hiPSC-NS/PCs could provide an excellent model for COVID-19-associated CNS disorders from the aspect of SARS-CoV-2 infection-ACE2-CCN1 axis. In addition, we identified compounds that reduce CCN1 expression. Collectively, our study using hiPSC-NS/PCs may aid in the development of a therapeutic target for COVID-19-related CNS disorders.

Resveratrol extracted from Chinese herbal medicines: A novel therapeutic strategy for lung diseases

Chin Herb Med. 2020 Oct; 12(4): 349–358. Published online 2020 Sep 18. doi: 10.1016/j.chmed.2020.07.003 PMCID: PMC7498443 PMID: 32963508