Economics of Living in US may change radically due to push by energy firms to export Natural Gas "until its gone"

Most Americans grew up during a moratorium on exporting natural gas that existed since the 1970s. It had the effect of a welfare program, lowering trhe cost of heating it appears to be several hundred dollars a month. Soon that subsidy will be gone and the energy inefficient buildings that require natural gas will be torn down. Americans will pay comparable costs to Europeans for the fuel, which is in high demand because of its flexibility. High rates of energy poverty in the EU will become common here, like Student loans and housing costs, another weight that many Americans must bear or do without housing healthcare or heat.

Say no to 15% billionaire "minimum tax rate" give away. Taxes must be progressive and range wherever they need to go.

Judging by my own communications with people here in the US, I think that many otherwise intelligent people have been taken in by the neoliberal project. Few people realize the trend towards massive concentration of wealth or the fact that that wealth will likely not be enjyed by themselves in the future. According to work done by Oxfam, wealth is concentrating at an exponentially increasing rate. Also the GATT- WTO job giveaway means that residents of the developed countries like the US will likely be pushed out of the jobs that will continue to exist in the future because of the higher costs of employing them, and the requirement that government spending follow the GATS rules. (see the government procurement tag) What this adds up to is an uncertain future for the middle class in the US and EU. The percentage of Americans and Europeans who are employed - who have incomes is going to drop and wages - ruled as they are by supply and demand will fall. GATS forces a LOT of privatization of high skilled decent paying jobs, forcing massive outsourcing and the companies that do such outsourcing are well known for practicing a great deal of discrimination of their own, forcing workers to train their replacements in large numbers. By doing this they evide paying retraining benefits to the laid off workers, and politicians get to make dishonest claims iding the numbers of jobs lost, (which they claim are actually "efficiency gains" . The foreign firms claim these jobs are now an entitlement we owe them. The repayment of a debt. Our young people are not wanted, as their expectations are too high. Their business model is paying workers as little as they can. They are supposed to pay minimum wage, however they are not at all happy about that and our challenging whether thats legal for us to do under WTO rules. (Our requiring they pay a legal US wage to people like foreign engineers, some of whom must pay bribes to be placed in the US. " "I saved money on the dowry by having a US job nailed down" as one hapless engineer put it.So he put up with years of work at around $7.50 an hour when he would be making many times that in a normal job. At least for the time being. Nobody knows this is happening. Young Americans and Europeans, already struggling are going to lose out. Don't be silent. Don't fall for the WEF and (WTO in) Geneva's huge global coup.

New York Times hyping the global grab in all it's job destroying glory in what seems to me to amount to propaganda article hyping fake frames.

Here is another deceptive spin article from NYT. First people need to understand that government committed to offshore and outsource a potentially unlimited number of US jobs in the Uruguay Round, intending to provide the "payback for the trade agenda" to 3rd world "authoritarian bargain" countries and lower wages. So its a case of post-hoc deception with the intend of justifying what they had already decided to do to put the middle class and the idea of having a healthy middle class "back in their proper place".

Countries forced to privatize pensions now being sued internationally for reversing it.

Private insurance corporations are suing Argentina and Bolivia for loss of potential profits as a result of the reversal of privatization of pension programs. They are using the evil ISDS method which subsumes national governments and sues taxpayers. Similarly to how the Swedish company Vattenfall sued Germeny for ending heir use of nuclear poer. Its premise is that corporations deserve new rights and that policy is their property, This is what I mean when I say corporations are now demanding global, allegedly irreversible structural changes changes that are basically handing them the world on a silver platter. They fully intend to privatize our services too. They are well on the way to doing it. Both US parties are fake. This campaign goes back to Punta Del Este and the runup to the Uruguay Round. The Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO, and the commoditization of "services" of all kind. We'll lose those jobs too. Read up on the GATS. Now its been almost 30 years. Its why our precious public services and pubic service jobs are under attack. They are now being framed as theft from corporations of THEIR property. This is what we are dealing with. Its an evil "second enclosure" of the entire planet's future and policy space. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank all of you for your support. Read this to know how evil these changes are. Many people dont realize that these political extremists are now in charge of all the rich countries. Including the US. Neoliberalism is like a cult of money and corporate power.

Theory, of US "grab" in progress?

The 1986 Punta Del Este meeting that led up to the GATT Uruguay Round and the creation of the WTO also is a huge global policy space and human rights grab, which also targets the people of the US and Western Europe and Australia, as well as the idea of a well paid, prosperous "middle class" a group thathas traditionally been resented by oligarchs the world over despite their having been made rich by the prosperity their skills and industry have brought us, they have nothing but contempot for the working people, and as Thorstein Vablen points out go to great lengths to signal that they do not involve themselves in industy and the productive pursuits. They resent anybody they need. The middle class seems to be under attack in the cities, targeted for gentrification, headed for expulsion, with the reason being the allegedly unrealistic expectations we have for the rights we would have retained under democracy which was taken away from us by stealth some time ago, maybe the early to-mid 1990s. This is demonstrably true by looking at the numerous changes which were made then and the pattern of what they do which is also held together by the GATS in a truly Tolkien-esque manner.

I think its impossible to write off the possibility that Donald Trump ran for President as a favor to his old friends, the Clintons.

Or the possibility that Trump, conceptually made a deal with the Clintons to act as a sort of proxy to make a great many issues literally toxic - so that different, slightly related issues that needed discussion in the coming years, could be hidden.

What is the effect of the GATS and the so called multilateral trading system on the provision of health care in the world, particularly in the United States of America?

This is an important question because in the US the information found on this site connecting the issues is not generally known. Its not known how GATS has effectively hijacked US health policy (along with thatin the rest of the world.) At least 219 excess deaths each day would notbe lost if the US had a functional universal healthcare. We're certsainly paying a lot for healthcare but it seems we're gettng a remarkably bad deal in terms of outcomes. Is the Affordable Care Act, which is required to be a temporary measure in the face of the Standstill in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services, is it in fact " universal health care"? Is it affordable to self-employed working people with its high deductibles, and co-pays, etc? No, it is not allowed to be. Its not allowed to crowd out commercial health insurance. But on February 26, 1998 the standstill date insures would simply not insure a thid of all US families. Thats the point of comparison. But as far as I can ascertain, and I am not a trade lawyer, but the plain language of the WTO GATS (Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services) says that we're supposed to revert to those rules at some point, as far as I can tell. Really. See the Skala paper and also see the Annex on FS in Related Links. I dont think there is anything we could do other than leaving GATS which may require we pay equivalent worth concessions, probably in "market access" to vanishing jobs, in re compensation. To all other WTO members who consider themselves injured, not just India. (India is no longer an official LDC.

Does GATS cover social security schemes by countries such as the one in the US. Could we lose Social Security due to a violation of GATS rules?

Here is the WTO's answer. 3. What services are covered? The GATS applies in principle to all service sectors, with two exceptions. (Source: Critics of the GATS claims such as my own are rinforced by what they say. ) Yes it is clear that our government deliberately put us in a dangerous situation just as the UK government did to them endangering their NHS. They must have done ths for their own purposes, such as the size of the Baby Boom, etc. WTO claims that no danger of as the GATS "excludes public services" are not reassuring because under the GATS rules nothing qualiies as a public service. Article I (3) of the GATS excludes “services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority”. These are services that are supplied neither on a commercial basis nor in competition with other suppliers. Cases in point are social security schemes and any other public service, such as health or education, that is provided at non-market conditions.

Are trade agreements acting to "Asset Strip" America of our rights and assets with an extremist ideology and big con job.

Is the US being "looted" via trade agreements? (Work in progress)

Would our 2015 commitments to award environmental and other jobs in the WTO impact a Green New deal?

You have to be the judge of that. I can only provide links to these documents for you to read.

What is happening in Washington?

Its quite difficult for most people, who have been kept in the dark about the trade deals signed in these past few decades, to see the big picture.

New Infrastructure Bill Is Explainable As Part of WTO Controlled Stealth "Privatization of Everything" National "Restructuring" Scheme

This site has been a leader in trying to explain the GATS and TISA global "services liberalization" trade agreements clearly. I had been wondering for years how they would conceal it from the public. Well, its being done by censoring me from telling you where to find the decades of critical writing on it.

Was Bernie Sanders "the Pied Piper candidate" tasked with helping to conceal GATS and deceive the young voters who were the biggest losers from GATS?

During the 2016 campaign for President, a document was leaked from the Hillary Clinton campaign that made mention of the existence of a "Pied Piper candidate". One problem that Clinton likely had and was hoping to hide was GATS, her husband's administration's hiding of [[GATS]], a trade agreement that this web site attempts to inform readers about. In recent years the Clintonian faction which still controls the Democratic leadership has enlisted their substantial power among the media of the US to perpetuate the idea that Trump was the Pied Piper Candidate. However, that makes much less sense than Bernie Sanders having been. I am proposing that Sanders the candidate the Clinton team was describing. and his task was to deceive young people into thinking that progressive ideas were being given a fair shake in 2016, which would have been impossible, because GATS actually had taken them all completely off the table, in order to give corporations certainty. As a Pied Piper who would in reality nullify their efforts, and give them a false feeling of having received due process, Sanders makes much more sense. But recently I made a discovery that made me see this question in a new light. Now I am 99.99% certain that Sanders was the Pied Piper.

Neoliberal extremism and anthropogenic disasters and ENSO famine worries reading list.

After discovering the You Tube channel of a North Korean defector who I had not heard the story of before, I got drawn in to thinking about the very great many huge tragedies which have come about in the last few centuries due to the ENSO (El Nino/ Southern Oscillation) weather oscilation and human mismanagement. We are told by the advocates for neoliberalism that such famines and the like are gone forever due to free markets, or so they say, but digging a bit deeper it turns out that that much of their so called case asserting the neoliberal argument was fabricated and untrue. An attempt to "justify" many atrocities committed by the British Empire around the wold, during the colonial era. Until fairly recently, I had not known about the many similar famines in India, which happened in the most free market obsessed country on Earth at the time, England. what was the USA of the 18th and 19th centuries, and the richest country in the world at the time, Great Britain. Mike Davis's book Late Victorian Holocausts tells their story. Some of the chapters from Davis's book are online. I'm going to try to link what I can find here.


Represive Indian government under scrutiny by UN as Catholic priest and human rights activist dies in jail after long detention.

The priest had been detained under the Indian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), which allows for prolonged detention for interrogation, just like North Korea.. The priest, who campaigned for marginalised tribal communities, was arrested last year on suspicion of ties to a banned radical left-wing group that police accused of instigating violence in Maharashtra state in 2018. (Modi and his government are linked to a unapologetically fascist group, themselves.) Swamy was the oldest of a dozen people, most of them academics and human rights activists, accused of violence in 2018 and imprisoned under the stringent law. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has made use of the law to have campaigners, journalists, students and others arrested, in what critics say is an attempt to silence dissent.

Rural India sinks deeper into debt as COVID wipes out work

Interviews with 75 households in a cluster of villages in Uttar Pradesh state show household incomes have slumped nearly 75 percent on average.

India’s middle class sees 'gains' wiped out or hanging by a thread

Pandemic economic disruptions have crushed the dreams of millions of Indians.

Rationale for the use of N-acetylcysteine in both prevention and adjuvant therapy of COVID-19

This is a medical paper. n-aetylcysteine is a food, not a drug. Cysteine accurs naturally in whey protein. NAC is an amino acid and one of the best antidotes because of the multiple toxic substances damage is blocked by dietary cysteine, which is converted by the body to glutathione, one of the body's defenses against toxic polutants like elemental mercury, which is a big problem in the Northeast because of the use of coal for generating electricity. Older adults stores of cysteine which seem to be related to their consumption of dairy products for that reason. All older people should take supplemental cysteine (or whey protein) because of the Schiff reaction which causes advanced glycation endproducts that cause systemic inflammantion and deplete people of their stores of glutathione precursors. Also because of the Hayflick limit on cell division. Increasing glutathioe reduces the number of times cells must divide by preventing their need for apoptosis, or programmed cell deth in order toprevent cancers, etc. See for more on glutathione and its relationship to NAC. Also pregant women or women of childbearing age who are sexuallyactive and may become pregnant have a good reason to take supplemental NAC as it prevents a problem caused by pro-oxidant substances to an unborn fetus by xenobiotics in the environment, which can cause birth defects. See "Chemically Diverse Toxicants Converge on Fyn and c-Cbl to Disrupt Precursor Cell Function"