Investor vs. State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

Save Roşia Montană: The fight against ISDS in Romania

(#StopISDS )

Trojan Horse Clauses: Investor-State Dispute Settlement.

A Submission to the Australian Parliament. Matthew Rimmer, Australian National University College of Law

Model clauses for the exclusion of public services from trade and investment agreements ( EPSU & Markus Krajewski)

This paper discusses how trade agreements could be modified in the EU to protect their existing public services from trade and investment agreements which are designed to tear them apart and privatize public services against the people's will, behind their backs. _______ Unfortunately the EU examples given are much less applicable to the US because we are trying to do something which we ourselves devoted a great deal of energy into preventing by creating the WTO, other economic governance organizations and making all these conditions binding on ourselves especially, which seem generally to only allow the poorest (LDC) countries to set up new public services and monopolies. Also look up "LDC Services Waiver" for a related issue involving the jobs.

EU’s Multilateral Investment Court and its alternatives: (video of) Live Streaming Public Forum in Brussels

Worth watching despite its length. There were actually two panels. Contains a good discussion of whether or not human beings and NGOs have any 'standing' (basically do we exist, legally) in this madness.