state owned enterprises

State owned enterprises are deprecated as "monopolies" officially, a word which makes creating new ones FTA-illegal, except in dire emergencies in WTO members, The WTO (and also associated but separate agreements such as the US backed TISA which is supposed to be merged with the WTO GATS eventually) is attempting to privatize all of them eventually. So they are framed as a quasi-crime, a sort of theft of profitmaking entitlements from business. Similarly, that means all businesses everywhere, and their workers may be included in the entitlement, its not limited by country.

This means that Medicare, Social Security, etc, are thefts from corporations and are in a process which is intended to privatize them and similar entities everywhere else thats is part of the WTO, unless great care has been taken to avoid this, explicit carve outs - Its not enough to assume that previous arrangements will last, as "progressive liberalization" is a one way trap, which makes it extremely costly to reverse course.

Its just insane that the world could have been convinced to do that and its only been successful so far by a global conspiracy to hide it thats led by the US, and other trade in service maximalists.

This is the true and ugly face of hyperglobalization.

Its the political class, transnational corporations and their powerful lobbies, and the media that is acting disinformative because they don't want to face the music that they are stealing the planet from we, its people. All of us.

So they are trying to divide and set us against one another with trade deals. Among other things.

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