standstill clause

Standstill means exactly what it sounds like, an end to regulation, a freeze. Its always associated with a date, a standstill date, or rollback date. A related term is ratchet clause which is also generally associated with "progressive liberalization" a one way privatization. Which totally blocks democracy.

If a dispute involving the date is lost, the regulations must be rolled back to the standstill date.

There is a very good description of how the US understands the meaning of standstill, ratchet, rollback, etc. in this document from the MAI.

Standstill is (one of) the so called  "Trojan Horse Clauses"  because its hidden.

This graphic is from the late Nicholas Skala's 2009 paper on GATS' standstill on financial services.

From Nicholas Skala on US healthcare and other financial services "standstill" . "It Cannot Be Protected As a Government Entity"

Skala is talking about US healthcare. Incredibly the entire US has been kept in the dark about these agreements. We think we can just vote them away!

TISA is basically a permanent standstill, and ratchet clause rolled into one.

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Yes, it also applies to health insurance.

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