negative list

Negative list means all service sectors and modes of supply ARE INCLUDED BY DEFAULT.

 It also contains an implicit "standstill".  Which means exactly what it sounds like, no more regulation, nomatter what people vote for, unless a country leaves of modifies its agreement terms which often triggers demands for compensation.

negative list means "opt out" not "opt in" 

GATS (positive listing or "bottom up") and

TISA is negative list or top-down. So is NAFTA.

Hybrid Listing Part III of the GATS approaches the
scheduling of services commitments so Members to gradually build up obligations through a process of “positive listings” of sectoral commitments.  

Negative List makes an assumption that countries want to privatize 
all service sectors, and modes of supply, unless they are excluded in writing in their schedules. (A "carve-out")

Negative list also means freeze on further regulation, (similar to the freeze we have had on financial services).

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