GATS, a short summary of resources on this site

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"GATS" is the General Agreement on Trade in Services, part of the 16 WTO core agreements. a multilateral trade 'agreement' on services (80% of a modern economy's economic activity + jobs)  To learn more, browse the "Links" directory's GATS-related keywords (in the left hand column, you may have to scroll down)

Say you are interested in linked resources on the US healthcare hijack issue, start with the Skala paper Public Citizen GATS backgrounder, "GATS and Public Service Systems" and Maine CTPC document- and then perhaps , look at the (healthcare) view of the links.
Or, and documents keyword tagged "explainer" and "Important" for more on important concepts and a quick introduction to it. Also (Nicely formatted PDF of GATS texts, but does not contain US schedule-of-specific-commitments- See PCGTW's GATS98.pdf for that)  

 GATS reveals our current media coverage of the 2020 election to be riddled with huge falsehoods, especially on issues like healthcare.

For example,  GATS seems to render the affordability of US healthcare impossible to fix as long as we remain in it.

It creates obligations to other countries which are likely to make us unable to directly address a great many problems.

South Africa voted for public healthcare more than a decade ago and is still trapped. We'll need to exit it via the  complicated, potentially very expensive Article XXI procedure. They are wasting the entire nations time, a quarter century so far.

Link to further info on GATS, such as its many conflicts with Obamacare and GATS new progeny, the US promoted TISA can be found in the News, Discussion , Recommendations and there are lots and lots of External Links as well. Please contact us to suggest more, connect, or criticize this site's content.