commercial basis

What does "on a commercial basis" mean in WTO law?

The previous round of WTO ministerial talks (the Uruguayan
round) allowed governments to protect health and social
services from GATS treatment by defining them as government

According to GATS Article 1.3, a government
service is one “which is supplied neither on a commercial
basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers.

"In various domestic law contexts the existence of an intention to make profits is determined on an objective basis by the courts. 270 An assessment of whether an intention to make profits exists may be made by WTO dispute settlement panels in a similar way. 271 Supplying a service on a for-profit basis, as determined objectively, would be one workable criterion for assessing whether a service is delivered on a commercial basis. It may not be possible to argue on the basis of dictionary definitions alone that making profits or an intention to make profits is necessary to a finding that a service is being provided on a commercial basis. 272 Not all definitions of commercial refer to profit making".

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