Cashless system will enable more aggressive recovery of large debts, like student loan debt. Medical debts, money still owed after foreclosures on housing.

money wrongfully paid in benefits such as healthcare that it turns out 'insureds' were not eligible for because they had other income. Clawback.

Please see Norbert Haering's site's "War on Cash". Norbert Haering is not discussing the utility I am sure banks see in that they have a new means to claw back any debts, irregardless of how legitimate they are, and deny a debtor their day in court. 

Also those who attempt to defend themselves in court without representation usually always lose here in the US and so they will be charged for the legal costs of their opponent here in the US which might be huge cost and often these costs are inflated by 300-1200 an hour legal fees, billed in 10 minute increments. . Most Americans cannot afford to hire a lawyer and expose themselves to potentially huge costs and additional law suits.

Switching to cashless will make people into virtual slaves of the credit system.  It will become a real monster. Because the poor are being tremendously abused now and this shift they are forcing on us will make it impossible for people to manage because they will be enslaved forever by rising debts.. There will be no way people can stand up for rights in court with the threat of these digital crooks creating a large illegitimate debt in your name and then taking all your income or selling your home or garnishing all your wages, until it is paid off. Millions of Americans have large student debt. The poor wont attempt to go to college because of fear of debt and this enslavement. This will further render debt difficult to pay off. Pople will lose their ability to travel as roads are privatized and even short trips will require a positive balance. Something similar has already happened with healthcare where companies are paid monthly checks for health insurance the poor cannot use because of outstanding debt. This is intentional and it results in insurers getting lots of free tax money while sick people get sicker and die sooner. This will add to the inequality while loering he rich's health insurance costs with the poor's money.

The large scale job offshoring and outsourcing planned in GATS) will throw large groups of Americans into unpayable debt when their home loans go underwater due to real estate values falling in areas with massive job losses.  They will in many states be liable for the whole amount, not paid, even if they forfeit their homes.

 Make no mistake about it, they are waging a global war on the poor that's being enabled by our silence on these matters..