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Health and Social Services: Background Note by the Secretariat, S/C/W/50, 18 September 1998 (WTO Council for Trade in Services)

This is a very important MS Word document from the WTO Council on Trade in Services. Essential reading for anybody in the UK or US, because it explains very concisely the problems GATS causes for a UK style NHS - (NHS is a public option, not a single payer system) And its being privatized incrementally. This is a problem created by GATS - its based on the fact that the UK has a public health system, *but still sells health insurance*. Similarly, US cannot have a sustainable public program because it sells health insurance. See P11 in this file and our Glossary's entry on "governmental authority exclusion" - This is important to understand well.

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GATS 2000 Request from the EC and its Member States to the United States of America

GATS 2000 REQUEST FROM THE EC AND ITS MEMBER STATES (HEREINAFTER THE EC) TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - This shows how European countries, (additional similar requests to 'harmonize' rules on insurance and healthcare services in all 50 states to a common denominator) - note request is for unified NAIC "model rules" where they could apply. This would be for a lowest common denominator, that push towards the lowest common denominator, gutting of protections, is behind a lot of these subtle changes. (See also the ERISA section 514 - applicable to employer provided health care benefits.)

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A number of holding companies led by GM (Primarily National City Lines, the company that refused to serve Rosa Parks unless she gave up her seat and went to sit in the back of the bus) bought up over 200 cities' public trolley systems and replaced them with diesel buses which it then neglected in an successful attempt to replace energy efficient, electric public transit (trolleys) with buses and then autos nationally and make the country addicted to cheap foreign oil. Many argue that this created the underclass as we know it today by moving businesses out of cities to areas that were at best not well served, and often hostile to public transit. A problem that still exists today.

First International Colloquium on Generic Medicine Speech given by Dr. McClellan, September 24, 2003.pdf

This shows how the US is still fighting a war against generic drugs that make it possible for billions of Earth's people toaccess often life saving generic drugs, whose patents have expired. See also the ip-health mailing list at for more on this struggle today.


Letter that shows how USTR has been adding trade deals against Congress's wishes that commit large numbers of US jobs to be outsourced. The ability to limit the number of guest workers is in danger in WTO dispute DS503, its an important news story that has been totally ignored by the media - they are using Trump as an excuse to hide this huge potential danger to the well paying middle class job as we know it today.

European_University_Association_Statement on_TTIP_and_TISA.pdf

The main accreditation association which certifies European universities to grant degrees speaks out against GATS, and the "US style" (see negative list definition in glossary) TTIP and TISA calling the backroom deals an existential treat (threat to the very existence of) public higher education and access to higher education for all.

FinanceReregulationFactSheetFINAL.pdf (Explains why GATS was one of the cause of the 2008 global financial crisis)

From Public Citizen. See also the US's WTO GATS Schedule of Specific Commitments Supplement 3 additional paper, last page, top line. (re: "reform" of Glass-Steagall Act)

PublicServicesScope.pdf - (GATS scope's definitions, very important, by an expert, Markus Krajewski)

Paper on what formerly public services are bound by and condemned to a death of 1000 cuts, or outside of the GATS and safe. What is and what isn't, by Markus Krajewski, one of the leading legal scholars on GATS and public services. See also other similar documents under GATS Article 1;3 and the governmental authority exclusion tags. The scope of whats excluded (and safe) is very narrow.

W39.doc Indian govt proposal to WTO on GATS Mode Four (Temporary Movement of Natural Persons)

Note how they propose outsourcing jobs instead of educating young people, and the arguments they make. This is a .doc file. PDF file is also linked here in this directory. Search on "W39"

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GATS and Public Service Systems (explains what services can be public and the narrowness of the governmental authority exclusion)

(Almost all public services are in danger, including financial services like retirement plans and health insurance, and healthcare and education)


One of several public filings in India's DS503 case challenging the US's immigration laws on work visas.. Others are not public and not available.

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One of several public filings in India's DS503 case challenging the US's immigration laws on work visas.. Others are not public and not available.

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One of several public filings in India's DS503 case challenging the US's immigration laws on work visas.. Others are not public and not available.

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