What is "Services Liberalization", and what does it mean for our way of life?

Bluntly, as they describe it, the high cost of labor in the developed countries is acting like a huge weight around corporations necks, forcing capital to invest in developing countries, not in us. What is really happening is the system has become less and less dependent on any one workforce. Increased profits are motivated by both greed and increased competition for jobs.

Also, the explosion in all kinds of technology has made some kinds of work more important and other kinds of work much less, even unnecessary. Many new technologies create many new kinds of jobs but they can be done anywhere. And likely will be. At the same time they are eliminating large numbers of existing jobs. The system that exists in the US and UK right now is under a lot of strain and basically is being held together by a lot of deception, even as parts of it that many people depend on are being dismantled. All the evidence points to the system that's being put in its place doesn't work for most people. (except to shorten their lives)

The shift in power has led to a steady shift downward in the bargaining power of the average worker. In order to reverse the downward push on profits in the postwar era, which peaked in the 1970s, and take advantage of demographic shifts, lowering the costs of business globally, the WTO was set up.

Every two years they meet in order to push countries to eliminate rules that are alleged to be trade barriers. All social programs are alleged to be trade barriers.

Many of the positive changes in law of the last 100 years or so are alleged to be trade barriers and are basically being dismantled by the so called global economic governance organizations.

People who have come to depend on them in the developed countries (most of these laws don't exist in practice in the Third World although they may exist on paper) are in for a huge shock if this process is allowed to continue. Its hard to say how it will turn out.

They may end up training their own replacements and then being left in a situation where not only do they not have jobs, their own governments, no-matter whom or what they vote for, may be officially prohibited from helping them by the systems set up by their own oligarchies behind their backs. That seems quite likely to be the case, although time will tell.

Its hard to describe the situation to many middle class people because they don't think it could possibly be true, but it is.

Starting in the fall of 1986 a process was set up to make services tradable as part of a new trading organization, the WTO. 

In 1995 when it came into existence, under a part of it called the GATS, the WTO entangled "services" and all laws concerning them to its jurisdiction. Since then most services have been on what is supposed to be a one way street to privatization with no exits.

The countries that were pushing hardest for the creation of the WTO were the rich countries like the US, EU, Canada and Japan. But also, some of the larger developing countries, like India, wanted there to be something like the WTO to open up the markets of developing countries for services workers, working for their companies. This is very very profitable for their middlemen.

So sort of a pact between oligarchs seems to be what has emerged. Nothing about it is really what it seems or is represented to be, although they put a lot of energy into making it seem legitimate it really isn't because of all this deception. Not even remotely.

Obviously this means a lot of decent jobs are on the line. If you live in the US, visualize a sort of like NAFTA but for basically almost all of the other good jobs. Perhaps around 40% or so of all jobs are endangered, according to a fairly recent study. Obviously this is something that no nation would willingly vote for but we are told we already did, back in the 1990s, and now its on autopilot. This cult like takeover of the planet is proceeding in a very coercive and underhanded manner.

A similar process occurred with manufacturing in the past few decades.

Goods are only around 20% of developed economies. The real savings, it is returned to again and again, are in services. "Everything you cannot drop on your foot".

However it cant be overemphasized how profoundly dishonest the situation is because the people of the US in particular were never told about this and still live largely in a bubble in many areas, making government here sort of a parody of what it should be. A lot of effort seems to be expended on distracting people from what is actually going on.

As most of us still believe that a regulatory system exists that in fact has not been with us since the very beginning of the 1990s.

Under that system people could simply vote for policies that trade agreements now have allegedly taken off the table. 

A great deal of activity seems to be going on to try to cover up this big 25-30 year old lie.

Both in the US and in the UK, Australia, and India and many other countries.

Politicians to various degrees are basically pretending that everything is normal but many know of course that this huge deception has gone on unchecked. Each country seems to have sections of its government that clearly know and other sections that don't. The real power resides in these newer, semi covert entities (in this case I am largely talking about the so called "global economic governance" organizations)while people are left thinking other, older institutions that have been stripped of power are where they still need to focus their efforts at change.

According to Hannah Arendt who wrote insightfully about this phenomenon in the Origins of Totalitarianism, this kind of duplication of entities (she calls it duplication of offices on Page 413 of her book) is sort of a diagnostic sign of totalitarianism.

Generally, the more representative the branch or entity of government is of the general public the less chance there seems to be of any honesty or candor in these areas. (Perhaps there isnt even much knowledge, although I suspect there is more than they pretend there is..)

Also, the larger the country is, perhaps  the less likely the government is to be honest.

Its getting worse and worse fairly quickly. Some pretty heinous lies are being told and those lies impact a very great many people. Many people have died in countries like the US while problems that need to be fixed (health care) instead are held in a ever worsening state of permanent dysfunction by what amounts to an elaborate cover up of our ownership's inability to change things for the better. 

Taking advantage as best as they can of our ignorance, TPTB are rushing to sign more and more trade deals, each one a trap, more expensive to extricate ourselves from than the last. A quite similar situation exists in the UK, proceeding full steam ahead.

Its the biggest con job in history, its clear, one where the longer we are successfully fooled the more we get tied in by huge costs we are supposed to pay (when and if we eventually wise up) for our freedom.

Its anybody's guess where this may lead us, but people need to know, this very serious falsehood has successfully deceived most of the people of the world on some very important things.

It speaks a lot to how corrupt and thoughtless many at the top levels of governments are now that they could have done this. How do they sleep at night?