What is this site about?

Are you aware of the General Agreement on Trade in Services, ( GATS ) and the TRIPS agreement, and many others trade deals too, including several in the pipeline? They are how the cabal of the ultra rich are stealing democracy and nullifying voters and humanity's needs, privatizing education, healthcare, water, energy and all other essential services and commodities globally, and jacking up prices of drugs, seeds, food, water, and many other things. Basically corporations are involved in a war with humanity that so far they have managed to hide. A preemptive strike.

Especially, don't fall for the shameless lie that any of these trade and investment deals (like GATS, for example) help the poor!  Quite the opposite.

 It certainly does not help poor people.  FTAs never do.

What they do help is to facilitate the extraction of rents from people of all kinds everywhere, by a group of people who rigged the system for their own benefit.

They even exploit other rich people.

By locking in a system that lacks humanity or flexibility. And trapping the entire world in a race to the bottom that can't end well. GATS and other FTAs which cripple our ability to fix healthcare and artificially increase costs so that something which should be getting much much cheaper instead gets more and more expensive. something that should be a red flag as a precursor to genocide.

People who push this inhuman and amoral agenda, when its explained, are seen by most of us as committing a very crime. If you are from the US, consider this. Our healthcare system has been rigged for 25 years by GATS and during that time, we have not been able to fix it not for the reasons everybody thinks, but for completely different reasons entirely.

And they made a deal with other crooks in other parts of the world for our peoples jobs in order to do it.

Certainly the crooks who are doing it do not have the authority to trade our futures away to line their own pockets no matter what they claim.

Read about that in the keywords on "democracy deficit" or "legitimacy deficit" on the left, and many other topics. You'll see this really is going on.

The media in countries like the US and UK is also captured, or they would be telling us this.

If we knew how badly they have screwed up, they wouldn't be there.

Note: This site is not an NGO site, it's a personal project, and its not for sale to the highest or any bidder. Don't be fooled by any of our current leaders who are to varying degrees playing parts in a theatrical performance.

NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL US, politicians increasingly are disempowered by FTAs.

They cant fix the problems the ever widening web of FTAs are creating. In many cases (the US and UK) the facts are very far removed from what the media is pretending to us.

Often, the things we see are happening to cover the truth up.

The arguments made and subject matter linked and discussed of this site is real.

This is not a joke, and the deaths of literally millions of poor people all around the world due to this "money is everything" agenda is a murder.

Because of all the deception.

We are being given no choice that clearly leads us out of this mess.

So we have to do all we can do which is tell the truth and dont apologize for doing so. They should be apologizing for lying.

We cant turn a blind eye to whats being done because speaking up now and holding them all to account for what they are doing needs to happen soon.

Pretending it is still the 1980s - before these agreements were signed isn't helpful, either.

As it serves to lull people into a dangerous state of unawareness that will catastrophically collapse, soon, when its too late to do anything about what's happened.

No matter what they do (and you can bet the political and wealth-frenzied sycophancy will do everything they possibly can, to hide their scheme.)

The world has to speak up.

The deals this site is about take vast amounts of policy space off the table.

They turn politics into a sham.

That's a fact that should be obvious to the observant.

Indeed its what some people said would happen, 20 years ago.

Now, guess what - it has.

In fact, I am at a loss to think of any right or policy that's NOT being stolen out from beneath our very noses "by mutual agreement" by "FTAs", trapping us all, they hope, forever in a inflexible, life, and soul-crushing model that our planet's people would NEVER in a million years have ever voted for.

Tell the politicians loudly and clearly, Its time for their trap to be broken and for their lies to END.

No, we shouldn't have to pay anybody compensation for "lost expected profits" for doing whatever voters vote for, if it is in the public interest and likely could have been anticipated would happen in the past!

Anything like ISDS is a green light to thieves to steal the taxpayers blind.We lived for hundreds of years without it, we can do without it now.