My speculative predictions for how Biden or Trump would react to an economic crash

They will do what the last several Administrations have wanted to do, remove the quotas on guest workers here under the movement of natural persons provisions of trade 'agreements' like GATS .

That will dramatically reduce the cost of labor, and throw millions of skilled Americans out of work suddenly, reducing wages by as much as 66% and throwing as many as 41% of US wage earners under the bus within a few years. It will also prop up a number of "authoritarian bargain" countries with large numbers of patronage jobs for a number of years, but by then OUR  country will have paid a heavy price for the financial rape that the country is being groomed for by these selfish neoliberals who wouldn't know how to tell the truth if our lives depended on it, AND THEY DO

Whether Biden becomes President, or Trump does, we'll be royally screwed over the next four years. Based on the stuff that is in the pipeline. (WTO dispute DS503 and TISA). They wouldn't go to all that work if they didn't intend to use these 'agreements' to put aside the people of this country and democracy, to better extract the value out of the country, for corporations.  Kind of like a juicer would with juice,)

Both GATS and TISA have the potential to offshore the vast majority of the good jobs, leaving very few stable jobs, compared to now.