My speculative predictions for how Biden or Trump will react to the economic crash

They will do what the last several Administrations have wanted to do, remove the quotas on guest workers here under the movement of natural persons provisions of trade 'agreements' like GATS .

That will dramatically reduce the cost of labor, and throw millions of skilled Americans out of work suddenly, reducing wages by as much as 66% and throwing as many as 41% of US wage earners under the bus within a few years. It will also prop up a number of "authoritarian bargain" countries with large numbers of patronage jobs for a number of years, but by then OUR  country will have paid a heavy price for the financial rape that the country is being groomed for by these selfish neoliberals who wouldn't know how to tell the truth if our lives depended on it, AND THEY DO

What I am saying is that neither Biden or Trump is even remotely fit for the job, I would say both are really quite unsuitable for the job. Also Biden, in particular is fading fast. He was not visibly screwing up as he is now, a few years ago. Both men are frankly, an embarrassment.

Whether Biden becomes President, or Trump does, we'll be royally screwed over the next four years. Based on the stuff that is in the pipeline. (WTO dispute DS503 and TISA). They wouldn't go to all that work if they didn't intend to use these 'agreements' to put aside the people of this country and democracy, to better extract the value out of the country, for corporations.  Kind of like a juicer would with juice,)

Both GATS and TISA have the potential to offshore the vast majority of the good jobs, leaving very few stable jobs, compared to now.

I would not be surprised if the CDC's 1.7 million dead 'worst case scenario" estimate of deaths was on the low side, considering the perhaps as many as 1.5 million Americans, at least 45 each day, who have already died because our healthcare system has been rigged for 25 yrs with GATS. 

Add that to say 2-3 million Americans who by could, by then die from Coronavirus alone and the additional 4 million who had by then died of other treatable illnesses due to lack of access to healthcare since GATS began in 1995 (its already at least a million, I suspect) But, would we still have democracy? We don't have it now. But it would likely get worse because more, far more people would realize how we are all being stiffed than today.

What I am saying is, we're not going to do better than Bernie Sanders, Biden is totally a fake and not in the best shape neurologically, and that will likely come out, probably before the election. Which would be fine for him and the DNC who obviously couldnt care less, as long as they stop Bernie from showing what parasites the Clinton crowd (and that included Biden) are. They are all fakes, draining away away the vitality from a once great party.

Biden is the corporate man. But not enough to function as a President should. He would make a great VP Emeritus, but President, no way. You could tell in the debate how he had been so been heavily scripted to hide what appears to be senile dementia.

So, what do we gain by rigging the election for Biden. He'd likely not win over Trump. In fact his answers on healthcare seemed to be so heavily skewed towards promises he'd be very unlikely to be able to keep, because GATS is a one way street to privatization and we cant go backwards  without getting in trouble in their ideology. 

So, IMHO, its clear to me that the Dems dont want to win, they likely have some kind of deal with Trump. Bernie is likely never going to get the nomination precisely because he is proposing a plan that works and they want us to fall into the trap. Period. and he's been very very very kind- TOO KIND to Biden not to mention GATS. BUT WE THE PEOPLE MUST.

Also, Bernie is still quite on the ball.

Because outsourcing so many jobs (which is claimed to have been promised during the Clinton Administration) will lead to a Weimar Republic like situations, whomever decides to take advantage of the situation wont be a moderate Dem like Bernie (Bernie claims to be a socialist but he is actually just an old style democrat just like I am. the country has been stolen by neoliberals and he wants to get it back. But they dont play by the rules, they are colluding behind the scenes. Bernie is too nice.

He is a nice guy and would be a successful President.

What we really need, a uniter not a divider. A Democrat, Biden is not a Democrat, he's a Republican pretending to be a Dem, just like the Clintons and Obama. Its clear that the Republicans damaged their image and so a lot of people who dressed better but at the core, were still republicans were attracted to the democratic Party because they felt they could fool the country into voting for them by putting on the appearance that they were Dems, but not actually being so.

Bernie is an actual Democrat who is not using the label because now IT has been sullied and doesnt have the - legitimacy it once had. 

Clearly, the things the media is desperate to accuse Bernie of - seem like pathological projection to me, as they are things they, not he- are guilty of. He's just a person who believes that we need to stick to our values, The Clintonian /WTO/GATS etc takeover - is a nothingburger to him , and the rest of us, invalidating the theft, as as the country was never told about it. Democracy could never be stolen by a cheap slumlord lawyers trick.

We need him and none of the other candidates came close to him, they were all put there to leave us in this situation, which is obviously cheating.

We really would be smart to nominate Bernie. People have no idea whats being done in our names. 10 million Africans and Asian HIV patients died because we attempted to charge so much ($15,000 a year) for drugs none of those people could afford it, the Anti HIV drugs turned out to cost just a few pennies a day .

There is such a thing as karma, and we Americans are going to pay a high price for our apathy and failure to make it our business to know the truth, and do our best to stop the madness of neoliberalism, which is basically fascism.

leaving us wide open to total exploitation by the Trumps and Bidens of the world.