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This site is hoping to illuminate some of the dangers of signing almost totally unknown permanent trade agreements that nullify democracy.

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Healthcare capture is described in the papers linked here.

Theft of safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security are discussed in papers linked here. for example in the TACD essay by Pat Arnold that is also on the Public Citizen site and also in this article by the BC provincial government of Canada. (Please read the footnotes in both articles- the small text at the bottom referred to by numbers in the text.)

It's also obvious from the Annex's text, if one understands what the definitions of "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority" mean within the GATS, basically there are two possible definitions, the one in the first paragraph of the  Annex, which would have to be the one which applied to Medicare and Social Security, and the definition in Article 1:3 (c) the so called "governmental authority exclusion" which is also discussed in a number of places on this site. See also both the glossary entry for governmental authority exclusion and the keywords for GATS Article I:3 and a number of other pages around the site, many of which are also listed as related pages to this page, several others related to the key concept, that GATS greatly limits what governments can do- especially - if a country has made GATS commitments in an area, that government cannot subsidize any project that competes with corporations and have it be sustainable long term, it must be greatly limited, if it is within the scope of the GATS as its defined in Article I or the first paragraph of the Annex on Financial Services. are within the Glossary subsection of this site.

As can be seen from the Annex on Financial Services - first paragraph, if that (expanding Medicare) is done, that is deliberately breaking it. This is a coded message from Biden to his corporate supporters that he intends to continue the hyperglobalization path by dismantling the public services that represent an ideology that the US is trying to eliminate via trade policy everywhere, so it is inconsistent for us to still have Social Security and Medicare, although they would never come out and say that, its obvious from the history of all this.. If you know where to look.

So voters would be wise to consider what the country will look like without any public services (and also without possibly a very large number of jobs (they will be done by high skill, low wage foreign subcontractors who come here, sometimes even paying bribes to be placed here)

The cult-like neoliberal project, which has no problem with lying through its teeth about all this, because they are on a mission, so to speak, to make the world safe for total corporatization. 

Even if it bankrupts and destroys most of the middle class, it doesn't care. We're totally on our own and we won't get any real help from them unless its a real emergency, because they are not allowed to help us. Forbidden by trade deals like GATS and many others. .

So they fully intend to continue a decades long push to eliminate the barriers that now exist to cross border provision of services to corporations, something that would lower wages, so also the costs for corporations greatly, as wages are a significant portion of their costs while operating in the US now, and are much lower in other countries which foreign companies, especially, could then draw upon much more than they do today.

Subsidies used to pay for services must be available to other countries firms too, and increasingly, due to procurement in trade agreements, they must be allowed to compete with our firms and workers in order to not discriminate. The lowest bidding firm gets the work.

This is one of the main goals of the GATS. Make no mistake about it, the bulk of Americans working today could not afford to directly compete on a who is cheaper basis with foreign workers, that is a race we will most certainly lose, one we don't want to win, nobody really does.

However their employers do and have been arguing that US wage and immigration rules should not apply to them. (see the keywords for the ongoing DS-503 dispute, which could be decided any  day now, wage parity (which means should foreign workers make at least US minimum wage, not the same) , GATS Mode Four, labor mobility, 'movement of natural persons', and others.

This is discussed in this subset of links.

That will mean massive job losses, as its not possible for us to win the race to the bottom so that our wages reach some equilibrium between the US and the cheapest countries. What we're seeing is a war being waged on our nation by what many have called a cult.

Ruled by our own leaders, and the rich people of other nations, whose goal is to beat the middle class down, and begin a race to the bottom.

They see the existence of a middle class not as the goose that laid the golden egg, no they see it as standing in the way of their making optimal use of their US based investments, because wages, to them are too high here. I feel this to be a classic example of hubris by the wealthy oligarchical autocratic leadership in many countries.

The GATS situation changed everything, but many Americans remain - the only word I can think of is the term brainwashed, a loose translation of a Chinese word meaning Thought Reform, which was explored by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal book on Thought Reform and brainwashing in China.

In this site, you have to decide for yourselves. I cant do any more than simply provide content that seems to me as if it would illuminate the actual truth behind the current madness.

We cannot ever forget the GATS and other FTAs like it, as they are rapidly, if silently stealing our futures and the planet's, and trying to make it impossible to leave these deals in the future, if we do manage to shake off the burden of almost totally captured politics and media.

Our politicians are captured, of course, and the way we can tell is their failure to get out of these things or take any responsibility for their actions, which have been tremendously destructive. .and plan to be far more so in the future.

Our financial services are still committed as they have been since 1998. It seems to me as if we're in the hands of an evil force, which is trying to lull us into a sense of false security (both parties are doing this) by telling us outrageous lies while working together behind our backs to bind us in every possible way to this extremist agenda.

Holding our people hostage and killing them to obtain submission is a terrorist tactic.

So as it stands right now Trump seems to have made pledges to wipe out some public services overtly, while Biden is sending coded messages to his base he intends to eliminate Medicare's protection from GATS. 

That will result in the binding of Medicare to GATS, and also TISA which isan even more radical trade agreement put forward by the Obama-Biden Administration, but withdrawn shortly before Obama left office.

The UK's NHS has been similarly, protected by a very fragile grandfathering while violative of GATS from the beginning, while the UK politicians gradually triggered changes that made it more and more violative of GATS (the main reason is that they also sell insurance, that pretty much doomed it from the start, to a death by 1000 cuts) and now Brexit decreases greatly any possible argument for it being protected by any pre-existing protection. (its not even clear to me if grandfathering is sustainable argument within GATS although people seem to think it is, see this history of FSRs within GATS)

One will have to judge for yourself whether the aspect of Medicare poor people depend on, the subsidized aspect will survive under this kind of sustained attack. My personal feeling is that it cannot, and that we will likely switch to a model where it becomes compliant with the other parts of our current system, which would mean it became a means tested welfare program, basically Medicaid without work requirements.

Also, offshoring patients is likely to become a large part of healthcare around the world. It should be noted that we have also been negotiating extensively with other countries about cross border healthcare. This isn't just with TISA countries, we've also (in the Obama Administration) been negotiating with the Indian government about something related to healthcare for our poor. See "Sitharaman and Michael Froman deliberate visa issues and totalisation agreement"  in India's The Dollar Business Bureau.

The separate implications of the globalization of work to Social Security as well as a pending WTO dispute between India and the US over whether we have the right to limit the number of guest visas when the guest workers are not immigrating here, they are only coming temporarily for a few years to make money, saving their employers billions or trillions of dollars on wages, when that is supposed to be one of the benefits of the GATS agreement, is also discussed elsewhere on this site, under the keywords "DS-503", "movement of natural persons", GATS Mode 4, labor mobility, etc. Basically, when outsourcing and offshoring of US jobs with foreign workers soars, whether they take Social Security out of their wages or not, the funding for Social Security will take a huge hit. This has been coming since the late 1990s.

So I have gone way off course here.  The main takeaway is this.

Things are very very different than the way most Americans believe them to be. While the corporate pillage of the US and the world proceeds at a rapid pace, we're being force fed a simplistic,  non-truth.

Somehow, we need to force the media and politicians to stop lying to us, and frankly, its now gone so far that hope seems exceedingly dim of them doing that. None of the current politicians seem even remotely willing to tell the truth, and it seems obvious why, many of the things they have been doing when exposed to the light are very seriously against the best interests of all of us, and may be serious crimes against humanity, in the case of healthcare hijack.

Also, they are doing their best to divide the country and leave us struggling to even have the most remote idea of what is actually going on. In short we are living in a simulacrum.

Without leaving GATS, politicians can only make things worse for people . See the discussion of "not more burdensome than necessary" here at 5:50 

  • Watch this video by Professor Stumberg, of Georgetown University, entitled "GATS, what is it?" Its expert legal testimony to the California Legislature. Its a short, seven minute course on the WTO GATS. Although its about one specific issue, (Gambling) it turns out that these rules all apply to practically everything in it, including health insurance. Notice that he mentions that its the truth, not a conspiracy theory, also.  So, that is a common problem he runs into too. Because we've all been brainwashed.
  • The (US) state of Maine. After somebody told them their Dirigo Health program had WTO issues, they did an investigation into whether they could fix them.
  • The European University Association. It's the accrediting organization for most of the colleges and universities in the EU, including the oldest universities in Western civilization.  Its also raised similar warnings, which you can read in the three linked  documents.

They view GATS, TISA, etc, as an existential threat to the very idea of having public higher education.

If you are an educator you should care about that. The same goes for healthcare. We're not moving towards Medicare For All, we're being tricked into Medicare for None.

Corporations don't exist for people. They exist for themselves and their stockholders. They are being given the world by taking it away from people. Thats the war we are now fighting.

Why do we hear so little about it then from so called "civil society". The NGOs, the anointed civil society, the only ones who seem to be allowed to be cited as voices of humanity.  Well, I have spoken to many of them.

THEIR answer is very very simple. They often even tell me. One reason which they all repeat

"We would lose our corporate funding".

The US media is censoring these issues as much as the media in a totalitarian state would, perhaps even more.

How would a scientist treat it when a simple explanation explained a large number of issues that otherwise made no sense?

Any scientist would tell you that that means it is most likely the truth. (Occams Razor technique for pruning mental models tells us so)

Anything that's good for people is more likely than not to be seen as FTA illegal?

Our government, which is the biggest cheerleader for these deals in the world, is literally forcing us to get the worst deals of all, "on principle", in case you hadn't noticed.

What kind of "principles" would want that?

The wrong kind. Neoliberalism is a lot like Social Darwinism, i.e. fascism.

Its literally on autopilot to prevent it being in the news. So anything that slowed it's death spiral into more of it would require us announcing our intentions clearly and loudly, and then doing it. With no delay. Getting out of GATS, TRIPS, GPA, quickly as possible. 50-200 people are dying each day in the US (a very conservative estimate, IMHO) because of this ideology that has rigged healthcare so that it cant be fixed by politicians or voting. (Not in the way we think, we have to leave GATS first) . Even more now, quite arguably. because of coronavirus. The reason Trump is acting the way he is is to hide how horrible our health care system is a little longer.

That's likely his job, as he sees it, he likely doesn't work for us. Neither would Biden. I think Biden would be just as bad or worse as Trump. because its clear he is another stealthy hidden messaging kind of guy who is actually working for another constituency, the global elite. That's who he was talking to when he said he plans to keep everything just as it is, what he meant is he plans to continue the global grab of GATS.  feels that the government is empowered to lie to the people about things like this and  that's just not acceptable under these conditions.

The "rules based trading system" - which really is a theft of democracy, has been attempting to steal our representation- and give it to for corporations forever.. The situation is intended to infantilize Americans as  a means of stealing the country out from under us for corporations.

The idea of the decent middle class life and jobs, is seen as a threat to some in the upper class because they have expected a windfall now for decades,  as frankly they make their money by skimming off the profits that have been shared with the middle class for approximately the last 75 years or so, and as jobs become scarcer, they feel that falling wages is their entitlement. They see that windfall as a law on nature.

The middle class see democracy as the thing that would prevent that fiasco from happening. So its existence is really a crucial thing.

So the GATS and other corporate future proofing deals like it are a preemptive strike against any real democracy.

The trade deals like GATS present a particular problem for the Democratic Party. The silent capture of the Democrats leaves all of us unrepresented and we are beginning to realize that, even if we do not know its causes.

The Democrats have an additional problem in that we are supposed to be on the peoples side, while nobody sees anything inconsistent if Republicans just keep acting like Republicans.

Today's Democrats don't want to win, because they dont want to be forced to do things that violate the GATS and other FTAs.

Which only allow progress to go in the backwards, deregulatory direction.

Despite the demographics that makes it clear we could win, however, too many are now a sort of false flag operation, that would rather a Republican win than an actual Democrat whose values were Representative of what many still hope the Democratic Party would do.

Real progressives, if they are not neoliberals in disguise, are being fought by the Democratic leadership, in case people had not noticed.

A similar problem exists in the UK, and it imperils the NHS which is now GATS-illegal because the UK has left the EU, likely imperiling the NHS unless it becomes a means tested welfare program for those who could never afford insurance, even insurance based on overseas healthcare.

Standstill clause in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services

So here we are. With the caveat that I am not a lawyer and am only speculating here, it also seems as if the standstill clause in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services likely means Biden likely also cannot "extend the ACA" because the ACA was in itself a violation of GATS "standstill" from its inception, because of the Understanding, under standstill..see Skala.

Because the ACA was dated after February 26, 1998. That it was after that date is absolutely indisputable.

And thats the kind of "facts" the WTO dispute would be over.

Is it at all surprising? It shouldn't be. But it is because we're all being shamelessly lied to.

That's why the big corporations, the big internet companies and bad politicians perhaps also, all HIDE this site. because its truthful.

This page is a work in progress, with lots more similar pages waiting to be added.

Many are already in the huge external links directory.

Others are out there.

You can find them for that most valuable of prizes. The truth.

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