Are this site's objections to FTAs like GATS, TISA, etc, credible?

Yes, they most definitely are, and a discerning eye will soon figure that out. And not just because "nobody could ever make this stuff up".

A number of quite authoritative organizations on issues of great concern to this site are on the record as raising many of the same concerns as I am here. 

Even though they contradict the general party line in the world's increasingly corporate owned media..

  • One of these organizations is the American Public Health Association. In the past its warned the public about GATS, and since then, predictably, the things it said would likely happen, now have.

The logical result of that is the responsible entities are now hiding it, because they have sold our country out.

That is exactly what is happening. You can see it for yourself in how fearful they are of Bernie Sanders who offers the tantalizing possibility of truth, even if he has not told anybody about GATS, his agenda was obviously put together to be able to withstand the GATS which basically would prevent all the other candidates proposals if they are not deregulation.

That means all the others can only make things worse for people . See the discussion of "not more burdensome than necessary" here.

  • Watch this video by Professor Stumberg, of Georgetown University, entitled "GATS, what is it?" Its expert legal testimony to the California Legislature. Its a short, seven minute course on the WTO GATS. Although its about one specific issue, (Gambling) it turns out that these rules all apply to practically everything in it, including health insurance. Near the end he explains the problem of everything we do having to be "not more burdensome than necessary" - listen especially closely to that! Notice that he mentions that its the truth, not a conspiracy theory, also.  So, that is a common problem he runs into too. We've all been brainwashed.
  • The (US) state of Maine. After somebody told them their Dirigo Health program had WTO issues, they did an investigation into whether they could fix them.
  • The European University Association. It's the accrediting organization for most of the colleges and universities in the EU, including the oldest universities in Western civilization.  Its also raised similar warnings, which you can read in the three linked  documents.

You can also find newer documents on their new site - the URL is  however the mime-types are broken on their server so last I tried SOME PDF documents did not download properly.

Here is how you deal with that. If you click on the link, you may see a bunch of ASCII text suddenly scrolling across your browser screen.At its top it should say something like "PDF 1.4" or similar. Or it may be total gibberish.

Without modifying it, save that all to your disk giving it a filename of your choice, with a dot PDF extension.

Filename.pdf  the dot.pdf at the end is very important. Once its saved to disk with that extension, it should behave normally. (and then you can open it WITH A PDF VIEWER, and read it. Make sure that it is going to open up in a PDF viewer, don't just execute any file. (Security tip)

Using a search engine that also seems to be blocking some similar content might help you search their site. But personally I prefer using other methods. But as far as the question, did they raise the warning and are they raising the warning about these deals that are supposed to be agreements that nobody in their right mind would agree with, yes they have. And yes they still are. YES.

They view GATS, TISA, etc, as an existential threat to the very idea of public higher education. If you are an educator you should care about that. The same goes for healthcare. We're not moving towards Medicare For All, we're being tricked into Medicare for None. And Social Security for None, and Jobs for None. (Your expectations are all just too damn high, so take a hike.)

That's whats really going to happen. That threat is very real and very likely to happen, unless people wise up. What did you want me to say, yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus? 

No, sorry, meet Santa Clause.

Corporations don't exist for people. They exist for themselves and their stockholders. A deal is a deal.

Why do we hear so little about it then from so called "civil society". The anointed voices of humanity.

THEIR answer is very very simple. They often even tell us. The reason they all repeat

"We would lose our corporate funding".


Let me tell you something, that's a lie.They are often getting money from corporate sources and its the same story.

This issue is at the very root, the cause of all of this other stuff that is going on and it literally makes dozens of otherwise inexplicable things make sense. (Any scientist would tell you that that means it is most likely the truth. (Occams Razor technique for pruning mental models tells us so)

Anything that's good for people is more likely than not to be seen as FTA illegal?

Our government, which is the biggest cheerleader for these deals in the world, is literally forcing us to get the worst deals of all, "on principle", in case you hadn't noticed.

What kind of "principles" would want that?

The wrong kind. Neoliberalism is a lot like Social Darwinism, i.e. fascism.

Its literally on autopilot to prevent it being in the news. So anything that slowed it's death spiral into more of it would require us announcing our intentions clearly and loudly, and then doing it. With no delay. Getting out of GATS, TRIPS, GPA, quickly as possible. Maybe 50 people are dying each day in the US because of this ideology that has rigged healthcare so that it cant be fixed by politicians or voting. (Not in the way we think, we have to leave GATS first) . Even more now, quite arguably. because of coronavirus. The reason Trump is acting the way he is is to hide how horrible our health care system is a little longer.

That's likely his job, as he sees it, he likely doesn't work for us. Neither would Biden. I think Biden would be just as bad as Trump. Its like a crooked lawyer. the "rules based trading system" has stolen our representation. All we get to vote for is "Dumb" and "Dumber". This artificially histrionic situation is intended to infantilize Americans as  a means of stealing the country out from under us for corporations.

The idea of the decent middle class life and jobs, is a threat to the upper class because frankly they make their money by skimming off that profit. 

They see it as either the middle class or themselves that have to go. So the GATS and other corporate future proofing deals like it are a preemptive strike against it and real democracy.

So the bad apple politicians would never get rid of it it. Its their strategy for world domination, literally.

The Democrats have this additional problem in that they are supposed to be on the peoples side, while nobody sees anything inconsistent if Republicans just keep acting like Republicans.

That means Republican Trump has to win, or people would figure out the (fake) situation.

Biden therefore in my opinion, likely does not intend to win, just to stop Bernie.If Biden intended to win he would have put forward an agenda that didnt hit a brick wall in GATS. Biden cannot "expand the ACA" because the ACA was a violation of GATS "standstill" from its inception. Because it was after February 26, 1998. That is absolutely indisputable. And thats what the argument would be over.

Yes, it did regulate insurance companies, in a way that was long overdue, but thats a subjective decision.

If people could just vote for things, like National Health Insurance was in South Africa, and could just do it, isnt it obvious that that reduces the profitability of investments in selling insurance in the US?

So its not allowed. Its my understanding that insurance is supposed to become globalized in order to address its alleged profitability issues. US companies want to team up with insurers and hospitals in other countries, selling "innovative financial products". GATS prohibits anything that inhibits such products. For example, hospital rooms could be marketed in an auction like setting.

That's all the Democratic leadership wants, because if Bernie won, their illusion would have to yield to a genuine Democratic government, and democracy would be so inconsistent with the GATS (and especially TISA ) that we would have to announce our intention to leave it literally on Day One.

They are actually terrified of that because the policy that the WTO implements in many cases is really bad, and is killing a lot of people. Look at TRIPS, the agreement that props the prices of drugs up.

Its arguably killed >10 million poor people, it is unpopular all around the world.

Can you beleive it, drugs that cost $15,000 a year in teh US could be manufactured for $100 a year, and still be profitable.

We need to get rid of these deals because its what will likely make the coronavirus vaccine too expensive for many of us.

We urgently need some light to be shone into this very very dark place.

Also, as GATS attempts to trade away potentially a huge number of decent jobs, only corporatism wants it.

Who would vote to have people train their replacements and then fire themselves, because the other workers "were cheaper", period?

How long ago would we have been able to "just do it"?

A very long time.

I put that question to two Indian trade activists who were there at the beginning and they told me, "around 1982" That's when the "standstill" begun. According to them. Not September 20, 1996, or January 1, 1995, or February 26, 1998.


Anyway, that's a story in itself.

Here is some clues that what I am describing here is unfortunately quite real. And the media's whitewash of it, isn't. These are all more authritative sources than the media, the corporate media is owned by six companies in the US. So its not acceptable to accept their words on anything. Also, the bigt Internet companies have an agenda, they want to sell financial services of which they get a huge cut. They really don't want people to know what GATS is because to really understand TISA, Congress would have to actually understand GATS first. Right now they don't and that's why the corporatists want to keep it that way. You'll see why if you look around this site.

Some legislators, some people in political parties are knowledgeable but they don't dare discuss there things. the reason why is simple, they don't want to be provably aware of them precisely because they are so very bad for most of us.

I have a feeling that it would be very hard for a legislator to tell people point blank, "Your government sold you out for corporations, and you may lose your job, and not be able to find another one for your entire rest of your life, neither will your friends, your credit will be bad despite never paying a bill late, you will just be jinxed, because you are one of the losers, or neoliberalism and everybody will know it.

With neoliberalism there are winners and losers, but you'll notice that they never say any more than that, because everybody knows who those losers are, except for us.

Okay, you true believers in capitalism.

Here's your test. You have to basically sacrifice your entire future for them, because its economics 101"

Just like Joseph Heller in the novel, Catch 22.

That's what cult expert Robert Jay Lifton calls a thought-terminating cliche.

Completely abdicating all responsibility, and claiming that its okay to lie about something so important.

It is not carved in stone unless you are literally wedded to the most extreme interpretation of capitalism, one which virtually no Americans are.

We COULD easily reject this scheme. But we're not, why? Because we don't know about it.

Hey, people, let me tell you something, you dont have to ask permission to know things. (Hint!)



We actually keep two entirely separate governments. One is the real one, and its in Geneva and other centers of global economic governance. And the other one, the increasingly made for TV one is in Washington.

Doing that - setting up two governments, one real, one fake, is literally a diagnostic sign of totalitarianism, according to the expert, Hannah Arendt. Who should know.

This is part of why I consider neoliberalism to be a dangerous CULT.

The betrayal they are putting together is going to leave many many (millions) of people seriously ill, in a way that nothing will heal. And a great many of them will die. And no I am not talking about coronavirus, this is much worse than that.

Because all the recent science tells us that's what things like what they are planning to do, do.

Maybe this will help you understand what they are planning.

They have all sorts of excuses for their schemes, but not a single one of them is true. They wont stand up to any serious examination.

Their real reason is GREED.

Sorry about this very racist cartoon, but it represents a cartoonists view of what was actually going down in 1999 and 2001-2002.


They made a deal to trade the jobs away, that's now on autopilot.

Is it at all surprising? It shouldn't be. But it is because we're all being shamelessly lied to.

That's why the big corporations, the big internet companies and bad politicians perhaps also, all HIDE this site. because its truthful.

This page is a work in progress, with lots more similar pages waiting to be added.

Many are already in the huge external links directory.

Others are out there.

You can find them for that most valuable of prizes. The truth.