What is this site about?

This site is about a theft of our entire planet and future, by means of fraudulent "transactions" that try to trade away what cannot be traded away, in order to make all the policies that people would need to have changed in order to adapt to the changes in the world, in other words, the core function of democracy, impossible forever. Using "trade" as a pretext, what amounts to sham contracts between different groups of oligarchs.

What is "Services Liberalization", and what does it mean for our way of life?

Bluntly, as they describe it, the high cost of labor in the developed countries is acting like a huge weight around corporations necks, forcing capital to invest in developing countries, not in us. What is really happening is the system has become less and less dependent on any one workforce. Increased profits are motivated by both greed and increased competition for jobs.

What is 'genelining'?

Genelining is the practice of using genetic information in health insurance underwriting, in other words, deciding who to offer health insurance, and for what price based on the results or genetic screening tests or family history. Other means of assessing risk may be geographically based, information thats getting very easy to access due to the widespread practice of including GPS chips in cell phones. .