Resveratrol, a well known stilbenoid compound, could be investigated by medical professionals for activity against COVID-19

Scientists should examine resveratrol in this context.

A recent death and serious injury in the US highlights the dangers of people seeking to self-medicate for COVID-19.

There likely are safe nutritional interventions which in non-COVID-19 situations are generally positive and helpful for multiple medical situations. We need to realize that things like gut barrier function and glutathione status may be important, very important to determine many disease outcomes.

Your doctor should be the person you consult.

NOTE: I do not KNOW whether RESV would help at all. Plus I am NOT a doctor.

I am proposing Resveratrol as a potential subject of study.

It is a naturally occurring polyphenol that is produced by a number of genetically diverse plants in response to stress or injury.

For example, polygonum cuspidatum, or Japanese knotweed.

Japanese knotweed grows all around the world.

It's been used in traditional medicine in Asia for perhaps thousands of years. However, I have not been able to find a single paper indicating it was tried in the coronavirus epidemic. Perhaps this is because not many people realize how resveratrol is antiviral against a great many viruses. (But there are a few exceptions.) Its a pretty plant but it also is incredibly invasive and very hard to get rid of. However IF it does save lives, I am sure all would be forgiven. It might become emblematic of all of our will to live.


Here is it's range in Ecuador.

Japanese knotweed grows everywhere. Its a high natural source of resveratrol. Its very healthy, but whether it helps COVIID-19 is unknown, despite activity against many viruses.

From the medical literature, it or close relatives seem to have activity against many viruses including possibly ones most closely related to COVID-19. MERS.

It is conspicuously unknown if it has activity against COVID-19 or not.

Call your local ministry of health and ask them.

Note that many substances that have in vitro activity against viruses do not prove to work in real life situations.However, resveratrol is generally known to be safe AT NORMAL DOSES. Very large doses of it are not.

Interestingly, the kinds of therapies that seem to work best against diseases like COVID-19 combine an antiviral with an immune modulator. Its possible that resveratrol does both of those things, if it does in fact have activity against SARS-CoV-2. Why aren't they on top of this?

Its literally the very first thing that I would have looked at.

In animals and humans, Resveratrol powerfully regulates cytokines and other biomarkers of inflammation and this makes it very useful in many human diseases, making it into a substance that is now the subject of a lot of research.

 See these papers.

The image below is from: (Nutrients 2019, 11, 946; doi:10.3390/nu11050946 )


One of many reason COVID-19 is so dangerous is the combination of its high communicability, and a particular ability it has to interrupt the signals we need to tell us to breathe.

I have collected links to a very few papers on the neuroinvasive aspect of COVID-19

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