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Our right to regulate drug prices was signed away when we joined the WTO.

The TRIPS agreement is part of the WTO. It was meant to jack up the prices of drugs all around the world. GATS (another WTO agreement) gave countries another bargaining chip they could use, jobs. . A logical approach would be for us to dump both GATS and TRIPS at the same time. That would give the poor countries (And US) back our right to regulate prices and get affordable drugs, we could keep the potentially millions of jobs that could end up being traded away in GATS. We would also get back our right to have affordable healthcare, and prevent Medicare and Social Security from being privatized.

WTO knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men: TRIPS strikes again "Before 1995, drug companies were required to sell drugs funded with public money at a reasonable price. Under the Clinton administration, that changed."

"Before 1995, drug companies were required to sell drugs funded with public money at a reasonable price. Under the Clinton administration, that changed." Here they are hiding (WTO) GATS and TRIPS caused dysfunction. Repeating a big lie that Clinton care was an attempt to fix healthcare, when GATS was really rigging it so it could not be fixed. Both parties participated in this huge theft and most likely are still cooperating today to hide it. Just remember TRIPS caused 10 million deaths from AIDS not long ago. Jacking up, way up the prices of cheap to manufacture drugs (less than $0.33 - a day ) through the sky is essential to a global aim of debt slavery and dare I say it, no I better not. Its an unspeakably horrible thing. --------------------------------------------- "Then in 2000, Sanders authored and passed a bipartisan amendment in the House to reimpose the “reasonable pricing” rule. In the Senate, a similar measure was pushed by the late Paul Wellstone of Minnesota." ------------------------------------------ “Many in Congress find it hard to argue with Sanders’ line that ‘Americans must pay twice for life-saving drugs, first as taxpayers to develop the drug and then as consumers to pad pharmaceutical profits,’” Nature wrote at the time." ---------------------------------------------------- "Then-Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware voted to table Wellstone’s amendment, and it was defeated 56-39." -------------------------------------------------- And this game goes on to this day. HOW STUPID WE ARE. the rest of the world knows exactly whats going on, but thanks to a 100% complicit, corprate media, we still don't. the WTO has taken over Read "global economic governance" in the Glossary. This is why the two Presidential candidates we are being presented with are both totally unacceptable. Its all a big lie. WTO rules the issue now so guess what, they will pretend to disagree again and again and never fix ANYTHING. How could they, its been taken out of their hands! They have rigged everything, including drug pricing (via the TRIPS agreement) and health insurance, via GATS.. Buy or Die.

Novel coronavirus and central nervous system.

An outbreak of a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that emerged in Wuhan has rapidly spread throughout China and has now become a global public health concern. As of the early March, a total of 100,000 cases have been confirmed in multiple countries. Clinical characteristics of 2019-nCoV that respiratory symptoms, such as cough, are the most common.[1] This is consistent with the finding that the majority of patients are virus-positive in nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs suggesting it mainly invades and infects the respiratory system, a hypothesis supported by pathological data.[2] In addition, it has been reported that patients' stool has tested positive for 2019-nCoV, indicating that the virus could spread from the respiratory tract to the digestive tract, or that individuals could be infected via the faecal-oral route. However, the neuroinvasive potential of 2019-nCoV remains poorly understood. PMID: 32216009 DOI: 10.1111/ene.14227

Foreign Free Riders and the High Price of US Medicines

We can find no evidence to support the widely believed claims from industry that lower prices in other industrialised countries do not allow companies to recover their R&D costs; so they have to charge Americans more to make up the difference and pay for these "foreign free riders." We also explain why the claims themselves contradict the economic nature of the pharmaceutical industry. The latest report from the UK Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme shows that drug companies in the United Kingdom invest more of their revenues from domestic sales in research and development than do companies in the US. Prices in the UK are much lower than those in the US yet profits remain robust. Companies in other countries also manage to recover their research and development costs, maintain high profits, and sell drugs at substantially lower prices than in the US. For example, in Canada the 35 companies that are members of the brand name industry association report that income from domestic sales is, on average, about 10 times greater than research and development costs. They have profits higher than makers of computer equipment and telecommunications carriers despite prices being about 40% lower than in the US.

UPDATED WITH WARNING: French study shows hydroxychloroquine sulfate, for 10 days + azithromycin clears 97% of patients of virus. But may cause potentially dangerous cardiac arrhythmia if not taken under close supervision by MDs.

(Note: This drug may cause cardiac arrhythmia!) Both of these drugs are only available with a prescription and should only be taken under a doctors supervision. ---In the French study, patients were given a combination of 200 milligrams of oral hydroxychloroquine sulfate, three times a day for 10 days, combined with azithromycin. Five hundred milligrams of the (azithromycin) was given to patients on day one, followed by 250 milligrams per day over the next four days. Virus cultures taken from patient’s respiratory samples were negative in 97.5 percent of patients at day 5, allowing the rapid discharge of patients from highly contagious hospital wards, the researchers wrote in the study. This is this French infectious disease institute's second study of this two drug combination.

Many US cities may be worse than Wuhan.

Officials who cannot deal with the mess they have created by our corporations first healthcare policy and do what it takes to prevent this nationally, especially in the least affluent areas, should step down. Every life is valuable.


DS503 is a WTO dispute that was filed in 2016 by India against the US. It contains a number of innocent-looking requests that when investigated...

Trump's Indadequate Response

Mr. Trump is known for undermining scientists, institutions and the media. He shut down the White House National Security Council’s entire global health security unit in 2018, an error that is perhaps going to cost him dearly now. He can only sincerely hope that “one day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear”.

Drug Companies Will Make a Killing From Coronavirus Unless we fix the system, American taxpayers will get gouged on a vaccine they paid to produce.

Opinion Drug Companies Will Make a Killing From Coronavirus Unless we fix the system, American taxpayers will get gouged on a vaccine they paid to produce. By Mariana Mazzucato and Azzi Momenghalibaf Ms. Mazzucato is a professor at University College London and the author of “The Value of Everything.” Ms. Momenghalibaf is a senior program officer at the Open Society Public Health Program.

in competition with one or more service suppliers

What does "in competition with one or more service suppliers" mean in GATS and other FTAS that borrow the GATS definition? (of "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority" i.e. public services )

Discussion of the ongoing war on the poor and middle class.

The important thing to understand is that our government (in the US) is pursuing an absolutely separate, often contradictory policy via the almost unknown means of trade deals and trade policy and that that agenda is often diametrically oposed to what they are claiming to be for and against in the political theatre they show us. In many ways, what we end up ends up showing that in fact we are being held hostage by the real policy. For example, on this site I often say that "we have to get the worst deal of all" on drug prices and many other policies. This is because in the WTO we may be pushing for other countries to pay the highest, most advantages prices on drugs, or we may be trying to use our trade might to comel them to gut their public services, and buy them from us instead. As a sort of crumb to them we might give them the right to replace our own workers in many situations, pay their own workers almost nothing and pocket the difference. Why? I think the goal is to make them dependent on those jobs. So we had more leverage against them in other areas, because we hope they are addicted to the income.

CDC: Severe Outcomes Among Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) — United States, February 12–March 16, 2020

What this tells us is that nobody is immune from getting COVID-19 and potential hospitalization, which in the US is astronomically expensive. "California on Tuesday reported the first death in the United States of a Covid-19 patient younger than 18, and the family of a 12-year-old in Georgia said Sunday she was on a ventilator and fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital. There also have been "concerning reports from France and Italy" about young people becoming seriously ill, "and very seriously ill in the ICUs," said Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House's coronavirus reponse coordinator, last week. There are now more than 52,000 cases of the virus in the United States. At least 680 people had died as of Tuesday afternoon." (Source CNN)

Trudy Lieberman on the Affordable Care Act

She discusses the excellent, now again paywalled Wrong Prescription article she wrote for Harpers in 2015, approximately halfway through the ten year period for GATS-nonconforming measures. I.e the "Affordable Care Act" . (Subsidies in GATS are strangely hard to find hard and fast information about, but its clear that nonconforming measures must not last indefinitely. This is rigid WTO ideology. I want to put out there that the ACA was doomed from the start by this ideology (and the standstill in the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services) that the two parties must have agreed to choreograph its creation and demise, similarly to the theatrical choreography which Ms. Lieberman also wrote about involving Clinton Care and Clinton Lite back in the 1990s. (at approximatly the same time, GATS which cut off our ability to have real affordable care was being negotiated in the run up to the Marrakesh Agreement. So the Clinton care events here were a cover up, clearly. As somebody who has known many narcissists, I know that manipulating other people and human lives is basically fun for them, they consider it fun. A game. I hope people consider this - that we're almost certainly being manipulated costing us all a great many lives. This is not acceptable on the eve of a pandemic.

MIT test of "Secure" Voting App finds multiple vulnerabilities.

The touch screen "unauditable" voting machines are very bad, as far as security. We all know that, I hope! What about Internet voting? *Any closed source "voting app" has a strong possibility of being even worse. MIT found multiple security vulnerabilities in "Voatz" which was recently used in Virginia.

The Virus Can Be Stopped, but Only With Harsh Steps, Experts Say

Scientists who have fought pandemics describe difficult measures needed to defend the United States against a fast-moving pathogen. "If it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for 14 days while sitting six feet apart, epidemiologists say, the whole epidemic would sputter to a halt. The virus would die out on every contaminated surface and, because almost everyone shows symptoms within two weeks, it would be evident who was infected. If we had enough tests for every American, even the completely asymptomatic cases could be found and isolated. The crisis would be over."

US has potential of becoming coronavirus epicentre, says WHO

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said in Geneva there had been a "very large acceleration" in coronavirus infections in the United States which had the potential of becoming the new epicenter. Over the past 24 hours, 85 percent of new cases were from Europe and the United States, she told reporters. Of those, 40 percent were from the United States. Asked whether the United States could become the new epicenter, Harris said: "We are now seeing a very large acceleration in cases in the U.S. So it does have that potential. We cannot say that is the case yet but it does have that potential." ------------------------------------------- (Source: VOA )

Gilead Outrageously Seeks Super-Monopoly Protections for Covid-19 Drug remdesivir

Statement of Peter Maybarduk, Director, Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines Program Note: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today granted experimental COVID-19 treatment remdesivir a special orphan status intended for drugs that treat rare diseases. The status sets up remdesivir’s manufacturer Gilead Sciences to receive additional federal tax credits in the United States and a bonus lucrative seven-year market exclusivity, allowing Gilead to exclude generic and more affordable competition while charging high monopoly prices, if the drug is approved. Gilead’s pursuit of an orphan designation is unconscionable and could be deeply harmful. Remdesivir is one of relatively few medicines that may prove effective in treating COVID-19 this year. The government should be urgently concerned with its affordability for citizens. Instead, the FDA has handed Gilead, one of the most profitable pharmaceutical corporations on earth, a long and entirely undeserved seven-year monopoly and with it, the ability to charge outrageous prices to consumers. Gilead has gamed the system by rushing through its “rare disease” orphan drug application while there are, for this brief moment, fewer than 200,000 COVID-19 U.S. cases. Its action is disingenuous and outrageous, and underscores the need for the federal government to step in.

WTO Members agree on ways to boost LDC participation in services negotiations

“By agreeing on ways for providing special priority to LDCs in the services negotiations, WTO Members continue to put into action the overarching commitment in the Doha Development Agenda,”said WTO Director-General Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi. “This agreement is a timely boost to LDC participation in these negotiations as Members intensify their bilateral market access bargaining.” “We consider the negotiations on services as of prime importance to the LDC group,” said H.E. Dr Toufiq Ali, Ambassador of Bangladesh, speaking on behalf of the 30 LDC Members of the WTO, at the Special Session of the Council for Trade in Services. “There are numerous estimates that indicate that the potential benefit of free trade in services may be several times that of free trade in goods.” He emphasised that the most important means of supplying services was through “the export of services supplied by less skilled persons”, estimating that “a temporary visa scheme that amounts to no more than 3 per cent of the OECD labour force would yield economic benefits for both developed and developing countries equivalent to almost US$150-200 billion.”

Britons, GATS was the missing piece Jeremy Corbyn likely couldn't tell you about two months ago, Similarly with Bernie Sanders, it seems he won't tell us this missing piece either I really would rather not think that he'd rather let Biden win the Dem nomination and then lose to Trump. BTW, without leaving GATS, Biden cannot fix healthcare, his hands will be tied by GATS..

It explains the all important dirty 1990s deal that both leaders can't seem to get the heart to tell you both about,. Way back in the 1990s, both the Labour and Democratic Parties were run by neoliberals - and they and their oppositions joined together to sell both countries out.

Talking Disputes | The Argentina - Financial Services Dispute

This video shows how convoluted and technical the GATS is. This is not the kind of logic people want hijacking essential services like health insurance. Once its sold you can't give healthcare away. Its like a noose getting tighter and tighter. These deals are being snuck in under the radar, and a hell of a lot of people have been tricked by these tricks and also have died because of these tricks. And it ISN'T over. The carnage is just beginning.

Natasha Ott, 39, suddenly dies in New Orleans with COVID-19 symptoms

A 39-year-old woman in the US died suddenly with coronavirus symptoms before her COVID-19 test results were released. Natasha Ott, from New Orleans, was found dead in her kitchen by her partner on Friday (local time) after she began feeling sick on March 10. She had been in "good health" up until her illness. She was sent home from work when she first felt ill, but she was deemed "low-risk" and wasn't initially tested for the disease, her partner Josh Anderson wrote in a Facebook post. ______________________________________________________________ Update: More at: ------------------------------- and -------------------------------------------------------- Why aren't they beginning empirical treatment with antivirals immediately? in order to prevent the disease escalating to this very serious pneumonia.

Total Cost of Uninsured Woman's COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43

She was uninsured. It appears that she didn't even spend any time in an ICU, she received outpatient care in an emergency room. Wouldn't it be great if we had Medicare for All? Except there is one little problem, both candidates, Biden and Trump- unless Bernie pulls off a miracle would veto it. There is a really simple reason for that. WE SIGNED AWAY THE RIGHT TO REGULATE HEALTH INSURANCE MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO in the GATS agreement, part of the WTO, but the country never got the memo!

Rank and file Democrats don't know about the GATS, nor does it seem do many Congresspeople. Also, PLEASE submit "claims" made here, to fact checking sites, whether you doubt them or not.

is this for real, or not? Of course, with rank and file Dems, it almost always is. But with Congress? I think they often ARE telling the truth, they don't know about GATS, etc. The entire nation - including the media has been brainwashed. If you are reading this site, you would be doing legislators and yourselves a great favor to read about these deals that literally trade democracy away and make government totally dysfunctional, inform yourselves, and then bringing this up to them. As the credibility of such Internet sourced information is often impugned to be disinformative, I urge you all also, if you have not been satisfied that I have documented them adequately, to contact me asking for proof, and/or investigate these "claims" that I am making here, using so called fact checking web sites. Please do this and do it now!

Water in the age of coronavirus

As we confront the new global enemy SARS-COV-2, the availability of water will be a crucial determinant for a successful outcome in this war

ICU beds already near capacity with non-coronavirus patients at L.A. County hospitals

ICU beds at Los Angeles County hospitals are already at or near capacity, prompting worries of shortages ahead of expected coronavirus surge By MATT STILES, IRIS LEE MARCH 20, 20204:27 PM Intensive care beds at Los Angeles County’s emergency-room hospitals are already at or near capacity, even as those facilities have doubled the number available for COVID-19 patients in recent days, according to newly released data obtained by The Times. Fewer than 200 ICU beds were available Wednesday, with most ICU beds occupied by non-coronavirus patients, according to the data which covers the roughly 70 public and private hospitals in Los Angeles County that receive emergency patients. The figures, which haven’t been disclosed previously, offer the first real-time glimpse of capacity levels at hospitals from Long Beach to the Antelope Valley and raise fresh worries that the hospital system, which is already strained by shortages, could soon run short of beds. “I am very concerned. We have a limited number of ICU beds available in L.A. County,” said Supervisor Janice Hahn, who urged residents to heed social-distancing orders to reduce infection rates and strain on medical resources. “I would like to begin exploring every possible solution to increase the capacity of our hospital system, including building pop-up hospital sites.” The anticipated surge of coronavirus patients is setting off a scramble to increase capacity of all types of beds, some of which could be converted to ICU units, according to county health officials. To accomplish that, hospitals are halting elective services to open up more space, and are considering other plans to expand capacity, including converting existing space or erecting tents. That effort shows in the figures, with the number of beds overall nearly doubling in the last several days — from 624 on March 13 to 1,182 as of Wednesday. That change includes an increase of ICU beds, which have more equipment and a higher staff-to-patient ratio, from 85 to 191, according to the figures. Christina Ghaly, a physician who directs the county’s vast system of providers, clinics, and hospitals known as the Department of Health Services, said hospitals can add ICU beds by converting existing space. That entails equipping beds with special equipment and adding personnel and, in some cases, getting approval from state regulators. Rooms could also be opened in non-emergency room hospitals, which aren’t included in the current figures. “The hospitals across the entire county are working very hard to free up capacity, and also to create capacity,” said Ghaly. County officials stressed that the figures represent the current staffing needs by hospitals, which have a greater “surge” capacity as more patients get sick. She said they are also asking state officials to fast-track additional capacity. But despite the progress, as many as 90% percent of licensed ICU beds are already occupied with patients who have suffered other medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, car accidents and other cases, according Ghaly said.

U.S. is about to cripple the World Trade Organization’s dispute-settling system

Dec 9, 2019 "The governance of international trade is on track to suffer serious damage this week as the United States carries out a long-standing threat to cripple the World Trade Organization’s system for settling disputes. The WTO’s Appellate Body, which adjudicates on contested rulings over disputes between member countries, will become unable to function when Washington exercises a veto and blocks new judges from being appointed to replace two whose terms of office are expiring......"

The WTO Dispute Settlement System: An Analysis of India’s Experience and Current Reform Proposals

ORF Occasional Paper_209 - An analysis from India's perspective of the US's not allowing the operation of the Dispute Settlement Body, of course, preventing the settlement of the DS503 case, and possible loss of millions of US jobs to outsourcing "body shop" companies. Most of the US, EU, Australian, etc. workers who could be impacted have no idea that the WTO even has jurisdiction over services.

Labor Mobility-by Sherry Stephenson and Gary Hufbauer

In international services trade, labor mobility is conceptualized as the temporary movement of natural persons and is categorized as mode 4. Article I.2 (d) of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) defines mode 4 as the supply of a service “by a service supplier of one Member, through presence of natural persons of a Member in the territory of any other Member.” A natural person of another member is defined as a natural person who resides in the territory of that other Member or any other Member, and who under the law of that other Member: (i) is a national of that other Member; or (ii) has the right of permanent residence in that other Member . . .” (Article XVIII[k])

services of general interest/services of general economic interest

These new EU-official terms are intended to replace the GATS-ambiguous terms used by Americans and Britons (in the EU) and clearly explain the definition of what services are supposed to be commercial (including most of what used to be called public services) and what are the government itself and its functional elements.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate whose platform is consistent with what needs to be done so is a good faith effort. Biden's platform ignores GATS existence, and barring his getting out of GATS which in his case simply would never happen, cannot work because he ignores GATS rules which invariably would apply to partially subsidized programs of the type he is proposing. Biden is ignoring many GATS rules that apply such as standstill, ratchet, progressive liberalization and limits on subsidies, minimal trade restrictiveness, and more. So I don't think he actually intends to win, he just hopes to push out Bernie Sanders.

"Where are the jobs the Clinton Administration promised us?" some developing countries are asking.

An entire nation's minds are a horrible thing to waste.

The Global Value Chains ideology of neoliberalism, via GATS, TISA promotes changes which will destroy public higher and its likely eventually even public primary education, its logic is, "If the young people in a country are too expensive to hire, why educate them" saving (oligarchy) greatly on taxes. What is wrong with this picture?

progressive liberalization

the entire text of GATS' 'progressive liberalization' (Part IV) Progressive liberalization (along with similar concepts like standstill/rollback, the ratchet effect, or "trade creep") Lock in all deregulation, preventing re-regulation, nomatter what people vote for in afflicted countries. Once a service has been privatized, countries get a situation that they cannot afford to reverse. This traps them in a race to the bottom whose only endgame is a complete capture of government where government is replaced by corporate rule, because re-regulation of corporations is prohibited by trade treaties. Inhabitants have to move to other countries that have not adopted the particular bad policies yet. But not under Mode 4, because Mode 4 disenfranchises and disempowers workers. There really is no acceptable option.

We need to prevent the creation of a hospital to prison pipeline.

One of my anxieties about the capture of the US by corporations, is what seems to me to be a slow slide back into the worst aspects of the past. This is due to the global forces so afraid that the positive changes that happened in the last century would continue that neaar the end of the last century they set up a scheme to lock the entire planet into their bad movie, for good. they have literally been trying to take over the planet in order to reverse all that progress, and they have been succeeding. And we're letting them, largely because we dont know, which is a huge mistake. They are not normal people or normal politicians, they are compulsive liars.

Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2)

"Estimation of the prevalence and contagiousness of undocumented novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) infections is critical for understanding the overall prevalence and pandemic potential of this disease. Here we use observations of reported infection within China, in conjunction with mobility data, a networked dynamic metapopulation model and Bayesian inference, to infer critical epidemiological characteristics associated with SARS-CoV2, including the fraction of undocumented infections and their contagiousness. We estimate 86% of all infections were undocumented (95% CI: [82%–90%]) prior to 23 January 2020 travel restrictions. Per person, the transmission rate of undocumented infections was 55% of documented infections ([46%–62%]), yet, due to their greater numbers, undocumented infections were the infection source for 79% of documented cases. These findings explain the rapid geographic spread of SARS-CoV2 and indicate containment of this virus will be particularly challenging."

"Breaking the rules to prevent rule-breaking? The GATS and service mobility: drawing lines between genuine immigration control and protectionism"

Essential article on DS-503 WTO dispute that could drastically impact the size of the middle class in the US and in many other countries all around the world. (by reducing its size due to large scale job outsourcing) Would also lower the wages across the board for workers. Would heavily impact public services. GATS 'movement of natural persons' (Mode Four) and its Mode Three are the most controversial parts of the longstanding trade deal because they attempt to create new rights to which seem to allow companies bypassing national labor laws. This case could take intra-company cross border labor for work- "non-immigrant" temporary migration to work out of hands of governments and put it in the hands of the WTO. The US is a test case and the decision might be binding on many other countries as well. Could dramatically lower wages for many professions at all skill levels, from professional to fairly basic. Any job that has been the subject of GATS commitments in a country, which are very broad. In the US could easily impact tens of millions of jobs cutting many careers short. Even with visa quotas IT has already been greatly impacted, leaving many workers struggling to find work. Situation is likely to get much much worse if the WTO panel decides in India's favor. Indian-affiliated "US" IT firms are notorious for not hiring US workers, even US workers with Indian backgrounds. They want dis-empowered workers whose status in the US depends on their job. This is a very bad situation that could become the norm in dozens of high employment fields. Might cause extreme loss of trust in government, a shift we might not recover from.

Made up interview imagining a (WTO dispute) DS503 loss, answering my own made up imagined questions from readers about it.

A WTO dispute thats currently open and active (since 2016) is part of the GATS, a trade agreement, to trade jobs for markets (corporate travel, defined as non-immigrant behavior) , that's been delayed in implementation in a number of developed countries (including the US) by allegedly "immigration" quotas that a group of countries led by India say are illegal, under the GATS agreement. No matter what the outcome of the dispute is, the WTO is unlikely to declare the entire scheme illegitimate. Whether a win by India might lead to the loss of tens or even hundreds millions of high wage jobs in developed countries such as the US also is unclear, but the likelihood would be large changes will occur if they win.

Trojan Horse Clauses

Two authoritative presentations to Australia's government by Australian trade expert and legal scholar Matthew Rimmer. They explain a lot of the concepts in trade agreements. The name of these two papers is very appropriate - it describes what they do well.

Additional measures concerning non-immigrant visas - Request for Consultations by India from the US.

Please look up these GATS sections because the impact on Americans of this DS503 case could be astronomical. If people are disillusioned now imagine how they would feel if their jobs were transitioned to training new workers from the other side of the world and then laid off, reason being that other workers were cheaper. Under the GATS plus GPA that MAY entitle other countries firms to the jobs.

A Country in Denial, and not just about COVID-19

With our for-profit system being too expensive for the vast majority of Americans to afford without being bankrupted, due to very very high rates of uninsurance and underinsurance, a very great fear is that this COVID-19 epidemic will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

COVID-19 and Defenses in the Law of State Responsibility

As it stands today, International law obligations in the GATS block most of the things we urgently need to do to prevent an additional potentially large number of deaths from the COVID-19 - These two documents on international law discuss "Force Majure" - a legal strategy to get out of contractual obligations when a situation changes in fundamental ways.

governmental authority exclusion

These are articles on the all important exclusion that defines what member government activities can be called "public services" and be excluded from the onerous GATS rules.