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North Korea’s forced rural relocation schemes sometimes lead to heartbreak

Officials in the city of Pyongsong recently selected about 150 “volunteers” for relocation to rural areas. There is a stigma attached to rural life in te DPRK because of songbun. Historically, people with low songbun were (or are) not allowed to live in larger towns and must work at menial or dangerous jobs. See Andrei Lankov's list of songbun categories. Songbun is the DPRK's caste system, having low songbun is a bit like being a member of a historically oppressed group or targeted by policy as bad. If there ever is a war, the DPRK may even plan to kill this approximately 1/4 of their population. Everybody who has a relative in the South is automatically put in this "hostile forces" caste. Millions of North Koreans of low songbun literally starved to death in the 1990s because they had low songbun and so the government deprived them of food.

Australia's Cashless debit card. is it courtesy of US mega-corporations too? The cashless push seems scary, with potential to create totalitarianistic prisons for the soul where poor people are considered potentially guilty of crime simply for being poor. Is this the future under neoliberalism?

On his web site, Norbert Germaan economist and journalist Norbert Haering has been examining the push to make us cashless with a critical eye. Cashless Cities are designed to exclude and expel the poor from the glittering showcase Pyongyangs of the world, where people live in a Paradise and nobody speaks of rampant poverty. "Don't say no, or you'll have to go" as British musician Siouxsie Sioux once sang. not so different than in the real life, North Korea. the reluctant to spend risk exile by the Googles of the surveillance state. . Other Policies like clawback are designed to cause stress and perhaps change or manipulate emotional state. Multilateralism, the ideology we never voted for but get nomatter what we want, along with an ever-rising level of repressive policies Including tactics intended to get people to buy more. A humiliation of poor people whose self-esteem is already low.

Insurance developments that could lead us into COSTLY FTA-lock-in

Which would block any further changes in health insurance, because we have accepted the faulty premise that foreign corporations deserve more than the American people who have been dying at the rate of 50-150 people a day because of their GATS scam. Work in progress