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Medicare and Social Security: Biden and Trump are poison for these programs. They are setting up traps for the unwary

URGENT: Both US Presidential candidates have plans to make changes to our current Medicare and Social Security systems. But because of little known WTO rules,. changes of any kind - apart from leaving GATS, first, are both extremely ill advised. GATS COMMITMENTS PUT ALL PUBLIC SERVICES ON A FAST TRACK TO PRIVATIZATION THAT RATCHETS IN. GATS MUST BE LEFT NOW. As things are now, touching either of these programs in any way is very likely to destroy them. Also, the term "Medicare for All" should not be used because unless we leave GATS, via the Article XXI procedure, expanding Medicare to be any larger in scope than simply for the retired already in our social security system, will put it in grave danger, killing its ability to receive a subsidy sustainably. This is easy to show simply by reading the Annex on Financial services first paragraph, and tracing out what it means by looking up the literature on the pieces and definitions referred to. Don't trust either candidate because they can only further alienate our rights, not return us to the past when we could regulate these areas we committed in 1994 or even earlier. THAT'S WHAT TRADE AGREEMENTS DO. We're being subjected to a collossal scam, whose goal is to strip the American people of everything that makes it possible to live as a working person in this country. They are trading away our jobs and democracy. We're being run by crooks like never before and I mean both parties. Its been this way for a long time but the situation is progressively getting worse because that's what the GATS and other trade agreements we helped make this way do. There is no way to sugar coat this. Additionally, people should be aware that Bernie Sanders proposals had in fact all been taken off the table by the signing of the GATS in 1994, so he did the country a great disservice by not telling the country at all about GATS. In fact his advice - to vote for Biden in the context of failing to bring up the need to get out of GATS is very bad advice unless Biden literally promises to start the rocess to get out of GATS and not sign any additional trade deals and indeed get out of all trade deals that limit our regulatory freedom, as literally the first act he does, and agrees to resign immediately and call another election if he fails to do so. But of course such a promise would be unenforceable. People we are in a dire situation. We screwed up terribly by allowing our country to be taken over by the cabal of global oligarchs who want to trade away millions of decent jobs to the lowest bidding firms in the lowest paid countries. That is one of GATS goals, another is literally privatizing everything and ending government subsidies on areas where there are market failures, instead they want poor people to go to poor countries. Even as their jobs are being traded away and they are losing their homes and livelihoods.