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Logical Fallacy: Poisoning The Well

A major propaganda operation is trying (and succeeding) at making discussion of a lot of topics, TOXIC. Discussions that need to be happening now, given the HUGE future altering changes that are being carved in stone due to our FTA commitments. Lets not forget, Rodrik's Trilemma makes a good argument that democracy and hyperglobalization don't mix. At all. Except for the very rich, we will all basically lose big under the changes they made back in 1995, which are only being implemented now. In particular, potentially tens of millions of good jobs may be lost, if firms from elsewhere in the world can do them for less. This will mean massive losses in humn lives as families fall apart, homes are lost and hearts broken. And we've never had a chance to discuss them, let alone vote on them, because of sophisticated disinformation schemes.. like poisoning the well. On a huge scale. Please think about that before you buy the suppression of even discussing the "trade" agenda. Which is a pretext for a theft of the entire world and future from almost everybody.