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'Thou shalt not be indifferent': from Auschwitz's gate of hell, a last, desperate warning

This article is about a commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz. Survivors are worried about a growing hostility to both Jews and refugees (and the poor and disposessed, who are increasinly the losers of globalization also) Homelessness is rising at an ever increasing rate. We all have good reason to be fearful that governments are scapegoating marginalized groups to cover up actions taken largely because of greed. I really worry quite a bit that GATS with its hidden ratchets and standstills, is making dishonesty in governments the norm. It and other FTAs - because they use trade as a pretext to end compassion just as it is most needed (as jobs go away) are gradually setting up a global genocide of the poor. A world government that secretly rules human society for the rich, that forbids governments - in a noose-like way (the ratchet in FTAS) from helping the poor is more than close to it, it's doing it.