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How Britain's Bankers Made Billions From The End Of Empire | Timeline

"to this day, the City of London is exempt from many laws that govern the rest of England" Some people surmise that he City of London has an immense power that is able to assert itself all over the world, contrary to the wishes of the people of England. (re: BCCI scndal) Within seven years the BCCI grew to become the seventh largest bank in Europe. Numerous whistleblowers within BBCI had notifued the Bank of England, however they intentionally failed to act.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

This is a documentary about the "City of London" and its powerful lobby. (which was pivotal and complicit in the creation of the undemocratic GATS+ is pushing a new trade in services agreement. TISA to help cover up the illegitimacy of the original GATS, which is controversial and lacks the consensus one would expect and hope for in something that claims to be international law. It most certainly does not have that. Quite the opposite. See also Nicholas Shaxson's book, "Treasure Islands" and the video interview linked here with him, You will see the connections. ) Our former colonial masters, the UK and its elite class is very deeply enmeshed in this huge theft of policy space. Shaxson has also recently published "Poisoned wells : the dirty politics of African oil" a new book, which I have yet to read. However, its a subject I am interested in particularly because the "legitimacy" of much of the land grabbing in Africa is called into question by the illegitimacy of the initial process of creating fake NGOs and fake "civil society organizations" (which was done by Europeans, eagar to loot the developing world, not them) including perhaps the big ones like the WTO, world banks, and other essential pieces of a fake legitimacy machine. to create a pretext for a global looting. Of course the people of these countries, like here in the US are not in the loop, nor are their oligarchs really empowered by any kind of consent to trade their natural wealth away by the people's wishes, just as the funds looted should be but are not theirs. Their people live in grinding poverty. And are pawns in these crook's game.