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Bernie Sanders should not drop out for a very simple reason. Doing so would be abandoning us to the "mercy" of a merciless and evil 32 year old scheme to turn our democracy and our world's present and future over to corporations and the oligarchs that run them, that most Americans would consider to be an unspeakable crime, literally, if they knew about it. But we don't.

Decades ago we were consigned to an unspeakable fate by the signing of certain "agreements" which nobody would have agreed with. Under a pretext of trade, they and their chilling effects on our regulatory freedom have been intentionally hidden from us.

Britons, GATS was the missing piece Jeremy Corbyn likely couldn't tell you about two months ago, Similarly with Bernie Sanders, it seems he won't tell us this missing piece either I really would rather not think that he'd rather let Biden win the Dem nomination and then lose to Trump. BTW, without leaving GATS, Biden cannot fix healthcare, his hands will be tied by GATS..

It explains the all important dirty 1990s deal that both leaders can't seem to get the heart to tell you both about,. Way back in the 1990s, both the Labour and Democratic Parties were run by neoliberals - and they and their oppositions joined together to sell both countries out.

A Country in Denial, and not just about COVID-19

With our for-profit system being too expensive for the vast majority of Americans to afford without being bankrupted, due to very very high rates of uninsurance and underinsurance, a very great fear is that this COVID-19 epidemic will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

"Its why US healthcare never gets fixed" A plea to Bernie Sanders and his campaign, to please tell the country about GATS

...because you must win and win big. And you wont be able to, without the national catharsis that telling people about this evil thing will bring about. Because GATS is the Rosetta Stone to our current political malignancies. A trade "agreement" from hell that has hijacked our government more than any other thing, ever. Its why US healthcare never gets fixed, and why we always have to get the worst deal of all, Its why our lives are being sacrificed, and its the thing, that should you win, that you will have to deal with first. To do anything in your platform, first we have to leave GATS and quite possibly the rest of the WTO, because they set up a huge phony debt in our names that we "Americans" are now expected to pay in our jobs. Obviously its a huge con job and your opponents are both in on it, they're pulling a major fast one on the country to deliver the goods to their buddies in the global oligarchy. Bernie, you need to stop being silent.