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War Against The Weak: Hitler's 'ideas' originated in the US, and the "social Darwinism" of the early 20th century

website for the book by Edwin Black. A BOMBSHELL. In this bombshell of investigative journalism, author Edwin Black reveals that (the pseudoscientific, discredited nonscience of) eugenics was extensive, systematic, well-funded, and supported by major political and intellectual leaders. Perhaps most startling, eugenics directly inspired the rise of Nazism in Hitler’s Germany … This chilling and well-researched book is highly recommended. –Gregg Sapp, Library Journal UNIQUE AND DISQUIETING. Edwin Black has again written a unique and important book. Until now the pseudoscience of eugenics in the US and in Germany have not been analyzed together. One assumed they had little in common. This was not so. Their joint past was bloody and their future is disquieting. – Benno Müller-Hill, Institute of Genetics, Cologne University, Germany, author, Murderous Science A BLOCKBUSTER. Edwin Black has written a phenomenal book in War Against the Weak. Black has taken all the skeletons from America’s eugenics history out of the closet and exposed them at a time when advances in genetics are leading some scientists down a similar path. ( insurance companies want to use genetic and other data data to arbitrarily set prices for health insurance, allowing them to dump patients with major diseases as they used to. This is called genelining. ) At times I was reading the book with my jaw on the ground, astonished to read the racist and anti-Semitic views of scientific luminaries. The fact that “American eugenics had always sought a global solution” was a chilling statement suggesting that the seeds of eugenics practiced so brutally in Nazi Germany were planted firmly in the United States decades earlier. Quite simply, War Against the Weak is a blockbuster. – S. Jay Olshansky, School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago; associate editor, Social Biology (successor to Eugenical News)