[Ip-health] Unreasonable pricing and The ‘Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 6 2020

Whoa, just when I thought the news on our legislators selling out the country while an epidemic is ravaging our country, could not get any worse.

Our right to regulate drug prices was signed away when we joined the WTO.

The TRIPS agreement is part of the WTO. It was meant to jack up the prices of drugs all around the world. GATS (another WTO agreement) gave countries another bargaining chip they could use, jobs. . A logical approach would be for us to dump both GATS and TRIPS at the same time. That would give the poor countries (And US) back our right to regulate prices and get affordable drugs, we could keep the potentially millions of jobs that could end up being traded away in GATS. We would also get back our right to have affordable healthcare, and prevent Medicare and Social Security from being privatized.

The reason the Corporate Dems "coalesced" so quickly around Joe Biden is the desire to hide the GATS from voters.

The GATS stole our democracy, so it should be a national scandal. Joe Biden and the other politicians who hide the GATS, whomever they are do not deserve our support. Because GATS takes away the right to vote for all but trivialities.

Salon article on Republicans and healthcare leaves out the actions of the other neoliberals

They hide their tracks by means of trade agreements.