Don't fall for a huge, elaborate theatrical performance, global in scope, whose goal is "trading away" (I mean stealing) OUR planet and people's entire futures with backroom trade agreements between the oligarchs of the world.

Pacts between one another, to steal "policy space" which really means democracy from the entire planet, by their agreements, which is a shameless, cheap sordid trick. We demand restoral of democracy which means the people must be empowered to vote for and decide all policy. No taxation without representation. For example, right to decide healthcare policy, and employment policy both have been traded away. "policy space" is democracy! Don't trust politicians who pretend nothing is going on. And don't trust journalists who pretend its still before they came into force, changing everything. And tying the hands of governments. Turning politicians into liars and politics into a sham. Once journalists are informed of the facts, its no longer permissible for them to mislead the country. Pretending - what they do - is indefensible. The simulacrum we are being fed as fact here in the US, and also in many other countries, completely leaves these changes out, and tries to pretend they never occurred, even as it gradually trades our rights away! To hide this, they have created a vast body of false reasons, using laws and their own spin as a proxy, a cover story with laws and policy obfuscation whose purpose is in part to obscure the FTAs - They are the real reasons certain kinds of policy never seem to ever be fixed or improve beyond a short period of time. (For example, a standstill clause and other requirements that national policies that violate a plethora of WTO rules, which it frames as trade barriers, must gradually be eliminated or reduced in scope, in a WTO document, (The Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services, and the text of the General Agreement on Trade in Services, and the various documents that interpret it, such as the Health and Social Safety Services, Background Note by the Secretariat (S/C/W/50) of September 18, 1998) For example, they are the real reason the changes made in the ACA requiring unprofitable but much needed improvements in health insurance in the US- enacted during the Obama Administration, are now in danger of being repealed. They were never meant to be permanent! In the real world of facts, they were never intended to be permanent, just a sort of ruse, to obscure the sordid betrayal of the people of this country that has been perpetrated. clearly, the media and politicians have a lot of explaining to do! To hide the real situation, the two main US parties must have a behind the scenes agreement of some kind, and coordinate their activities, all the while pretending to be arguing, and never able to agree on anything. )


Straight from India, a look at what kind of "affordable healthcare" we will really be buying in a year or two.

"Coronavirus — Your health insurance will cover this too" (but not for long, read the fine print for why)

"Coronavirus — Your health insurance will cover this too" (but not for long, read the fine print for why)



Americans should be aware of a very important difference between the US Presidential candidates

Trade agreements (treaties) allege to block a great deal of what many candidates are promising, and have since the mid 1990s, and the body of changes they have made make it highly unlikely most of them could happen without an potentially costly international fight. We should prepare for that and understand, we're being fed a bill of goods by virtually all of them. The only one who seems a cut above the rest is still leaving this super important fact out. As his platform's proposals basically violate so many restrictive treaty rules, it seems highly unlikely his party would nominate him because that would result in exposure of this huge body of really shameless lying. So he will have to win by a really huge margin in a way that cannot be hidden by cheating. Which is inevitable-Both parties are clearly cooperating to hide their decades long deception. (Its important to them for this theft of democracy to remain hidden because its something the entire country would agree is totally evil. Also, a great many poor Americans have died unnecessarily of treatable diseases in the more than 25 years our healthcare system has been rigged in a way that is impossible to fix without this knowledge they have all been hiding from us, that's murder.)

Britons and (we) Americans need to know something. We have frustrated "expectancies" but increasingly, thanks to GATS, the proposed UK-US FTA, TISA and others, not any kind of real property interest in our nation's futures.

These agreements push our rights out of our future. They attempt to irreversibly gut public services like the UK's NHS and will most certainly totally block the proposed "Medicare For All" as well as procurement proposals that employ our nations workers if international temping firms bid on those jobs and win. So they will outsource millions of now stable jobs, turning them into entitlements of foreign firms to do, if they are cheaper. They replace legal immigration with temporary subcontracting and its likely that because our countries will be overwhelmed by corporate temporary migration, (GATS Mode 4) developed nations may turn against the one part of it we can control, permanent migration. So this corporate capture of migration will push out refugees and likely also temp workers possibility of permanent migration. It will also displace millions of workers in dozens of high skill service sectors, starting with professionals and fields like IT, nursing, teaching, engineering, etc, and then working its way downward, and undercut the wages of the remaining workers across the board.

Neither Americans nor Britons seem to be able to admit that both our governments are lying to us across a broad spectrum to hide GATS.

Neither country seems willing to put two and two together, for example, about the healthcare held hostage, and obligations on procurement, (and potential large scale job outsourcing) due to committments in GPA/GATS (This also applies to Brexit's potential monetization of the NHS and likely giveaways of vanishing jobs in the UK). Why? Ask the dishonest insiders who promote these deals! You'll get an earful. They have dozens of sketchy, often conflicting reasons. But those reasons are based on junk trickle-down economics and don't add up. They don't stand up to scrutiny. And they know it. A growing number of economists have pointed out that the assumptions they make (such as assuming that workers displaced by large scale services liberalization would or could change fields and find new jobs) don't add up. For decades smart economists have been saying this.

WTO Dispute DS503 is still a wild card that could turn the lives of millions of workers upside down.

A few days ago I was reading British news where they were reporting on the expectations of Leave voters for what would be done with Brexit.

Large scale privatizations of once-public (services) are the first steps in a global scheme to outsource and/or offshore them internationally at low wages.

turning many professions into precarious low paid labor- The inclusion in the WTO of billions of jobs in the category of potentially "tradable" services, is turning them into bargaining chips in a vast international trade - while lowering quality and professionalism to least common denominator levels. Turning people and their lives, hopes and dreams, into "inputs" - and "markets" basically commodities.

Britain is literally being TRICKED out of their NHS and other social services by UK government and business interests, recent events, public documents prove. (Part One of a series)

Events that are unfolding now were predicted by other, credible entities, including articles in well known international media and by the Director-General of the WTO itself. This must mean they are deliberately creating this unfortunate situation.

Focus on Medicare For All - Single Payer - Urgent - Please Read

The Potential Impact of the World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services on Health System Reform and Regulation in the United States. (2009)

In this 2009 paper, the late Nicholas Skala explained the "GATS" agreement, its implications for US healthcare reform (its many conflicts with many of the things that were done in the ACA and which are proposed for Medicare For All) and why we urgently need to get carve-outs in the WTO (and the WTO's implications for Social Security and Medicare). He even gave us a sample of a carve-out-Its urgent that we do this, soon. This paper is a must-read for anybody interested in US health care reform and the obstacles to it.

GATS and Public Service Systems

This is a must-read article as its by far the most concise and understandable explanation of the "governmental authority exception" an all important "two-pronged test" or definition, that defines the scope of what is allowed to be a public service and what is not, in the GATS agreement. In other words, what is subject to privatization rules, and what isn't. This definition is also borrowed or imported, in the computer programming sense, "as is" into hundreds of other trade agreements all around the globe. So this essay is extremely useful in understanding which healthcare or higher education proposals could work (and which ones would be subjected to a death of a thousand cuts, and couldn't) for example. The essay was originally written and published by the government of British Columbia province in Canada.

Putting Health First - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Canadian Health Care Reform, Trade Treaties and Foreign Policy - this essay describes the traps in the GATS agreement for Canadian health care, it also discusses 'carve outs' and why they are needed by Canada to protect their Medicare (public health care) from Trade Agreements that try to destroy, and privatize them. This death of a thousand cuts is caused by GATS, that is what's been done to the UK's NHS.

GATS and Financial Services Deregulation by Patricia Arnold

Medicare, Social Security and other governmentally subsidized financial services are put in grave danger by the GATS - This paper by a noted professor in accounting who has written a great deal of highly readable material on the WTO and its interaction with financial regulation is a short and concise intro to many of the major issues, particularly the threats GATS poses to Social Security and Medicare if those areas are allowed to compete with commercial banks or insurers. Caution is needed because millions could see huge changes in their only retirement benefits just as they were needed the most if Social Security and/or Medicare lose their protection from GATS rules, which is likely if current proposals are implemented,- see the Annex on Financial Services.

How the World Trade Organisation is shaping domestic policies in health care

"The previous round of WTO ministerial talks (the Uruguayan round) allowed governments to protect health and social services from GATS treatment by defining them as government services. According to GATS Article 1.3, a government service is one “which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers”. Article 19 of GATS is, however, intended to end this protection. “Members shall enter into successive rounds of negotiations . . . with a view to achieving a progressively higher level of liberalisation.” The WTO secretariat has argued that for services to be classified under Article 1.3 they should be provided free. Many governments initially protected health services from GATS treatment by defining them in this way. But the WTO has highlighted the inconsistencies in this approach. 12 “The hospital sector in many counties . . . is made up of government-owned and privately-owned entities which both operate on a commercial basis, charging the patient or his insurance for the treatment provided. Supplementary subsidies may be granted for social, regional, and similar policy purposes. It seems unrealistic in such cases to argue for continued application of Article I:3, and/or maintain that no competitive relationship exists between the two groups of suppliers of services.” In addition, Article 13 of GATS calls for the end of subsidies that distort trade and requires members to negotiate procedures to combat them. Therefore, according to the WTO, wherever there is a mixture of public and private funding, such as user charge or private insurance, or there are subsidies for non-public infrastructure, such as public-private partnerships or competitive contracting for services, the service sector should be open to foreign corporations. Health-care systems across Europe are vulnerable on all these counts."